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Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008 09:33 EDT

Tina Fey crushes Sarah Palin again

My bottomless cup of love for Tina Fey just got a warm-up.

On "Saturday Night Live" she tore up Sarah Palin again.

If you missed it, this really is must-see TV.

? Thomas Schaller


John mcMORON always wanted to be a DICKTATOR!

Watch the McCain clip below.

McCain: Worse than you think

Brasscheck TV
Thursday, Aug 14, 2008


John McCain is running as a war hero.

There are just a few problems with that.

He’s despised by fellow Vets, especially fellow POWs, not only for cooperating with the enemy, but also for blocking every effort to make sure all American POWs were returned after the war.

Interestingly enough, the other veteran who obstructed truth on the matter was John Kerry, the fake candidate and Skull and Bones member who ran against Bush in 2004 and stepped aside in spite of massive and obvious electoral fraud in Ohio.