Imam or Plant

Syed Saboor

August 4, 2010

For awhile there has been a huge media barrage about a construction of a masjid at Ground Zero in New York City. The man behind the movement is a man by the name of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. He poses himself as a leader and religious leader for Muslims in the West, but in reality he speaks more like an American-government operative. His name belies his actions and intent.

Rauf is well-liked in the United States, because of his engagement with the very same powers at work, who promote the "colonization" of the Islamic world. He is considered "acceptable" because he promotes Muslim assimilation into Western society and condemns those who were responsible for the mayhem on 9/11—no, not the American government, but again, so-called Islamic "radicals." Rauf considers himself a moderate, another term created by the New World Order gangsters to label any Muslim, who does not bow to the American government as a subversive.

His views in the past have made him highly suspect. He appears before New World Order organizations, like the World Social Forum, and attacks Islamic "extremism," but never talks about the state-sponsered terrorism of the United States and Israel. In addition, since he considers himself a moderate, like so-called "moderates" in Christianity, who have liberalized Christianity in the name of progress and multiculturalism, Rauf advocates the same for Islam. Saleemah Abdul Ghuafar wrote a book called, Living Islam Outloud: American Muslim Women Speak. The book far from being an ethical guide on living was simply a promotion of feminism and lesbianism. Rauf was a huge advocate of the book.

Muslims and Christians, as well as all thinking individuals should beware of this man. He does not represent the interest of clear-headed and rational people, but the same depraved gang of criminals, who are responsible for the deaths of both Muslims and Chrisitans, as well as scores of innocent people all over the world. His advocacy of the Mosque at Ground Zero is a blatant attempt to promote more hatred against Muslims and Arabs in the United States by provoking the American public. The whole scheme to construct the masjid is not endorsed by the vast majority of Muslims in America. This is further testimony that Rauf is acting in the interests of others.

Throughout history, imperial powers have acted to dismantle organized religion by either subverting it or liberalizing it. William Guy Carr, in his book, Pawns in the Game, illustrates this overall game plan of the New World Order banksters and hucksters. All organized religions are their targets—Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.. Do not be fooled or lulled into a deception. We have a fifth column all over. Yes, a fifth column in our universities, politics, and, yes, even in our religious establishments. They want to take it all and dupe all of us into a lie and mislead us into debauchery and degeneracy. The same people who peddle porn, drugs, alcohol, fast food and fast sex want us to accept nonchalant and "consumer" religion.

Rauf is touted in the mainstream establishment publications, like TIME and others, as a moderate over and over again. His wife, Daisy Khan, is anything but the ideal example of Muslim womanhood. We have all too often seen so many of these types inundate the corridors of the White House and the media. Hamza Yusuf, Ferid Escak, Irshad Manji, and others are out there to lie and subvert the uneducated and irrational ones, who do not pay any attention to the maneuverings of big government and evil entities.

A word to the wise, these people do not represent Islam. They handpicked by the New World Order gang to deviate us into lies and misinformation in an attempt to the pave the way for one-world government.