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The Banksters’ Baby Boy

By Anthony J. Hilder

It’s been called an ORWELLIAN OPERATION that treads on the back of U.S. labor, pisses on the world’s echo systems, rapes the environment, destroys national sovereignty, and condones “SLAVE LABOR” all in the name of “FREE TRADE.” The WTO is the Banksters’ “bastard boy,” born from the bowels of America’s Council on Foreign Relations and David Rockefellers Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. The WTO is a creepy creation from that menage a trois of madness. It is hell bent on taking all from, and giving nothing back to, the people who are responsible for the creation of the products and produce that exchange hands with the Devil.

The World Trade Organization is opposed by trade unionists, right-wingers who oppose its smashing of individual rights and freedoms, and abrogates laws protecting national sovereignty. It’s opposed by the Greenies and the average American man and woman who see their jobs exported and slave labor products imported and jamming the shelves with the goodies from the Gulag and Lao-Gai. The WTO is the thinking man’ s nightmare. But it’s here upon us - raising its Hitlerian head with the full support of Dr. Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and all of the pink and paid for politicians... and every ‘‘counterfeit conservative” in Congress.

Fifty thousand of the concerned converged upon Seattle to protest the Banksters’ attempt to cram this cashist concoction down our throats and then have the audacity, through the likes of Clinton, Bush, and Gore, to tell us we should like it. The President, talking as usual through both sides of his nose -to the Banksters’ bunch inside the closed chambers saying one thing - moments later spoke outside, indirectly, to the demonstrators in the streets, in Seattle, telling them exactly what they wanted to hear. But the mustard is off the dog and the people now see the truth behind this lying, liberal, looney-tooney-tic with all his talk of “doing right” - when almost everybody knows he’s doing wrong.

Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes are the only Presidential candidates who dared to address the issue of the WTO’s “TRADE AND TREASON.” Both may well hit a home run as they take on the World Trade Organizations s Hitlerian Hierarchy. Buchanan has the good sense to align himself with those on the left, like Lenora Fulani, who has crossed the bridge that connects the legitimate right and left - which up to now failed to realize that they share the same Enemy. For decades of deception, the “managed media” has pitted both factions (the legitimate left and right) against each other. These pimps in the propaganda press have created the illusion that the Banksters’ boys and their political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac, who wear the well-tailored coats of the “moderate” middle-of-the-roaders, provide the only sensible solutions to the dilemma of their own design.

Pat Choate, Reform Party’s chairman, supports the new coalition of those concerned from the left and right - which are at last taking aim at Americas s Illuminazi’ s elite, Congratulations, Pat! The new Party seems to recognize that there’s an Evilarchy masquerading as “moderates” that controls America’s commerce and currency. Spokesmen for the reformers are crying FOUL! in ze fatherland. They are refusing to let the Rockefellers ram the WTO down their throats and are now regurgitating the Rothschildian rhetoric which employs the Hegelian technique of the tyrants who are synthesizing the “free trade” scenario.

In Seattle, a state of emergency was declared by the Washington state governor as black-clad, neo-Nazi-like figures, dressed like Darth Vadar, shot rubber bullets and tear-gas cannisters into the crowd of First Amendment protesters. The ferocity, followed by baton-bearing thugs, bore fruit as angry opportunists seized the chance to pillage some local shops, giving the men in black the excuse to kick ass, and the managed media the opportunity to ignore what 99% of the objectivists had come to say.

Two task forces of taxpayer-paid terrorists, wearing gas masks and body armor reminiscent of Hitler’s Black Shirts of the 30’s, gave us a preview of what the future could be under a New World Order. They were under the directions of the Orwellian Oligarchy who orchestrated the Establishment’s event. They pushed the people out of the streets - but not out of the news. The only network that covered the news was FOX - whose cable was cut. May we suggest that it wasn’t from the demonstrators - they carry signs, not cable-cutters. One need only look to the mainstream network and the cashist-controlled cable-cutters to understand who is SPIKING THE NEWS.

We don’t have to wait for a Hitlerian New World Order. It’s here. The WTO is only one arm of the octopus - with its cashist -appointed and self-anointed Orwellians Overlords, who overturn the laws protecting fair trade and environmental restrictions that once protected the people from the likes of the new Stalinists.          

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