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Keith Olbermann does an analysis of Bill O's meltdown

Thursday, May 16, 2008

Hilarious "body language expert" analysis of Bill O'Reilly's melting moment.


Top Ten Angry On-Camera Meltdowns

It's already been an exciting week for accidental on-air cursing, with New York broadcast institution Sue Simmons interrupting last night's Medium to ask what the F___ New York is doing, but Sue and Bill O'Reilly just left us wanting more. So video guru Richard Blakeley (who's explored reportorial bloopers before) collected ten of our very favorite meltdowns by people whose job it is to not curse on TV. Some of these went out live, some were stolen from satellite feeds, but they're all golden. From Jim Ryan telling Dick Oliver that he'll explain how to be a reporter later to broadcast legend Bill Plante throwing a tantrum at the White House to vintage Sam Donaldson and Leslie Stahl, it's a cavalcade of rage and frustration. Like life. Click to watch! (


Talk show host Michael Reagan calls for murder of anti-war activist

The Resistance Manifesto
Friday, June 13, 2008

San Diego, CA) Radio talk show host Michael Reagan is calling for the murder of political activist, Mark Dice, after hearing that Dice is mailing letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq. Reagan wants to pay for the bullets.

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