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The Medical Mafia

"Unlike the legendary Dr. Frankenstein, who performed his experiments and created his monsters from the dead, today's Dr. Frankenstein's perform their experiments and create their monsters from the living". Anthony J. Hilder

Medical Mafia Archive

It is the pharmaceutical companies, owned by the Illuminati Elite, that direct the course of so called "Modem Medicine". They determine what is to be taught and which drugs (from which they profit) are to be the accepted "F.D.A. Approved" cures. These in turn are distributed to the interns at the medical schools who receive "their grants", thus the majority of the nations future physicians are trained to prescribe what the Medical Mafia manufactures. Be their modalities modern or medieval, the determination as to which drugs are used, depends not on commonsense, safety, or science, but upon MONEY. (We recommend Eustace Mullins brilliant book...Murder By Injection).

The MEDICAL MOB, not unlike the Mafia, is controlled by the FINANCIAL FAMILIES who have a proprietary interest in the majority of what is authorized for dissemination to the unsuspecting public. Middle class America bows at the feet of these dinosauric doctors who prescribe the medieval modalities of cut, bum and poison, AS THE ONLY ACCEPTED CURES FOR CANCER. As of today, one-sixth of the deaths in America, are a direct result of latrogenic diseases. There is a direct correlation of these death to doctors. If an accountant makes an error in his calculations he can be correct it. If a doctor makes a mistake in his diagnosis or treatment HE BURIES lT.

This MEDICAL MAFIA, which is controlled by the F.D.A. has declared war on a comacopia of natural remedies which may be dispensed without cost. The Medical Mafia is the cause, not the cure, of so many maladies that inflict mankind and we of the Free World Alliance will tear apart their torturous treatments which cause disabilities and death to millions of people on this planet.

Freedom of choice in medicine is now considered a CRIMINAL ACT in the majority of states. Our Global Goal regarding health, is to bńng about medical FREEDOMS to the people of planet Earth. Our efforts in Alaska resulted in the passage of the first Freedom Of Choice legislation in the nation, our present goal, is to quadruple the number of states with this Freedom Of Choice legislation's and to expand these new found freedoms to every nation in the world.

Every person who is ill, should be able to exercise their right to choose their own doctor and WHATEVER treatment they deem best for the cure of their ailment. This is a fight from our CREATOR, which is usurped by the Luceferian Gods of Government. The F.D.A.'s Snake Oil Oligarchy needs to be dismantled with the rest of the anti-deluvin relics of aliphatic medicine who thwart non-approved remedies THAT WORK, because they bear not the seals of Rothschild and Rockefeller.

Your input is welcome in the debate over the effectiveness, or failure, of homeopathic and naturopathic remedies in the treatment of diseases. Your E-Mail inquires and contributions on this subject shall be greatly appreciated. The most excellent and revealing shall be posted regarding the treatment of all diseases. With regards to cancer we shall explore the effectiveness effectiveness of Laetrill and herbal mixtures such as Essiac, as well as Dr. Hulda Clark's elixir which kills internal flukes. All shall be presented in detail on the Free World Alliance Web site so that all wherever they be, prince of pauper can get the blessings of these benefits without having to sacrifice a pound of flesh to the International Banksters.

We highly recommend Dr. Micheal Culbert's Newsletter of the International Council for Health Freedom (I.C.H.F.), can be E-Mailed at CCICHF@SAN.RR.COM. Micheal's fax # is (619)-581-6640. Dr. Culbert is one of the worlds leaděng promotors for freedom of choice in medicine.

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