Neoconnazis: Monsters Behind the Masks

Syed Saboor

June 16th, 2010

Since 9/11 and the illegal declaration of the "war on terror," the prominence of the neoconservative agenda has become even more manifest, or rather pronounced, in the purview of American government foreign policy. Although neoconservatism and its ideological proponents have, even before 9/11, maintained a high prominence and membership in both American foreign policy and American government and cabinet posts; the events of September 11th have obviously seen the sharp rise in the whole determination to see their initiative and plan for domination of the Middle East more clear and evident.

Iraq and Afghanistan were hit hard, and I mean hard. Two countries have been wrecked in the drive of these neoconservatives for domination of not only countries, but an agenda to fulfill the plan for the Israeli and American conquest of the Middle East. Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz (chief architect of the plan), William Kristol, Ari Fleischer, and others in the previous Bush administration cabinet and political think tanks in academie and the mainstream media have ushered the United States into an embroglio of war, bloodshed, violence, and other nefarious moves into a part of the world that has become synanymous with bloodlust. Now, there is talk of further moves against Iran—another neoconservative object of hate and vilification.

The plan is evident and the carnage is colossal, but where did these ideas germinate from? They call themselves neoconservatives, but is this really conservatism? Thoughtful people should ask these questions and rightfully so. And thoughtful people are asking these questions. The ideals of our founding fathers were not based on a lust for war and ravishing a part of the world that poses absolutely no threat to the United States or even the Western world for that matter. Conservatism is about a dedication to God, family, and country, not total mayhem and the willful destruction of other nations as enshrined in "The Bush Doctrine" of preemptive war against any nation perceived as a threat to the United States.

Yes, we have identified the enemy, a rampant group of people, or rather power-hungry men dedicated to a cult of unjust war and greed, but these neoconservatives are much more then just that. They are an ideological clique, whose origins are "evil" and twisted. A group who has initiated a global drive for chaos and the confiscation of property and resources to fuel the most powerful of political dynasties and elite.

Neoconservatism has been a term employed to describe a certain type of conservatism. No, it is not the conservatism of our fathers’ generation, nor is it the "wholesome apple pie type" conservatism of our grandmothers’ generation. Rather it is a type of conservatism, that is really not conservatism at all. Yes, a phony form of tyranny, with the term conservative latched on for a colorful fašade.

The origins of neoconservatism go back to the days of hardcore left-wing activism and other movements and ideologies associated with the far left, socialist, and communist groups. Today most prominent neoconservatives were incubated in the womb of Marx and Trotsky, before they started championing "American" values.

David Horowitz, Norman Podhoretz, and numerous other infamous neoconservative thinkers and ideologues owe their fame to the political left.

First let’s examine some of these figures, starting with David Horowitz. Horowitz makes a claim to fame in conservative circles of his redemption from the "perils" of the American left, in his book, Radical Son. In the sixties and the seventies he wrote, along with Peter Collier for Ramparts magazine, but now he has his own online internet magazine called, in which he purportedly promotes conservative causes and lashes out against "liberalism." In his numerous books and articles, he takes aim against his former Leftist ilk and goes after feminists, gay rights activists, and other deviants. Yet for all that it is worth, he will indirectly side with the very same people he bashes, when he seeks to bash Muslims and the Islamic world. Feminism, no doubt, has destroyed the traditional family structure in the West, but Horowitz plays a two-faced game with the feminists. To make "fellow" conservatives like Lou Dobbs and others joyful, he will make a parody of feminist indoctrination at the university level, but then he will turn around and ally himself with feminist Phyllis Chesler to defame the Islamic world.

That is not all. To prove just how phony David Horowitz is to conservatism by playing this two-faced game is the fact that he will not call an apple an apple and an orange an orange. Meaning, he tacitly admits to the mental brainwashing of subversive, immoral liberal elements in academie and the Democratic party, but he will attack vociferously those on the right who are critical of the "real" subversives to the United States. The real dangerous elements who morally corrupt American society and its institutions, because they just happen to be Jewish, just like Horowitz, and they are ardent supporters of the state of Israel, they are exempt from any criticism by the neoconservative propaganda machine, that has a huge number of publications and media outlets under its thumb.

Another figure in the neoconservative movement that needs to be assessed for his demeaning contribution to the American cultural and political landscape is Norman Podhoretz of Commentary magazine. Podhoretz was a major figure, along with Horowitz, in the far left of the Democratic party. Yet, now, he actively crusades against the Islamic world, with the rest of the neoconservative band. In his book, World War IV, he promotes the very same derogatory term of "Islamofascism." A term that holds no credence in academic parlance, but a term that has been used by the neoconservative clique in their demented war against Islam and the Muslim peoples to pave the way for a New World Order.

In addition to Norman Podhoretz, I would like to also bring up the figure of William F. Buckley Jr.. Although Buckley did not start out in any public far-left organization, he still was a notorius neoconservative. He spearheaded 1950’s conservatism to only fall back and engage in an about face to the very same ideals of American conservatism. The long-time editor of and creator of National Review magazine also pursued for the legalization of marijuana, abortion, and other not-so

Conservative causes. He earned the wrath of once active supporters like Willis Carto, of Barnes Review, the Spotlight, and American Free Press. Carto hailed Buckley for starting National Review, but just like the neoconservative that Buckley was, he also made it his mission to destroy the career of Willis Carto and other dedicated conservatives.

Just to elucidate on their nefarious origins. Buckley was a devotee of the Order of Skulls and Bones at Yale university. The same Satanic alma mater of George W. Bush and John Kerry and host of other not-so valiant and endearing political figures. This society is known more for its Black magic rituals, involving devil worship and lying nude in coffins, just the type of behavior that would make one’s grandparents roll over in the grave, so to speak. The neoconservatives represent all that is ungodly. Not only are they associated with devil worship and the occult, but ghastly atheistic ideologies like communism. By his own admission media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, admits of having a bust of Vladamir Ilyich Lenin, Communist butcher, in his dorm at Oxford university. But just like our famed David Horowitz, he has had a change of heart, or rather a deep moving religious conversion to "fašade" conservatism. Murdoch owns numerous media outlets and publications worldwide, including The Weekly Standard and Fox News Channel.

Yes, a murky world afterall. We clearly see the threat posed by this cabal of liars and subversives in our mist. They lie and change sides like cheamelons to promote their agenda, which is really the agenda of the same elite that controls are media and political system. A gobalist agenda that seeks to dismantle national, territorial,

ethnic, and religious identity. These men of ill repute literally pay homage to the forces of darkeness. The elite of the illuminati and the freemasons are indebted to the neoconservative plan, because it fits perfectly into the philosophy of Adam Weishaupt, the chief architect and ideologue of Illuminism—one-world government, in short.

So we clearly see, that neconservatism is directly at odds with all that "true" conservatives and "true" patriots hold dear. Actually, Patriotism and conservatism are one and the same. Conservatism is about both God and country. The whole issue of sovereignty is intrinsic to the nation. In previous administrations, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as well as the promulgation of supra-national authorities like the European Union and the United Nations are inimical to the idea of a sovereign independent state. The United States and no other country in the world should be held hostage to such an insidious idea, but they are. Along the same lines of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and other tyrants and dictators, the neoconservatives through the Department of Homeland Security and Patriot acts have impugned our civil liberties and our right to protest derelict military behavior overseas. This is not the reasoning of "conservatives," but rather the reasoning of "true" fascists and communists. Horowitz, on several occasions, has opined about the deplorable state of political correctness in our universities and media, yet he and the other hypocrites in this cabal are intent to criminlize free thought and opinion in this age of war and imperialism.

And the "real" conservatives, who have strived valiantly and undeniably for the truth in this whole quagmire before and after September 11th, 2001, when the elite dragged us into this war for global empire, are the ones truly vilified unjustly. The conservative movement has, indeed, been hijacked, as has American foreign policy. No, Islam was not hijacked by "radicals." The "real" radicals are in our midst. They go by the names of Michael Chertoff, George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, and the entire Obama administration, because, frankly speaking, Barack Obama’s administration has done very little to divorce itself from the horrendous foreign policy moves of its predecessor "regime. So please wake up! The neoconservatives are not conservatives, but as Pat Buchanun so rightly proclaimed are liberals who pose as conservatives. They were born from people who idealized Stalin and Mao, and now they idealize a doctrine for an "evil" empire, an empire were we will have no rights and no say in how our elected leaders behave, but then again, are present elected leaders really do not hearken to our view any how.

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