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I.G.O.R. 'S
(Invisible Government's Obedient Robotons)

NOTE: This section is about the I.G.O.R.'s and also the Free World Alliance's comments made directly to "those agents" of the Evilarchy who execute the course of chaos for global control. I.G.O.R.'s stands for the Invisible Government's Obedient Robotons. These entities are generally devoid of any outstanding character traits and lend their lives willingly to those whom they perceive are anointed with power and prestige.

I.G.O.R.'s are mostly mindless and are thus ideally suited to serve their masters from Beijing to Baltimore and from Moscow to Manhattan. Their nationalities may be different but their mindset is the same. They are the Uncle Toms, the "Step and Fetch Its," the Gulag Guards, the Lao Gai Comindantes, and the "Stalag" Sergeants who do the dirty work for the doctors of death. The Hitlers, Rockefellers, Stalins, Castros, Clintons, Maos, Mussolinis, Mugabes, and other mega-maniacal madmen throughout this century have used them as one would toilet paper. They stand by like robots waiting to wipe up all of the crap and crimes of the cashist cartel that controls their country. They wipe up all of the shit of their masters until the stink upon them renders them no longer useful - at which time they are promptly dropped into the toilet and flushed away into the cesspool of socialism, along with count­less millions that these madmen have murdered.

The American Illuminati and their counterparts in crime from a variety of countries throughout the world have their I.G.O.R.'s who constantly monitor The Free World Alliance. This stands to reason in that we OPENLY seek independence and sovereignty for all in a world that is free, while "they" COVERTLY seek interdependence and dominance over all in a world that is slave.

For the benefit of our visitors, we will post (weekly) just how many visitors our site is taking from the I.G.O.R.'s. We will try whenever possible to identify their location and "toilet-paper tasks" which they perform for their masters.

UPDATE : During the months of January to February, our server hit stats were having problems, but in February our server usage stats were wiped out and broke in to by hackers, or more or less, IGORs since the section of the site for checking on new IGOR hits for our webmaster was as well unaccessible.  We at Free World Alliance feel strongly that the multitudes of these so called "hacker attacks" are in fact perpertrated by the IGORs and government themselves merely trying to take over more control of the internet.  At about the very same time hackers broke into our counters and web usage database, our main postmaster, while posting some senstive materials that week about Flight 261, had hackers break into his computer and pretty much destroy it, thus keeping him offline for about 2 weeks. Fortunately we recently have our web usage stats back online and here are updated IGOR hits from December 99 until presently in March 2000.  Our postmaster Rick is also back up and running with a new computer. Sincerely, Free World Webmaster.


It is our goal to conduct war crimes trials similar to the Nuremberg trials of yester-year, the difference being that ours will be legitimate, and rather than the worst criminals being welcomed into the United States, as they were with Operation Paperclip, the guilty will be prosecuted and summarily executed.

The defense of the Nazi I.G.O.R.'s who worked the death camps and firing squads, and who performed medical experiments on human beings was "I was only obeying orders."The warning given here to all I.G.O.R.'s who serve to establish a New World Order is that there will be no mercy for their crimes committed against humanity.The crimes they have already committed numbers into the tens of millions and cannot be forgiven but by God. And may God help them ... because we won't.

For those viewers who have never heard of Operation Paperdip, we recommend the book written under the same title.The book documents the fact that U.S. Intelligence directed by then President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, opened the prison cells and our ports of entry to welcome the most vicious war criminals into U.S. Black Operations.

Walter Domberger, Werner von Braun, and Josef Mengele were but three of the Paperdip prodigies. As the O.S.S. became the C.I.A., the Nazi I.G.O.R. '5 served as role models and teachers for the New Terrorism.Many Gestapo and 55 officers joined the ranks of Interpol as well, to guarantee that there would be I.G.O.R.'s willing to wipe up their shit at the international level ... and do it with a smile.

Amerikan Igorian Activity

I.G.O.R.'s are used to abduct unsuspecting U.S. citizens for use in medical experiments conducted by Black Operations agents for the cashist cartel that controls the country.Human cloning, crossed species, and gene splicing have been taking place for a number of years.

But unlike the fictional Igor of yesteryear, who aided Dr. Frankenstein in performing his experiments and creating his monster from the living, the I.G.O.R.'s of the present political parties are aiding the modern-day Dr. Frankensteins in performing their experiments and creating their monsters from the living.

I.G.O.R.'s have been employed at taxpayers' expense - not to PROTECT our citizens but rather to INFECT our citizens with such laboratory-created "designer diseases" such as AIDS.

The Illuminazi' 5 network of I.G.O.R. '5, working through a variety of government agencies, are employed to keep hidden the criminality of the CFR's CIA and banking transactions, which have stolen over a hundred billion dollars which the American taxpayer was forced to pay with his blood, sweat, and tears.At the same time these I.G.O.R. '5 are covering the crimes of the cashist cartel that controls the country, they are monitoring the conversations of the American public and organiza­tions such as the Free World Alliance through the UKUSA Echelon system.

New Zealand runs an Echelon satellite interception site at Waihopai, near Blenheim, South Island. Code-named "Flintlock," the Waihopai station is half the size of Kojarena and its sister NSA base at Yakima, Washington, which also covers Pacific rim states.Waihopai's task is to monitor two Pacific communications satellites and intercept all communications from and between the South Pacific islands.Like other Echelon stations, the Waihopai installation is protected by electrified fences, intruder detectors and infra-red cameras.

The NSA, under the directorship of Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton is out-Gestapoing the Gestapo. Martin Brady, director of the Defence Signals Directorate in Canbera, admits that the DSD "does cooperate with ... counterpart signals intelligence organizations overseas under the UKUSA relationship'. For details go to www.dsd.gov.au.

The Igorian network of neo-Nazis works with military intelligence and has furnished exotic bacteriological and chemical warfare systems to those nations and terrorist organizations which will be used to create chaos in an effort to bring about control.These boot-licking, ass-wiping "vorkers for the New Vorld Order" are hell-bent on aiding the Illuminati to establish a Global Government upon the ashes of their own nations' sovereignty.


Whether the world witnesses the Nazi-ization of all nations - or is set free - is up to you. We intend to see that the visits to our site will soar to the one hundred million mark as we witness the activation of the Free World Alliance.

We will see the emergence of the Free World as the ONLY alternative to the United Nations.This will happen 1) through the combined efforts of those who are in the freedom fight now, 2) through those who will come in by the millions as we near the Illuminati target dates fo- global conquest, and by 3) tens of thousands of I.G.O.R.'s who DEFECT and DECIDE to become part of the army to free the world rather than to act as servants for those who would enslave the planet.

No one knows more the deep shame and humiliation of the I.G.O.R. who betrays God, his family, and his country than the government servant himself. It is our prayer that the massive numbers who will defect from the demonic dominion will, before leaving the ranks of the E-7ilarchy, take with them hard evidence that will collapse the credibility of the controlling cashist cartel.

PLEASE NOTE: We will keep your names~ unknown, both for your protection and ours. Any individual wanting to set themselves free from this Faustian Fraternity should quadruplicate all video, audio, and print documentation BEFORE 1:urning over HARD EVIDENCE to us to post the proof.

We will try to locate the specific governm-3nt agencies that show great concern about the success of the Freedom government and, whenever possible, identify their Illuminati link-ups.

May God bless you all: as we move forward towards the '3stablishm-2nt of a world that is FREE and NOT UNITED.

For right and reason,

Anthony J. Hilder

By Anthony J. Hilder

The IGORS will tell you it's necessary to disarm - and that you surrender your guns and trust them to protect you from the terrorists and the marauding gangs in the streets.  BEWARE of Greeks and government geeks bearing gifts.  We know that they've given us AIDS before.  So when you see those jack-booted thugs wearing black nin~a outfits, body armor, and goggles, carrying percussion grenades and fully automated weapons come to your door saying "we're from the government, and we're here to help you," remember what G. Gordon Liddy said:  "Shoot for the face."

These IGORS (the Invisible Government's Obedient Robotons) will have an alien agenda.  Their goal is to establish HELL ON EARTH ... and to kill, control, or incarcerate every free American who doesn't willingly surrender their soul and their body to the doctors of death from the Frankenstein fraternity. The Evilarchy's agentprovocateurs will "create a crisis," which will be under their control.  Their army of IGORS in the inner cities will come to transport you and your family to relocation camps, as did Hitler's henchmen in the late 30's and early40's.

These agents of the Evilarchy will say, "Come, come, we're here for your protection."  Boxcars fitted with shackles and leg-irons are already awaiting those who are about to die.

White-painted U.N. vehicles will gather, and the local political pimps and prostitutes will urge you to go along for the ride and get out of the riots.  And network news media will urge you to comply - and that if you don't cooperate, the chances are that you'll be killed.  But your compliance would only serve the New World Order. But if you want to be a number in the new Naziism, take theirs ... on the back of your hand or in the forehead. And be sure to leave this website, for you will get the truth, and it will be too hot for you to handle.

This is September 5, 1999.  And we remind you that the Illuminati wants to kill, control, or incarcerate you by, or shortly after, the turn of the century.  And that's the way it is. 

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