Jack van Impe is one of the leading spiritual nutcases in America today.  He started out as a nightclub performer.  Once he made his alleged conversion he became an evangelist.  He stood against the Roman Catholic Corporation, Billy Graham, the ecumenical movement, the pentematics (pentecostals/charismatics) and the other cults.  In the 1980s he faced serious financial problems and decided to love everyone.  The trick worked and he started getting support from the RCC stockholders, the ecumenical crowd, the pentematics and other cultists. 

Jack also teaches some of the most bizarre false doctrines ever belched from the HQ of the devil.  Here is a short list of Wimpe's nutty false doctrines:

Impe -- This planet will never be destroyed. 

DOV -- He uses some verses taken out of context to support this heresy.  He also ignores passages that clearly teach that this planet and the entire universe will be annihilated out of existence (2 Peter 3.10; Revelation 20.11; 21.1).  Jack ignores these clear statements and he denies there will be a new universe and a new planet Earth that true believers will live on throughout eternity (Rev. 21.1).

Impe -- All of the pets of believers will go to Heaven with them.

DOV -- This is utter nonsense!  Most people have a few pets during their lifetime.  According to Jack all of them will be in Heaven with us.  Jack probably thinks that only cats and dogs will go to Heaven, but people have numerous kinds of pets.  Can Jack possibly think that every kind of pet that believers have ever had such as mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, pigs, potbellied pigs, horses, alligators, crocodiles, birds, rabbits, spiders, turtles, ants, snakes etc. will be with them in Heaven through all eternity?  If Jack thinks pets will go to Heaven he is mentally unstable.  He most likely teaches that nonsense to get old ladies to give him their money.

Impe -- He claims he has NEVER been wrong about anything.   He says frequently that he has never been wrong about anything he teaches.

DOV -- Jack has been wrong about so many things it would take a book to list them.   He has made numerous false prophecies.  Here are a few of his false prophecies:

The Soviet flag would be flying over America by 1976,

The Rapture would take place in 1981,

The Rapture would take place in 1994,

The Rapture would take place in 2001.

The Rapture would take place in 2007.

He is now predicting the Rapture will take place in 2012.  He will be wrong once more.  It's a good thing he wasn't born in the Old Testament dispensation or he would have been dead a long time ago (Dt. 18.20).

Here is a short list of things he has taught that have been wrong:

He first taught that the Common Market was the final ten-nation confederacy of Revelation 17.12.  When it grew to 12 he claimed that King Juan Carlos was the anti-christ because Spain was the eleventh member.  He said nothing about the twelfth member nation.  It then grew to 13 and he said the anti-christ would wipe out three nations bringing the number back to 10 nations.  It expanded to 15 nations and he was lost.  He now claims the EU will go global and every nation on the planet will be part of it (Daniel 7.23).  As you can see he was dead wrong about everything he said concerning the CM, EEC, EU.  The EU will not encompass the entire planet.  He is also wrong about Juan Carlos being the beast.

The revived Roman Empire will take over the world and ten nations will control it.   The antichrist will seek to join this ten-nation club and three nations will oppose him.  He will launch a war and defeat them.  Those three nations will remain in power, but they will be in submission to him.  He will become the eleventh ruler and midway through the seven year Tribulation he will become world dictator.  He will be the ruler of a Middle Eastern nation out of the ancient Greek Empire (Daniel 8.9,10).

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