The Chinese Dragon Ready to Strike

June 24th, 2010

Syed Saboor

Isn’t it interesting and pathetic, at the same time, how the mainstream media constantly try to convince us of how bad and "evil" Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and other countries are. Why do not tell us the truth about our real friends and foes. Israel on numerous occasions has been guilty of spying against the United States, as was the case with the Jonathan Pollard incident, an American Jew spying on behalf of Israel. Well, this set of double standards is not going to convince Sean Hannity or anyone else in the controlled media to speak more openly about the "real" culprits in our midst.

Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and other nations in the Islamic and Arab world have never committed any crime against America. Iran has never attacked the United States, nor have they sent subversives into our midst to provoke us into war or destabilize American society. Instead, out of our "gratitude," the United States propped up a criminal regime into power in Iran for decades, not to mention economically blockaded a nation that did nothing to the United States. The same held true for Afghanistan and other countries attacked and maimed by American military might. But I ask all of you a serious question worth pondering: Who are our "real" threats?

The mainstream media touted Afghanistan as a threat to America, a threat to the "free" world. Even after years of 9/11, the supposed facts are still being questioned and new evidence is emerging contesting the government’s official story about both 9/11 and the Taliban. Media demonization notwithstanding, the New World Order gang continues to press forwards its case against Iran, who has become the new "evil" foe of America after Iraq. Mahmoud Ahminejad is being attacked and vilified as a tyrant and threat to the stability of his own country and other countries.

Insistence on military action against Iran by Pentagon "neoconazis" will not turn a blind eye, on the part of clearheaded and intelligent people on the threat posed by countries like China and North Korea. Iran has no nuclear weapons, but even if Iran did have nuclear weapons, it is well in its right to possess them as it is the right of any other country to possess such weapons, whether it is Israel, India, China, North Korea, the United States, or Russia. That being said let’s get into the discussion about China.

We mentioned the supposed "threats," now we come to the "real" threats. Threats that are so gargantuan and hideous, that need to be assessed for their opposition to humanity and international sovereignty. Previously, I mentioned China. Yes, China with its population of more then one billion people is well on way to being the biggest and most severe threat to all humanity and the "free" world as we know it.

In the past, China has proved its lawlessness and its propensity for domination and control. In 1950, they illegally occupied Tibet, where Beijing has been involved in extreme repression of the people there. In addition, the Chinese communist authorities have in the past committed gross crimes against student activism, which they call "unrest." They have obliterated family norms and mores by imposing on couples draconian policies of sterilization and birth control. China also has unfortunately clamped down severely on religious faith and expression. Numerous dissidents and religious leaders face execution and torture for their views. Yes, North Korea is also a threat to the United States and the West, but China is a more fearsome threat.

But the most telling and scary aspect of China’s threat level to the United States and other countries is its nuclear stockpile. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) was the principal excuse given by the previous Bush administration to go into Iraq. And continuously the "neoconned" media make it a point to illustrate it in regards to Tehran and its ambitions or not, depending on who you hear it from. Gordon Thomas, in his book, Seeds of Fire, wrote a lengthy and fact-filled book about the danger Beijing poses to the United States in terms of nuclear technology and nuclear destruction. In the book, China by the year 2015 will have a nuclear device pointed in America’s direction. China does have a desire to control the world. Numerous other books have discussed the issue of China’s nuclear program and thirst for world domination. But the main reason why much of this information is not presented in the mass media is because of Israel’s ties to China. Yes, the Zionist State of Israel and China have on numerous occasions exchanged nuclear technology with each other. Paul Findley and Michael Collins Piper have written extensively on this topic of discourse.

We must use logic and reasoning to identify a threat and deal with it. Even if Iraq had nuclear weapons, how does that do America harm. Iraq with a nuclear program is not going to harm America and her allies. Iran with a nuclear program and weaponry is not going to harm America and her allies. Even India with already produced nuclear weapons is not going to harm America and her allies, but China will, and this is the threat that needs to be taken care of. The Red Dragon wants it all and it wants to take control of the whole world for its own prerogatives and motives. Already China has been going abroad and sending its technicians, advisors, and politicians in a bid for dominating world resources, even as far away as Africa. Now, after considering all of this, it is absolutely germain to our security and well being, that we acknowledge the "real" threat. No, it is not Arabs with towels on their heads. No, it is not "dotheads" from India or "camel jockeys" from Arabia. Yes, it is, indeed, China, the Red Dragon ready to spew forth fire to incinerate, kill, and scorch the earth.

The absolute worst crimes of China are its insidious programs of human depopulation in relation to the "New World Order" agenda of bringing the population to an all time low. In Africa, as documented in such books as, China’s African Safari, China is complicit in resource rape and human extermination on the continent of Africa. Chinese oil companies are already notorius, on a grand scale, behind the mayhem in Darfur in Sudan. In addition, the Red Chinese are sending people into Morocco and elsewhere in North Africa to broker agreements and commandeer resources.

China is on the verge of fulfilling a cataclysmic "Armageddon" with the rest of the world. China certainly has the manpower to effect a global war. In the Book of Revelations, of the New Testament, we read that a two-hundred million man army from the East will plunge the world into "Armageddon." The "East" can be loosely or specifically defined, but either way it points to the Orient, and more pertinently to China.

China has vested interests in the Middle East, along with Israel. Like a "fifth column" they send their people into the Middle East, where they work and do all sorts of seedy jobs in the Gulf. I was reading an article in the Arab News about how scores of Chinese workers were deported from the Gulf for illegal activities and working in the sex trade. The huge importation of Chinese labor into the United States in the nineteenth century to work the railroad lines in the West and the coastal United States was actually a part of a massive conspiracy to undermine the United States, which Dr. John Coleman has outlined in one his books. Now, with writing this article, I do not mean to promote racism and hatred against China, but rather to elucidate and uncover a "threat" posed by a foreign government, who do not work in anybody’s interest, other then their own. Do not be fooled by the peagentry and accolades about China. America has been lulled into a lie about a "friendly" China, since the 1970’s with then President’s Richard Nixon’s visit to China and the subsequent normalization of relations with that country. Believe the facts, not lies.


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