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King "Kon" Klinton Articles


The Department of Commerce has officially admitted that Bill Clinton is Slick Willy.

The Dept. of Commerce said so in a letter to Jack Wagner, a businessman with a sense of humor who runs Slick Willy, Ltd.

When Wagner applied for a trademark for his stogies, the Patent and Trademark Office turned him down. "The evidence clearly shows that the name Slick Willy is a nickname which refers to President Bill Clinton. Furthermore, the evidence shows that the nickname is not a complimentary name . . . indicating that the President has a lack of character. Registration must therefore be refused." (National Enquirer, 12-16-1999, www)

It's about time someone admit the truth. Sick Slick Willie Caligula Nero Domitian Diocletian Rasputin Lennin Stalin Hitler Mao Amin Pot Blythe Klintoon is the slickest criminal to occupy the White House. It appears as though he will get away with murder, treason, rape, extortion, bribery, terrorism, mass murder and much more.

All true Patriots can take solace in the fact that he will not escape justice in the existence to come. He will be tried for all of his sins and crimes and be found guilty. He will be sentenced to eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire with Hitlery and the rest of his gang of murderers and his name sakes (Rev. 20.11-15). He will have company for about 50 billion people will spend eternity with him there.

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