The Anathema Awards are given to the men and women in the religious sector of society who exalt themselves above the rest with false prophecies, false doctrines, inane acts, and general stupidity. For the most part the winners of these awards are not born from above and the few who are, are apostate and or backslidden.

The winners of the fourth annual Anathema Awards are:


Jack van Impe

Jack wins this award tears down for a fourth straight year.  He cries at the close of every show when he asks people to pray with him to be saved. I doubt anyone will take this COVETED award away from him until he dies.

Most preachers ask people to recite a trite prayer to be saved, but few of them cry while they do it. Impe cries every time thinking it will move people to pray with him. He places trust in his emotionalism to get people saved rather than in the HOLY SPIRIT.

Jack and most evangelists think that recitation of a trite prayer saves.   A prayer cannot save anyone.  A person is saved when he believes that YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH is the Mashiyach, the Son of YAHWEH, who shed His blood to cleanse the elect of their sins and give them eternal life through the power of His bodily resurrection.  A person doesn't have to recite a formula prayer to be saved.



Arnold Murray

Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel in Gravatte, Arkansas, wins this coveted award by a belly. He has stiff competition, but he walked away with it again because he teaches more heresies than his competitors and some of the most damnable ones. For a thorough list of the blasphemous heresies Arnold teaches go to -- dov-murray.htm

There are thousands of heretics in America and the world, but honorable mention goes to Chuck Smith, Harold Camping, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Oral Roberts, Ken Hagin, Joyce Meyer, Bishop Jake, Ike, Fred Price, Rodney Brown, Hendrick Hanegraaff, Jesse Duplantis and Creflo Dollar.

For more information about the myriad heretics, false teachers and false prophets that plague America go to -- dov-10danger.htm



Arnold Murray

Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel wins the Pharisee Award again for saying he doesn't want to hear criticism of himself.  He claims he is beyond criticism and no one should ever criticize anyone.  This is to be expected from a man who has an extremely distorted understanding of the Scriptures.

No one is above criticism.  If Keph could be publicly criticized (Gal. 2.11-21) by Paulos then Arnold Murray can be along with everyone else who claims to be born from above.



Jack van Impe

Jack has won this award the last three years for his constant proclamation that he loves everyone who claims to be a "Christian" no matter what they say or do. He only loves himself and claims he loves others so he can make more money.

Honorable mention goes to Billy Graham and Chuck Smith for a third year.


Jan Crouch

Jan wins the Jezebel Award (2 Kings 9.30) hands down for a fouth year in a row because Tammy Bakker has not made a complete comeback yet.

Honorable mention goes to Rexella Impe.


Jack van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffrey, Yaacob Ramsel & Paul Crouch

Jack van Impe says that just about every bad thing that happens is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Hal Lindsey continues to prophecy that the Rapture is just over the event horizon.  He claims that the flair up in the Middle East from the 911 attack and Jewish/Palestinian fight will lead to a peace treaty headed by the antichrist.

Grant Jeffrey and Yaaqob Ramsel share this award again because they continue to make a big deal out of their alleged ability to find secret messages in the Scriptures.  Paul Crouch joins this gang by continuing to hype the secret Bible code nonsense.

Unfortunately all of these men suffer from the dreaded Halunacy Syndrome. This syndrome infected Hal Lindsey in the late 1960s compelling him to write his meaningless book, "The Late Great Planet Earth." He started the modern day false prophecy movement with several major false doctrines and prophesies in that inane book and is rightfully known as the "Father of the Modern Day False Prophecy Movement." Thousands of brain-dead men and women followed him in making inane false prophecies with his most faithful disciple being Jack van Impe.


Hal Lindsey

Hal wins this award (Acts 7.54) hands down for a fourth year because of his vile hatred of the Arab peoples who he condemns on every program.  He is one of the leading hatemongers in the world and one of the biggest anti-Shemites in the world.   The Arab peoples are descended from Shem (Gen. 10.21-31) through Abraham (Gen. 16.16).

Honorable mention goes to Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel for his hatred of Hendrick Hanegraaff and for those who refute his false doctrines and disagree with him.


Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn wins this year for prophesying that TBN would become a direct cfonnection to Heaven.  He prophesied that people could see what Heaven is like by watching TBN.

Honorable mention goes to Hal Lindsey and Jack van Wimpe who continue to make false prophecies.  Hal has made three specific false prophecies and dozens of general ones.  In 1969 he prophesied indirectly in his first trash book that the Rapture would take place in 1981.  When the Iran-Iraq War broke out he prophesied the Rapture was just a few months away on Paul Crouch's TBN show.  This year he prophesied that if he lives to the average age of an American man he will see the Rapture.  He is 71 and the average age is 76 (or there abouts).  If the Rapture does not take place before 2005 he will have made his third false prophecy.  It won't so I count it now.   Jack has made so many false prophecies it's impossible to keep track of them.



The Roman Catholic Corporation

The Roman Catholic Corporation wins this award because they have cut deals with many other false religions to bring them under its filthy blood-stained skirt.  It's latest conquest was the agreement they made with the Lutheran Corporation

Honorable mention also goes to Paul Crouch, founder of TBN, who has won this award last year and Bill McCartney who won this highly coveted award years ago for Promise Keepers.  Honorable mention also goes to Pat Robertson, Jack van Impe, Jerry Falwell, Hal Lindsey, Hendrick Hanegraaff, Billy Graham and Frank Graham.


Hendrick Hanegraaff

Hendrick once again wins this coveted award for continuing to claim he is being persecuted by nearly everyone.  He claims believers persecute him for being too soft on the Roman Catholic Corporation and also for being too hard on it.  He also claims the Pentimatics continue to persecute him.  If I didn't know better I would think Hendrick has a persecution complex.


Rodney Brown

Rodney is one of the funniest religious clowns in America. He beat out Jesse DuPlantis, who is nearly as funny.

Honorable mention goes to Jesse DuPlantis and Kenny Copeland, who loves to dance around on stage and tell stupid jokes, and also to Jack van Impe, who tells moronic jokes on his TV show.


Jack & Rexella Impe

Jack and Rexella win this award for a fourth time because they have the funniest show on television. It's hard to keep from doubling over with laughter while watching them. They are the best comedy team since Laurel & Hardy.

Honorable mention goes to Paul and Jan Crouch.


Trinity Broadcasting Network

TBN wins this award (I Kor. 14.20,23) for the fourth year in a row for having the most elaborate carnival show on television.  No one even comes close to their wild antics.



Hendrick Hanegraaff, Harold Camping, Chuck Smith & Arnold Murray

Hendrick, Camping, Chuck and Murray win this coveted award (Ibriy-Heb. 5.11-6.3) for squirting lukewarm, sour milk to their sycophants.

Honorable mention goes to the entire Calvary Gang, Jack van Impe, and the TBN Gang.

None of these clowns are qualified to do what they are doing and religious talk shows that focus on answering the questions of callers are a total waste of time and money.

Camping apparently started this inane practice 40 years ago and is still going strong.

Hendrick followed the absurd format of Walter Martin who did far more damage than good with the "Bible Answer Man" program.  He was not qualified to teach because he taught myriad false doctrines.  He even rejected the first 11 chapters of Genesis as being literal.  He thought the universal flood was a local flood and did not believe Adam and Chavaah were real people!

Chuck Smith grew weary of Hank's nonsense and dumped him from his Calvary Satellite Network in 1997.  He decided to replace the "Bible Answer Man" program with his own program, "To Every Man An Answer," and hired Don Stewart to run the show.  Don left the sow in 1998 year so Chuck replaced him with his grandson Brad Smith and then replaced Brad in 2000 with his son-in-law and heir apparent, Brian Broderson.

Arnold Murray only answers questions via the mail and his TV show, but he does as bad a job as these other milk squirters.

There is no need for these inane programs. Any believer who needs to have a question answered should go to the bishops (pastors) of the local assembly he attends. If they can't give him an answer it is their duty to find the answer. Believers who are not part of a local assembly need to find one and become a useful member (I Kor. 12.12).

These moronic radio programs are keeping the people who listen to them in a state of spiritual infancy. They do not encourage listeners to find answers on their own even though they claim they do.

If Hendrick, Camping, Smith, Murray and everyone else who has a religious answer program truly wanted to stimulate their listeners to grow (Ibriy 10.24,25) they would tell them to search for an answer on their own. If they did that they would have no purpose for being on the radio and they couldn't beg for more money to fatten their massive bank accounts.





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