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Calvary Chapel BLOG

Here's a link to a CC BLOG which contains critical analysis of CC.


False Teachings

The teaching errors of Calvary Chapel include: In the late 1970's, Chuck Smith taught Jesus would return in 1981, Chuck Smith has an heretical view of the resurrection, Chuck Smith's odd teachings about the Trinity, Chuck Smith's KJV-Only teachings, Chuck Smith teaches Jesus went to Hell at His death, Chuck Smith teaches Jesus was separated from the Father, Chuck Smith teaches that Satan owns the world, Chuck Smith on eternal security, Chuck Smith taught that Arafat would be the Anti-Christ, Chuck Smith has gnostic ideas about the flesh, Calvary Chapel teaches trichotomy, Is Calvary Chapel charismatic/pentecostal?, Calvary Chapel teaches Christianity is not a religion, What does Calvary Chapel teach about science?, Calvary Chapel teaches the pre-tribulational rapture, Hirelings and Wineskins. Three more examples of broken CC teachings, Does Calvary Chapel really teach through the Bible?. Greg Laurie's heretical view of Jesus and Larry Taylor on Original Sin.


Authority Abuses

The authority abuse issues include: examples of abuses of authority, Calvary Chapel pastors comparing themselves to Moses, denial of denominationalism, ordination issues, lack of accountability of the leaders to their churches, rubber stamp boards, role of the assistant pastors, attempts to suppress free speech on the Internet, attacks on other churches and denominations, taking in of an ex-communicated fornicator as a pastor, plagiarism by Chuck Missler, numerous uncorrected misstatements of Missler from the CCCM pulpit, blatant anti-intellectualism, Calvary Chapel boots Roger Oakland, and many more.


Calvary Chapel Scandals

Here are some of the recent scandals at CC. Larry Taylor, former CCBC president, recants some of his false teachings on church order. Former CSN pastor David T Moore photographed in hot tub with naked women), Interesting story about a change of venue for a graduation. Here's one CC pastor who saw surprisingly no significance in 06-06-06. The CCOF has come out against the emergent church. Some see this as a distancing of Chuck Sr from Chuck Jr. The big story of 1005-2006 is Calvary of Albuquerque (Feb 2006) When Skip Heitzig left Calvary of Albq it turns out that Skip never quite left. Chuck and Jeff Smith and Mike Kester are in a legal battle for the control of CSN. Here's the story of one pastor removed from CC for being a Calvinist. There are other stories, too. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa had a ministry called Maranatha Music! that became a multimillion dollar company and was sold Maranatha Music! to his Chuck Smith's nephew Chuck Fromm and a group of investors called "The Corinthian Group". Missler caught for a second time in a plagiarism scandal. Missler has connections to militia movements. Joseph Sabolick, 46, founded what became a popular branch of the Calvary Chapel in Laguna Beach in 1997, but said he was ousted from his pulpit last year after his brother, George Sabolick, and others falsely accused him of adultery, pedophilia and misappropriation of more than $1 million in church funds. Sobolick sued Calvary Laguna, Don McClure, Dennis Davenport, Bob Caldwell, Chris Norman, George Sabolick (all pastors) and a few other people. He eventually dropped the lawsuit. Read the story. David Hocking was caught in adultery and removed from his position at Calvary of Santa Ana. Almost immediately, Hocking was taken in with open arms by Chuck Smith and given a Wednesday night Bible study at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Calvary Chapel is dogmatic on non-essentials. Calvary Chapel has attacked Set Free/Phil Aguilar. What are the politics of Calvary Chapel? Calvary Chapel sues Universities of California system. Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Vineyard described. Calvary Chapel attacks other denominations. Years back, John Todd accused Chuck Smith of taking money from the Illuminati. Some describe CC's support for Israel as blind.

These are the kinds of stumbling blocks that keep people from Biblical faith. Exposing them does run a risk that those people who have their faith so tied to the institution and not to Jesus Christ will be shaken.



Fair Warning

Some of the information that this Wiki contains is negative. If you are offended by negative information about Calvary Chapel, go where only happy thoughts about Calvary Chapel are permitted.

"It is most difficult to free slaves from the chains they worship." DOV

smith and his gang are some of those chains!

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