Divorce at Calvary Chapel

For the past few years my wife has been attending a CC against my wishes. I couldn’t get anywhere with her pastor, and he has maintained a bitter predisposition against me for questioning his biblical discernment. At one point, he stated, “Scripture just didn’t anticipate your particular situation.”

About a year ago, my pastor counseled with my wife, but she rejected his biblical counsel—since she knew she could just flee back to her pastor, who would not hold her accountable to God’s Word.

As of last August, her pastor has refused to communicate with me—has blocked my email addresses and won’t take my calls. In December, my wife moved out and filed for divorce while I was out of town on business.

Since her pastor will not communicate with me, I contacted another CC pastor, and through him I was told that her pastor knows there are no biblical grounds for divorce, but is not willing to do anything to hold her accountable to her marriage. I have a friend who told me that she said her church just understands. Other friends report that she still speaks very lovely christianese, and by her “talk,” one would never know she was living in open disobedience to God’s will. Obviously, her pastor is providing her with a false sense of spiritual security.

Since this pastor has no accountability, and I have no access to my wife, any ideas for ways to hold this guy accountable to do what scripture commands regarding my wife? http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,67798,72531

Ed. note: I cannot be certain but most pastors who encourage or approve of divorce do so to get money. When a church takes sides in divorce they usually do so to get the wife to give them money. Some pastors get divorce lawyers to handle the divorce and get offerings from the lawyer and the wife.

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