Arnold Murray, the leading Revolving Rev. and One Verse Charlie in America, teaches myriad false doctrines which are dangerous to the spiritual well-being of true believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach. He is one of the most notorious false teachers and heretics of the 20th Century!

He teaches so many heresies it may take me several years to list and refute all of them. Here are some of the false teachings I have heard him teach:

YAHWEH spoke to him in an audible voice. (Program aired 4-25-2000, 5am hour).

Incredible! If he heard a voice it was someone playing a practicle joke on him or a demon. YAHWEH has not spoken in an audible voice since speaking to Yochanan.


His TV program is an assembly service and people who watch him are members of his assembly.

A true Messianic Faith assembly is made up of men, women and children who meet together every day in homes and sometimes in a gathering place (building, park, etc.) to pray, praise YAHWEH, fellowship, edify each other, admonish one another, study the Scriptures and be discipled. An assembly is NOT made up of people scattered all over the world who watch one man and a few others teach. There is nothing wrong in watching Bible teachers on TV and listening to them on the radio or tapes as long as they are teaching Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim correctly, but that is NOT a substitute for the command to NOT forsake assembling together with other true believers (Ibriy 10.25)!


When you are saved all of your sins are NOT forgiven. Every time you sin you must ask forgiveness or you will have to answer for them when you die.

This is works for salvation! To claim one must continuously ask forgiveness for the sins he commits to have them forgiven is a form of working one's way into Heaven.

The passages of asking forgiveness for sins has to do with our communion with YAHWEH Elohim, the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT. When we sin and fail to ask forgiveness we break fellowship with Them. To restore fellowship we must ask forgiveness and then read, study or meditate on Thee Word.


Man has free will to be saved or not to be saved.

The Scriptures are explicitly clear that no man has the free will to be saved. Everyone who is born from above has been chosen by YAHWEH before the world was created (Apok. 13.8). They are drawn to and given to YAHSHUA by YAHWEH (Yochanan 6.37,39,44,65,70; 17.2,24). The HOLY SPIRIT YAHWEH convicts them of their sin, the righteousness of YAHSHUA and the judgment to come (Yochanan 16.8-11) and They give him the faith to believe (Rom. 12.3). All we do is go along for the ride. Our confession of faith is a direct result of the work of YAHWEH Elohim rather than the work of YAHWEH Elohim being the direct result of our decision to believe in YAHSHUA.

No spiritually dead man (Eph. 2.1) can choose to believe until the HOLY SPIRIT wakes him. We know this is true because no one seeks YAHWEH of their own will (Rom. 3.11).

This doctrine is so crystal clear that born again believers who do not understand it have not studied it indepth or they are either backslidden and or apostate.


YAHWEH never interferes with the free will of a person.

That statement is so absurd I find it hard to believe that anyone rational believer could buy it. YAHWEH Elohim interferes in the lives an affairs of men on a daily basis. Some primary examples are Iyob, Abraham, the Egyptian Pharoah, Yirmeyah (1.4-10), Yechezqel, Yochanan the baptizer (Lk. 1.15), Paulos (Acts 9.1-9; Gal. 1.15), the plagues on Egypt, the two destructions of the temple, the Assyrian captivity of the ten northern tribes and later the Babylonian captivity of the three southern tribes. There are many more but these examples prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that YAHWEH Elohim interfere in the lives and affairs of men. If these examples don't convince you Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim should.

"This sentence is by the decree of the watchers, and the decision is a command of the holy ones, in order that the living may know that the Most High is ruler over the realm of Admakind, and bestows it on whom He wishes, and sets over it the lowliest of men" (Daniel 4.17).

Try reading Daniel 2.37, 4.25, 4.32, 5.21, and Yechezqel 31.10,11.


YAHWEH doesn't know who will be saved.

That is blasphemy! To say that YAWEH Elohim does NOT know who will be saved is blasphemy to say the least! It is a damnable heresy that was created to support the false doctrine of free-will.

YAHWEH Elohim must know who will be saved or They are not omniscient! This blasphemy clearly contradicts the Scriptures which teach that YAHWEH Elohim choose, call and save those They wish to spend eternity with Them (Yochanan 6.37,44,65,70; 15.16)


A true believer can lose his salvation.

This is NOT Scriptural. Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim is perfectly clear on this vital doctrine. When a person is saved by the work of the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT that person cannot lose his salvation by his own power or decision and the Holy Trinity has promised They will not cast him away or allow him to be separated from Them! These passages should be sufficient for all true believers to understand this simple doctrine:

Yochanan 3.16,36; 5.24; 6.29,37,39,40,44,51,54,58; 10.9,28,29; 11.25,26; 17.3; I Yochanan 5.11-13.

Blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT can only be committed by a believer and it is following after the beast.


Children who die before the age of accountability and retards go to Heaven.

There is NO Scripture to support this claim. The example of King David's baby being saved cannot be used as a proof text. The best one can claim is that the children of saved parents get a free ticket to Heaven, but that is pure speculation.

The doctrine that the underage and mentally handicap automatically go to Heaven when they die is a foundation for some bizarre ideas. To take Murray's belief to its logical conclusion one would kill babies and the mentally handicapped to make certain they go to Heaven. Abortion and infanticide would be good not evil practices.

The spirit of born again believers contain part of the spirit of YAHWEH Elohim.



The souls of all people existed before they were born and lived with YAHWEH in Heaven.

The elect earned that position by fighting against the devil during the rebellion in Heaven.


People are not born in sin.



Demons are God's children who have gone bad.

Demons are the souls of the offspring of the angels who mated with women (Gen. 6.4).


There are only 7,000 fallen angels and they will be killed in the earthquake (Apok. 12.13).

Where he comes up with this insanity is beyond me. Angels are NEVER called "people." It is 7,000 "people" who are killed by the earthquake.


The one-third of stars who fell to Earth with the devil were the souls of people who lived in Heaven before they were born on Earth (Apok. 12.4).

This is total insanity! People are NEVER referred to as stars -- only angels (Dan. 8.10; Apok. 9.1). When the devil rebelled he took one-third of the angels in Heaven with him. There were no people in Heaven at that time for there is NO such thing as pre-existing souls. When a female egg is impregnated, YAHWEH creates a soul out of nothing and places it in that egg. That soul remains in that new being as he becomes a fetus and then a child and finally an adult. The soul remains in a person's body until death and then the soul goes immediately to hell or to Heaven.


Loukas 16 is a parable.

The true life story that YAHSUA told about a certain rich man and Lazaros is NOT a parable. It actually happened and since YAHSHUA is YAHWEH the Son He saw what happened. Names of people are NEVER used in parables. Lazaros is called by name and the use of the phrase "a certain rich man" also signifies a real person. The story is real and the torments of hell (hades/sheol) are real. The wicked residing there are continuously tormented with fire, heat and thirst. They will continue to be physically tormented until they are judged at the Great White Throne Judgment. They will be found guilty and then cast into the Lake of Fire, which is also called Gehenna (Apok. 20.15) where they will be tormented with burning sulphur and much more through all eternity (Apok. 14.9-11; 20.10). They have NO hope of parole, pardon or escape! Their fate is sealed for all eternity! [For an indepth description of the horrors of hell and the Lake of Fire see my study --]


The gulf is an imaginary line.

The story about Lazaros and the rich man was a true story and NOTHING in it is imaginary, symbolic or allegorical!

The wicked are not burning in hell now.

The wicked go directly to Hell where they are tortured with fire and thirst as described in the true story of Lazaros and the rich man.

The wicked are annihilated in the Lake of Fire.

The wicked burn through all eternity just as the Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim declares (Rev. 14.9-11; 20.10).

People who didn't believe in YAHSHUA YAHWEH will get a second chance to believe in Him during the Millennial Kingdom.

This is a clear contradiction of the Scriptures which teach, "And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this judgment" (Ibriy 9.27). Everyone who dies in his sins goes straight to hell (Lk. 16.23) and has no second chance to be saved. They certainly are not resurrected to live in the Millennial Kingdom. I have no idea where he came up with this false doctrine. It is very bizarre.

YAHSHUA preached to the souls in Hell and some of them got saved were set free.

Ibriy 9.27 says there is NO second chance. When you die you go to Hell (Loukas 16.19-31) or Heaven (2 Kor. 5.8).


Adam and Chavvah were created on the eighth day while other men and women were created on the sixth day.

This is a damnable racist teaching that has caused a great deal of division among the Assembly. Even though Arnold claims he is not a racist he is! Everyone who teaches this damnable doctrine is a racist!

Adam and Chavvah were created on the sixth day -- not the eighth day! The description of their creation in chapter two of Genesis is NOT a separate creation of people from the sixth day creation of chapter one. It is an expanded narrative of the sixth day creation. All true Ibriy scholars understand this! The only ones who do NOT understand this are amateur linguists and hard-headed know-nothings!

Noach took the people who were created on the sixth day on the ark with him. They are not refered to as people but animals.

This is another damnable racist remark! There were only eight people on the ark that Noach and his sons built. Everyone else on Earth was wiped out. This fact destroys Arnold's sixth day creation doctrine and his doctrine that the Kenites are the physical descendants of the devil. The Kenites of the Antideluvian Age and the post-flood age are not the same. The people called Kenites after the universal flood simply lived in the area where the pre-flood Kenites lived.


The wives that Ezra and Nehemiah put away were the sixth day creation women. The descendants of Adam and Chavvah are not to marry the people who were created on the sixth day. This is still his wish today.

This is one of the most racist remarks anyone could ever make. This racist ideology is an abomination to YAHWEH Elohim and a shame to all true believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach.

The wives that Ezra and Nehemiah had put away were simply unbelievers. The Ibriy men had married unsaved women who were corrupting them in the spiritual realm as Shelomoh's wives did (Ez. 10.1-44; Neh. 13.23-30).

Believers today are to marry believers. Interracial marriage among believers is alright if it will not cause other believers to stumble. If it causes family members to stumble, fellow believers at the local assembly or other believers they know they cannot marry. It is a sin! We must live for the Lord -- not for ourselves and cause our brothers to stumble (Rom. 14.15-21).


Adam was made in the likeness of angels.

Arnold believes that Elohim refers to "God" and the angels. Since he believes there is only one "God" who holds three offices the plural form of El must refer to the angels. This is dead wrong! Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim teaches in the most emphatic way possible that there are three separate Gods who are united in thought, word, deed and purpose. That is what Deuteronomy 6.4 teaches along with myriad other passages.

When Elohim said, "Let us make adam in Our image, according to Our likeness" (Gen. 1.26), they referred to Themselves, not the angels also. For Arnold to be correct that Elohim is the one "God" and the angels -- the angels would have to have had a hand in the creation of the Cosmos, Earth and Adam and Chavvah. Since they did NOT, Elohim must be the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT -- the three separate Gods!

The Tree of Life is not a real tree, but merely symbolic of YAHSHUA.

The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2.9) was a real tree and so is the Tree of Life in the New Yerushalom (Rev. 22.2). It is highly probable both trees are one and the same tree.


The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is symbolic of the devil.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a real tree. Chavvah and Adam ate a real fruit from that tree. When one claims things are symbolic that appear to be real he must prove it is symbolic by citing a Scriptural passage in which it says it is symbolic. The only time we understand something to be symbolic is when the Scriptures say it is symbolic or it is physically impossible for it to be real or to take place. A few examples are Revelation 17.7,9,12,15,18; Revelation 12.1; Revelation 12.3,4,9.

There is no question that the things in chapter 17 of Revelation are symbolic because the Scriptures say they are symbolic. We know that a woman cannot be clothed with the sun and moon so it must be symbolic. A undiscovered dragon might have seven heads and ten horns, but it could not cast one-third of the stars of the Cosmos down to Earth. Since verse nine states that the dragon is the devil we know it is symbolic. The stars are also symbolic of the fallen angels.


The demon seed doctrine. Qayin's physical father was the devil, not Adam and all of his descendants (Kenites) have angelic blood in them. Both Adam and Chavvah were seduced by the devil.

This is a clear contradiction of the Scriptures which plainly teaches that Qayin's father was Adam. "Now the man had sex with his wife Chavvah, and she conceived and gave birth to Qayin, and she said, `I have begotten a manchild with YAHWEH'" (Gen. 4.1). She thought she had given birth to the Mashiyach who would die for the sins of her and Adam. She would not think that if she had had sex with the devil and gotten pregnant by him. The demon seed doctrine is one of the most damnable doctrines that the devil ever invented. Everyone who believes it is either backslidden, apostate or not born from above! There are NO exceptions!


Kenites are sons of Qayin who were taken on the ark as animals were.


The current Earth age is 14,000. The eight days of re-creation were 1,000 year periods of time.

That simply is NOT Biblical! It is just 6,000 years since the devastated Earth was renovated (Gen. 1.2-27). He thinks the days of re-creation were 1,000 year periods which is dead wrong. They were 24 hour days.



Females can be bishops.



We are not to judge others.



Offerings and tithes are given to the church not to the bishops.



Tithing is required during the Assembly Age.



Mosheh didn't die.



The flood of Noach's time was a mere local flood.



Murders go straight to Heaven when they die and have to beg forgiveness of the ones they murdered or they will not be able to live during the Millennial Kingdom and get a second chance to be saved. The victims have the choice to beat their murderer up and refuse to forgive them.

This cannot be supported by the Scriptures. It is mere speculation. If a person who is not saved commits murder he goes straight to Hell -- a place of torment where the wicked await the time they will be judged for their sins at the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev. 20.11-15). Hell is a real place in the heart (not dead center) of the Earth.


The mark of YAHWEH on believers is symbolic of His wisdom in you.


Since the mark is symbolic and those who have the mark won't be harmed -- all true believers will not be harmed in any way during the GT.


The beast reigns on Earth for only five months.


We are living in the time of the fifth trumpet.

The Great Tribulation -- the seven year period that is called Daniel's "Seventieth Week" (9.27) and the "Time of Yaaqob's Trouble" (Yirmeyah 30.7) -- has NOT started and probably will NOT start until after 2010. Anyone and everyone who says the GT has already started does NOT understand prophecy! Avoid them at ALL costs!! They will mislead you!!!


The beast raptures people.


The 144,000 initial follow the beast and then get saved.


Mark of the beast is not a literal mark or computer chip implant, but a false doctrine that has been implanted in a person's mind.


The sixth seal, the six trumpet and the sixth vial are broken when the beast is revealed.

This is absurd to say the least. The seven seals are broken one after another (Apok. 6.1-17; 8.1). The seven trumpets are blown one after another (Apok. 8.2-11.15) and they make up the seven seal (Apok. 8.1). The seven vials are broken one after another (Apok. 16.1-17) and they make up the seventh trumpet (Apok. 11.15). The period of time from the breaking of the sixth seal to the breaking of the sixth vial is about 5 years. The seven seals, trumpets and vials span the seven year period commonly called Yaaqob's Trouble, Daniel's Seventieth Week and the Great Tribulation.


The devil is the son of perdition.


The devil is currently bound in Heaven.


This doctrine is blasphemy! Arnold teaches that even though the devil is bound in Heaven just behind the throne of YAHSHUA, his spirit roams about the Earth seeking to cause trouble. That is not only absurd it is blasphemy! Arnold is attributing to the devil, a created being, a power that only YAHWEH Elohim has. Only the Father and Son have the ability to have Their spirits travel outside Their physical bodies. Their spirits are permanently outside Their physical bodies, but also inside Their bodies always (Yochanan 14.23). Their spirits are also omnipresent throught the entire Cosmos. Every believer understands that the Son has a physical body, but the Father also has one (Daniel 7.9,13; Rev. 4.2-5.13).

Cherabim & seraphim do not have wings. Adam was created in the image of angels. Since we do not have wings angels don't.


YAHSHUA could return at any moment.


No one can know the day or hour of the Second Advent.


Rapture is at the seventh trumpet of Apokalupsis.


Believers who are fooled by the Rapture doctrine will be deceived during the MK.


2 Keph 3.10 -- only evil things are burned up.


There are no sacrifices of animals in the Millennial Kingdom.


There are animals in Heaven (2 Yah. 11).


The Earth and Cosmos are not literally destroyed after the Millennial Kingdom. The statement that they are is symbolic of the end of an age.


The streets of gold are not real.

The detals of the Eternal Kingdom are real -- not symbolic. The streets are made of pure gold, the gates are real pearls, the layers of the foundation of the New Yerushalom are real and the city is 1,500 miles in width, length and height. It is a pyramid that rises far beyond the atmosphere of the New Earth. Those with condos in the upper levels will be able to look out at the New Cosmos in all its splendor.


The white stone is not a literal stone (Apok. 2.17).


No one with a spirit body will eat or drink.


Some believers will be naked in Heaven (Apok. 19.8).


Believers have spiritual bodies not physical ones.


Believers who rose from the dead after YAHSHUA rose had spiritual bodies.


He teaches that all believers should celebrate Christmas so as not to be a killjoy or upset other believers and the unsaved.

YAHSHUA was conceived on December 25 and started to live among men so we must celebrate that day.


YAHSHUA went to the Western Hemisphere and preached the Gospel to the natives.



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