Emmet fox

Emmet Fox is a notorius heretic who most likely is NOT born from above.

Here is a short list of the heresies he promotes:

He denies Adam and Chavvah (Eve) were real people (The Ten Commandments, p. 40 & Alter Your Life, p. 62)

He believes that "everything in the Bible is a study in human psychology and metaphysics. It is only secondarily a historical book. Many of the things in the Bible never really happened. They are not actual fact but they are instruction in psychology and metaphysics; and in order that they would have a message for people in various stages of spiritual development throughout the ages, they are written in parable and symbol." (The Ten Commandments, p. 40)

It appears as though "salvation" to him is self-realization as he says, "God is I AM THAT I AM, and you are I Am, and you make your destiny and your fate by the things that you attach to that I Am, for that is what you really believe about yourself" (Ibid., p. 50).

He believes peace, harmony, love, abundance, and health comes through changing one's inner man and the way to do that is "to believe God is working through you. Quietly turn to Him, and claim that He is guiding, strengthening you, opening your way. Quietly believe it. That is the secret of life, and that secret will open any door, bridge any gap, remove any obstacle, retrieve any mistake, shut out any sin, and clear up any grief, because it is claiming and realizing His Presence, and in His Presence is fullness of joy" (Ibid. p. 145).

This distorting of Scripture is similar to what the allegorical alchemists (Ammillennialists, Preterists) do. They twist Scripture unto their destruction. The allegorical alchemists claim everything in the Bible is allegorical with hidden meanings and Fox and his ilk claim the same thing. They come to different conclusions.

The only way to understand Scripture is to take everything literally. When a person reads into Scripture allegorical or philosophical and metaphysical meanings they can make Scripture say whatever they want it to say.

Always use this hermeneutical principle:

     Take everything literally in context unless Scripture says it is symbolic or unless it is physically impossible for it to be literal or       take place in a literal manner with the exception of miracles.

If you use this principle you will understand Scripture properly.











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