Iran: Target Number One

Syed Saboor

Septermber 25th, 2010

The need is urgent and more pressing then ever. Please, take heed to these words and phrases and sentences and so on. Do not go away without reading this urgent plea. The "neoconazi" propaganda machine has been dosing the unsuspecting idiots, who watch primetime television and news, the latest in anti-Iranian propaganda. Women abused and what have you have become the constant refrain of the Zionized media. They want Iran and Iran outmaneuvered and hampered in anyway and everyway. Iran is a major jackpot for the New World Order. If they can take Iran, then they can continue their policies of rampage and destruction. So for all that it is worth, do not go away without reading what I have to tell you.

You have heard about Iran before, but this time remember how vital Iran is. Iran is a key strategic and geopolitical asset for the New World Order. They defy the dictates of Washington and Tel Aviv. Unlike Saudi Arabia, they do not bend over backwards for the oval office. They have their own office, distinct from the wild calamities that come from the oval office, who has bought and paid for most of the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Before the United States went to war against Afghanistan, the media machine in America blared out constant, nonstop hate against the Taliban, the once trusted allies of Washington against the Soviet Union. Now, they maneuver against Iran. So if the media is dedicated to creating mass hysteria against Islamic fundamentalism and the treatment of women in the Islamic world, it only tells you that Obama and company want war and rampage against Iran. How else can they justify a war, then create the perfect excuse and event. The Nazis did it in the past and so did the Communists. And in our present era, the neoconazis do it as well.

Iran is between Afghanistan and Iraq. It makes sense for the evil and nefarious, who occupy the highest echelons of the American government to want a takeover against Iran. In addition, Iran has huge oil reserves. All of these aforementioned points are reason enough for the Obama gang to precipitate a full-blown war against Iran. Once Iran is taken, the oil belongs to the taker.

Throughout its long turbulent history, Iran has been contested by various powers and peoples. The Turks, Arabs, the British, the Russians, and now, the Americans all have seen the necessity for having Iran squarely in their hands. The British brought about a coup, just to have control of Iranian oil, fearing that the Iranians would determine their own oil resources and its control in the 1950s. Unfortunately, this coup was aided and directed at the behest of the American Central Intelligence Agency, known the world over for overthrowing and destroying legitimate governments and putting in their place puppets, that could be molded and fashioned the way Washington wanted. They did it in 1953, now Iran is in their sights yet again.

Whatever your views about Khoemeini and his regime, Iran freed itself from the subservience of the Shah. The media machine since 1979 has characterized the Islamic Republic of Iran and Khoemeini as backward and responsible for the "collapse" of Iranian society. Far from it, Iran became the master of its own destiny. Not something in sync with the New World Order’s plans. For the string pullers in Washington, sovereignty is passť and any country that seeks to determine its own future and plots a course to independence from anyone else is anathema.

Iranians have a strong sense of pride and nationalism. Although a Muslim country, Iran has roots that go back thousands of years. The modern nation of Iran was born more then three thousand years ago with the Aryan, Indo-European, migrations to the Iranian plateau and the Indian subcontinent. The Persian emperor Cyrus united the various Aryan tribes in Iran, making them one—most notably the Medes and the Persians. Of course, faith is important for most Iranians, but who they are in terms of their ethnic identity is as strong as their sense of being Muslims.

In the 1930’s, Reza Pahvali tried to modernize Iran, mimicking the policies of Mustapha Kemal Attaturk in Turkey. Both men were good friends. But his policies backfired in the sense that his supposed modernization policies conflicted with the very faith of the Iranian people, which will never die. It was also in this period that the name of once Persia became Iran (land of the Aryans).

Iranians will never cease to be either Persians or Muslims. Even today, they take offense, rightfully so, to anybody mistaking them for being Arab. Not that they hate the "other," but they feel pride about themselves and their culture and heritage. Something that the New World Order enthusiasts want to dismantle altogether in an effort to create their global plantation, without borders and no identifiable distinct cultures and languages.

That is why the United States and Israel will stop at nothing to destroy Iran. The Iran-Iraq war was a direct consequence for Iranians wishing to determine their own future. At the behest of the Western powers, Sadamm Hussein waged a bloody eight-year long war to punish the Iranians for their lack of subservience to the West.

That same sabotage and subversion continues even today, with the constant meddling conducted by the CIA and other organizations to create chaos and havoc in Iran. Mahmoud Ahminejedad was faced with a challenge from the West. The election riots were staged operations of the CIA. Also, the American government has been sending in subversives to rail the ethnic minorities in Iran against the central government in Tehran. The mainstream media doesn’t tell you it, but alternative sources have been documenting the actions of agents provocateur in particularly the Arab, Kurdish, and Baluchi areas of Iran in trying to foment rebellion against Tehran and its authority in the country. This same strategy was played out against Iraq in the 1970’s in the Kurdish areas of Northern Iraq, with Henry Kissinger’s, the then Secretary of State under Nixon, precipitation in a Kurdish revolt in 1975. Kissinger later withdrew support of the Kurds, that led to their wholesale slaughter, all to the appeasement of the NWO.

All this commotion about unfair elections, does not replicate itself elsewhere in the world. In Latin America, elections are staged all the time. Even here in the United States the same holds true—2004 and 2000, both instances where Bush and company cheated. Hossein Mousavi, the chief opposition to Ahminejedad, was really not that different from Ahminejedad in his dedication to the spirit of the Iranian revolution and Islamic ideals. Its just that his glorification in the Western media was to win support to oust the current Iranian leadership of Ayatollahs and put Iran under the thumb and domination of the West, which is so important for Obama and company, just like it was for the previous Bush and company. It was so important that Hillary Clinton, our present-day "feminazi" Secretary of State, went to the Carnegie Mellon Institute in Qatar to convince the Arab audience about the dangers of a "Persian" Iran to the Arab world. I see their game, do you?

Iran is such a threat to the New World Order gang, that after Afghanistan was hit, then Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, had agitated Bush to attack Iran, after any war in Iraq was over. This same sentiment is glorified in all sorts of media and so-called "academic" establishments. The late Dr. Israel Shahak, in his book, Open Secrets, put forward and attacked the sentiment of many hardcore Israelis about Iran. Shahak, a noted Israeli human-rights activist, spoke of how Iran’s fundamentalism and determination are more of a threat to Israel, then Iraq. He also spoke in length of why Israel secretly wanted Sadamm in power and how they oppress and want to keep the Kurds down.

Iran is such a "threat" to the banksters and hucksters, that run America, that they keep using the nuclear card to provoke war against Iran. Iran has the right of any country to have nuclear weapons, but it is just an excuse to go to war against Iran. Iranians are not mad and insane, contrary to what people like Bill Maher or any other media and political personality might say out loud. Iran is perfectly capable of taking care of itself and defending itself from outside attack and interference in its national concerns. Tehran is not an imperial power, like China and the United States, and, yes, I mean China also. Beijing is as a menace to the world, as is Israel’s lapdog, the American Congress.

Not too long ago, Washington neoconazi organizations and figures were doing their level best to promote the late Shah’s son as a possible beacon of "hope" for Iran. Far from it, they want to use all their cards to destroy the nation of Iran, even to the extent of propagandizing their efforts to the vulnerable youth of Iran, through internet webpages promoting so-called "democracy." Also, they seek to impregnate Iranian women with all sorts of vile nonsense about feminism, and how they are being suppressed by Islam and their current regime. Now, we see how desperate the American government is about Iran and its erasure as a sovereign independent state.

To address the concern of Iranian women. Iranian women enjoy a bevy of rights and are not oppressed as Washington insiders would have us to believe. They travel freely all over the world and have access to the same educational, recreational, and employment opportunities as men. Their chadors are not a hindarance to their faith, but a reflection of their history and culture. Not only in the Islamic period of Iranian history, but also in the pre-Islamic period, the hair covering was very much apart of Iranian culture. Iran has produced women with towering intellectual and cultural talents, which put to shame other countries. The constant nonsense about Iranian women being abused should be put to rest in light of the militant repression of women in Communist China, where women are circumscribed by the state. Where scores of women are allowed to be exploited in the sex trade. Oh, and do not forget, where women are forced to have abortions. The same abysmal state of women is echoed in Japan and India as well.

Essentially, Iran is a lucrative asset for the New World Order. No matter if the United States occupies Iran or has a puppet firmly implaced in the country does not matter, as long as Iran is controlled by the elite, who have already penalized Iran to unfair sanctions and abuse, which should be directed instead towards China and Israel. Especially China and Israel, two countries capable of inflicting serious damage to the world, from a nuclear standpoint, of course. Iran is a sovereign, independent country perfectly in the right to develop and have nuclear weapons and technology, and it is no one else’s business then Iran to have this capability.

Recent articles have been swarming all over about Iran’s nuclear technology, but, again, another attempt by the depraved to press for war against Iran. Any attempt and accusation will be hurled in an effort to destroy Iran’s reputation. Israel, India, China, and others have huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Why no finger pointing at them, but why against Iran? Well, the answer is obvious to the intelligent and a blank stare for the "foolish" and "wicked."

So after reading this piece, do not forget how much they want Iran. How much they seek to demonize Iran and its clerical leadership. Iran is not a threat to America, but China, Israel, and other countries are. Iran’s leadership is defiant, and all the more power to them. Ahminejad, unlike his counterparts in the Arab world—Hunsni Mubarak of Egypt, King Abudllah of Saudi Arabia, etc.—will continue to courageously condemn the "evil" plans and designs of the global elite. He will continue to expose 9/11 as an inside job. And, in the future, I hope others will follow his lead.

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