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Articles -
Calvary Chapel - by David Burgin. Excellent overview.
Calvary Chapel - Profile - Good overview, provided by a student of cult apologist, Jeffrey K. Hadden. See notes regarding his Sociology 257 course.
History of the Jesus People - Thesis by David Di Sabatino, and basis for his book "The Jesus People Movement". (No longer online. Archived material available on request to researchers. Email: Apologetics Index). See also

The Jesus People Movement - by David Di Sabatino. A major reference work. "This in-depth analysis of the available literature on the Jesus People Movement includes a guide to the books, articles, journal entries, music, films and videos accessible for further study. In addition to providing the context in which to study the Movement and the guide to the Jesus People Movement literature, this invaluable resource benefits from the author's interaction and interviews with over four hundred of the Movement's participants. " Includes details about the history of Calvary Chapel.


- IRC -
Calvary-Chapel found on mIRC Undernet. (IRC software can be downloaded at the mIRC - homepage). Note: Sometimes similarly-named channels are started by certain critics of Calvary Chapel. The same warning applies as for the unofficial CC Usenet newsgroup.

- Mailing Lists, Newsgroups -
alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapel Warning regarding this unofficial Usenet group. See also History of the arc-cc Newsgroup
Calvary Chapel's Alternative Newsgroups - Good alternatives to the unoffical Usenet group.

- Multimedia -
A Venture In Faith   2 hour video of the history of Calvary Chapel. Needs the free RealPlayer  program.

- News Database -    About this News Archive
(Apr. 25, 1999) 10,000 'Jesus People' fill Pond
(Apr. 23, 1999) A 'Jesus People' Reunion? They Never Really Left

- Sites -
Calvary Chapel - Calvary Chapel's Homepage. Links to many other CC resources.

- See Also -
Jesus People - Links to several sites about the Jesus People Movement

- Statistics - stats - Note, the site's apparent pluralistic approach not surprisingly leads to a dim view of what it calls Calvary Chapel's ''attacks on other religious groups.'' Nevertheless, is an excellent source of statistical information about a wide variety of religious movement.

- Other -
Calvary Chapel FUAQ - Part of outspoken Calvary Chapel critic Douglas Gilliland's site. Keyed "grey" (grey zone) due to his rabid, un-Christlike behavior in the arcc-c newsgroup. Known for his attacks on those who don't agree with him (and recently his forging of a post in the name of one of his critics), he is not a recommended source of information.
Gilliland's FUAQ Answered 

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