The Anathema Awards are given to the men and women in the religious sector of society who exalt themselves above the rest with false prophecies, false doctrines, inane acts, and general stupidity. For the most part the winners of these awards are not born from above and the few who are -- are apostate and or backslidden. I urge all of the men who have won these prestigious awards -- through the works of the flesh -- to speak with me privately or publicly concerning them. As of yet none of these charlatans have bothered to contact me. The winners of the Thirteenth Annual Anathema Awards are:



Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey wins this coveted award for his hatred of Arabs and for being the foremost false prophet of the 20th Century. His heretical book, "The Late Great Planet Earth" sealed his fate as being the greatest of the 20th Century false prophets. Thousands of glorymongering religious fools were infected by the dreaded Halunacy Syndrome. Many of these infected fools have tried to surpass Hal in their false prophecies concerning the Rapture and the Second Coming, but Hal was the first of the modern era and will always hold the crown of "Father of the 20th Century False Prophecy Movement." He will probably hold the title of "Father of the the 21st Century False Prophecy Movement." He has made 6 definite false prophecies concerning the Rapture, Second Coming, Antichrist and Russia. Hal has written several other books on eschatology and all of them are worthless. The people who read them have been deceived, confused or turned off to eschatology. He has personally destroyed the faith of millions of Christians with his heretical prophecy books. He will suffer great lose at the Bema Seat Judgment (1 Korinthians 3.15). Let us hope he is truly saved or his punishment in the Lake of Fire will be as horrendous as some of the other false prophets of the past - Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford, Ellen White, Herbert W. Armstrong, Harold Camping and Arnold Murray.

Hal and his fellow false prophets - Herbert W. Armstrong, William Branham, Harold Camping, Doug Clark, Ken Copeland, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Kenneth Hagin, Benny Hinn, Noah Hutchings, Jack van Impe, Grant Jeffrey, Salem Kirban, Tim LaHaye, William Miller, Arnold Murray, Pat Robertson, Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford, Chuck Smith, Joseph Smith, Lester Sumrall, Charles Taylor, Joe VanKoevering, John Walvoord, John Wesley, Edgar Whisenant and Ellen G. White - had and have an extremely poor understanding of eschatology. Why? They do NOT study the Bible! They study commentaries and books by other prophecy-challenged glorymongers and continue to make the same mistakes they made. Most of these false prophets based their false prophecies on the work of William Miller who is the "Father of the Modern-day False Prophecy Movement."



Rick Warren

Rick Warren stole this highly coveted award from Tim LaHaye several years ago, who had won it for the previous years for his satanic "Left Behind" series. Benny Hinn won it away from Warren, but Warren has won it back. He is a devotee of Robert Schuller mixing Schuller's positive attitude dung with New Age nonsense to suck spiritual babes into his demonic program. His books are filled with New Age, feel-good vibes that make people feel warm and fuzzy all over. When the 501c3 CEOs of a religious corporation (church) adopt his program they excommunicate everyone who does not agree with it. Warren's program is highly devisive (Galatians 5.20), and it always causes strife among the brethren (Proverbs 6.16, 19) wherever it takes root.



Tony Alamo

Tony landed this coveted award for being arrested for child molestation, physical and sexual abuse of church members, for polygamy and underage marriage. Terry Purvis, mayor of Fouke, Arkansas, said his office had received numerous complaints from former ministry members concerning Alamo and turned the information over to the FBI. In late July 2009, Alamo (who had a previous conviction for tax evasion in the 1990s) was convicted on ten counts of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes, sexual assault and other crimes. On November 13, 2009, he was sentenced to the maximum punishment of 175 years in prison.



Hendrick Hanegraaff

Hendrick "Heretic" Hanegraaff wins this award again for begging for money non-stop. Donations have dried up due to his stand on eschatology forcing him to move the HQs of the Christian Research Institute to North Carolina several years ago. He is a partial- preterist who believes all prophecies concerning the Tribulation and Millennial Kingdom took place in the First Century A.D. except for the physical return of YAHSHUA. He believes the only prophecy to be fulfilled is the physical return of YAHSHUA. He hates being called a partial-preterist, but that is what he is. dov-hank.htm



Hendrick Hanegraaff

Hendrick "Heretic" Hanegraaff wins this award again for his undying allegiance to the politically correct agenda. He holds numerous PC opinions and vehemently attacks those who hold to the truth. Here are a sample of the PC dogmas he defends:

Women's Enslavement Movement -- He supports the women's enslavement (liberation) movement claiming females can teach, preach and pastor local churches and run so-called ministries even though the Bible clearly teaches the contrary (I Kor. 14.34,35; I Tim. 2.9-15).

Conspiracies do not exit -- He does not believe there are conspiracies such as the murder of President Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, JFK Jr., Vincent Foster, James McDougal, etc. He accepts the government explanantion for the Oklahoma City bombing, TWA 800, WTC bombing (1993), and the 911 attack. He ridicules those who know that the government is lying and covering up its involvement in all of these conspiracies.

Ecumenical Movement -- He believes that all denominations should work together and not bicker over non-essential doctrines. He even argues viciously that the Roman Catholic Corporation is a true church and Protestants should work with Catholics.

Secularism -- He contends that believers should imitate non-believers in all ways and do whatever it takes to win them over for the Lord. He encourages believers to watch Hollyweird TV shows and movies, listen to secular music, watch/participate in secular sporting events, and participate in secular festivals such as Easter, Holloween, Saturnalia (Christmas) and New Years.

Big Brotherism -- He defends the government agenda to eliminate all freedoms and liberties in America as the only way to make America safe from Muslim terrorists. He also defends the government agenda to wage costly wars around the world as part of the War on Terrorism. dov-hank.htm

Honorable mention goes to virtually every 501c3 CEO on TV and most 501c3 CEOs on the radio.



Hendrick Hanegraaff & Harold Camping

Hank "Heretic" Hanegraaff wins this highly prized award for the nth time. He is not held accountable for the myriad heresies he propagates nor for his actions. His board is a rubber-stamp board and everyone in his company that criticizes him is immediately fired. He is a tyrant who quashes everyone who appears to be a "threat" to him. He forced out Paul Cardin, Ron Rhoades and dozens of other employees of Walter Martin. He is also NOT under the authority of the pastors of a local assembly and he is NOT a functioning member of a local assembly. dov-hank.htm

Harold Camping wins this award for leaving the church that let him teach his damnable heresies for decades and telling people to stop going to churches. He claims that all churches in the world are the synagogue of Satan. Many are, but not all.

Honorable mention goes to Chuck Smith, Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Wimpe, Grant Jeffrey, Tim LaHaye, John Hagee, Robert Morey and virtually every religious idiot on TV and most religious idiots on the radio.

Even though some of these religious tyrants have boards that they claim they are accountable to -- they are NOT. The only time they are held accountable is when they get caught in adultery or embezzlement. They are NEVER held accountable for their false prophecies and false doctrines or their love of money, fame and power.



Harold Camping

Harold Camping wins this coveted award for the nth time for continuing to propagate one of the most inane false doctrine of the last century. He claims that the Assembly Age has ended and NO one can be saved through the work of any local assembly. The prophecy that not one stone of the temple would remain on another stone is supposedly symbolic of the end of the work of the local assemblies. He says that every believer must leave the local assembly he attends and serve the Lord alone or in small groups that have no authority structure. He also says that the Lord is using radio ministries like his to reach the world now that the local assemblies are officially defunct. He even claims that the prophecy of the beast declaring himself to be God (2 Thes. 2.4) is symbolic of the devil ruling in the local assemblies.

Camping teaches some of the most insane heresies ever invented by the minions of the devil. He claims we are living in the Tribulation, that Michael is "Jesus" and that a person must beg "God" to save him and some day hope to be saved. He also believes in soul sleep. I must note that according to Camping's own testimony he is NOT born from above. For a list of the myriad heresies this spiritual bastard teaches go to -- dov-camping.htm



Hendrick Hanegraaff, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, Arnold Murray, Harold Camping

These heretics/false teachers share this highly prized award because they are gimungous windbags.

Hendrick (Hank) Hanegraaff, the most PRETENTIOUS, RELIGIOUS CON-ARTIST in America, won because he makes a colossal effort to use big words to make people think he is highly educated and that he knows what he is talking about and because he puts down virtually everyone. Hendrick is a POORLY educated LAYMAN who parades around as if he has several earned doctorates. He was given an honorary doctorate and he uses the title as often as he can. Listening to him belch out foul-smelling hot air is so tiresome, nerveracking and nausiating it takes a true man of YAHWEH to do it without going crazy! Only a babe, in the Lord, an apostate or a backslidder can listen to him for more than a few minutes without becoming sick! For more facts about this evil HERETIC go to -- dov-hank.htm

Hal Lindsey (Thee Father of the Modern-day False Prophecy Movement) won because he spews out of his vile mouth more hatred for the Palestinians and Arabs than many of the most hate-filled Edomites (Jews) in Palestine. He also brags about his alleged knowledge of Bible prophecy so much it makes mature believers want to puke! His knowledge of eschatology is so limited he would be unable to pass an introductory quiz in Eshatology 101 at DOV University! See if you can pass this SIMPLE quiz -- dov-test.htm   Fortunately, Paul Crouch booted Halunatic off  TBN.

Jack van "Wimpe" Impe, the most INFAMOUS FALSE PROPHET in America, won because he claims to be the ultimate authority on eschatology. He even claims he has NEVER been wrong about any of his teachings! He is wrong about virtually everything he teaches on eschatology! He is also a master at making current events appear to fulfill events desribed as taking place during the Tribulation even though the Tribulation has NOT started! He unceasingly teaches that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture will take place at any time and he PREDICTS it will be very soon. He has been doing this for over 30 years! He even picks specific years for the Rapture with the latest prediction being 2005! For the lowdown on this nutty HERETIC go to -- dov-wimpe.htm

Arnold "One Verse Charlie" Murray, the most DERANGED HERETIC in America, won because he claims to be the ultimate authority on the Bible and has rare manuscripts which contain secret information. He also slams virtually every pastor and Bible teacher in the world and tells his devotees it is wrong to criticize others. His manner of speech is filled with so much pride, arrogance and vanity it makes a true believer sick! For the facts about this wicked HERETIC go to -- dov-murray.htm

Harold "1994" Camping, the most DELUDED HERETIC and FALSE PROPHET in America, won because he believes the Bible teaches the Assembly Age is over and ALL believers should leave their local assemblies. He urges people to correct him, but when they do he says they do not understand Scripture. He also makes it a point to claim his Family Radio Corporation is the ONLY religious corporation that is taking the Gospel to the lost world. For the facts on this lunatic HERETIC go to -- dov-camping.htm



Jack van Impe

Jack wins this award tears down for a nth time. He cries at the close of every show when he asks people to pray with him to be saved. I doubt anyone will take this COVETED award away from him until he dies. Most preachers ask people to recite a trite prayer to be saved, but few of them cry while they do it. Impe cries every time thinking it will move people to pray with him. He places trust in his emotional appeal to get people saved rather than in the HOLY SPIRIT. Jack and most evangelists think that recitation of a trite prayer saves. A prayer cannot save anyone. A person is saved when he believes that YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH is the Mashiyach, the Son of YAHWEH, who shed His blood to cleanse the elect of their sins and give them eternal life through the power of His bodily resurrection. A person doesn't have to recite a formula prayer to be saved. For more of the sickening truth about this apostate go to -- dov-wimpe.htm



Arnold Murray, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe, Tim LaHaye, Bob Larson, Paul Crouch, Hendrick "Hank" Hanegraaf, Kenny Copeland, Rodney Brown, T.D. Jakes, Ike, Fred Price, Jesse Duplantis, Harold Camping, Grant Jeffrey, Greg Laurie, Chuck Smith, Joyce Meyer, Gloria Copeland and Anne Graham Lotz.

This award (Proverbs 16.5; Matt. 6.1) is given to the proudest and most arrogant 501C3 CEOs. It was difficult to decide who is the most arrogant, but these men and women are all deserving of it.

Arnold Murray tells his sycophantic devotees that he is the greatest Bible teacher in the world and that he has access to ancient knowledge that few other men have.

Hal Lindsey prides himself on the belief that he is the Jeremiah of today and the Father of the Modern-Day Prophecy Movement. He is the father of the modern-day false prophecy movement and a leading pharisee of our time. He continually reminds his brain-dead sycophantic devotees that he has always been right about prophecy and that the Pre-Trib Rapture is just a few years away. He's been doing this for over 30 years. dov-halunacy.htm

Jack van Impe claims he hasn't been wrong in his prophecies or forty years even though he has yet to be right about any of them or anything else. His mouthpieces -- Rexella and Chuck Ohman -- praise him on every show. (Prov. 27.2)

Bob Larson brags that he can cast out demons and is so dangerous to the netherworld that fallen angels impersonate him and do things to get him in trouble. If he believes this idiocy he needs lots of professional help. The Body of YAHSHUA needs to give him a section 8 discharge.

Hendrick "Hank" Hanegraaf incessantly reminds his brain-dead sycophants that he is the president of the Christian Research Institute. His attitude when answering questions is one of mock-humility. When someone upsets him his true personality -- egocentric, beligerent arrogance -- shines through.

Kenny Copeland claims to be an Apostle of greater standing than the Twelve. Rod Brown also claims to be an apostle greater than the Twelve.

T.D. Jakes, Ike and Fred Price spend most of their time telling sheeple they will become wealthy if they give them their money. They have NO shame in making people think Christianity is all about making money.

Jesse Duplantis also tells his sycophantic, brain-dead followers that he can make them rich if they give him their money. He also brags about having visited Heaven.

Harold Camping's false humility cannot hide his devilish pride. He actually claims that his 501c3 religious corporation is one of the very few, if not the only one, giving the true Gospel. He says most assemblies and other 501c3 corporations are putting out a false Gospel and he stands alone. He also says all local assemblies are apostate and have been abandoned by the Lord. Two years ago he came up with a brand new false doctrine -- that the era of the local assembly is over and no one has been saved through the ministry of the thousands of local assemblies around the world since September 6, 1994. That was the date he prophesied YAHSHUA would return. Sadly, Camping teaches a false gospel and according to his own testimony he is NOT born from above! He is dead in his sins and headed straight to Hell. For details of his false doctrines go to -- dov-camping.htm

Paul Crouch brags about his satellite network claiming it is one of the angels of Revelation that preach the Gospel during the Great Tribulation (Rev. 14.6-11). He also pushes the secret Bible code lunacy and believes he is mentioned by name in it. Grant Jeffrey and Yaacob Ramsel join this notorious host of hypocrites (Paul Crouch) by claiming to have found secret messages in the Scriptures. For a complete and irrifutable refutation of the alleged Bible code go to -- dov-els.htm

Greg Laurie is an unsophisticated, arrogant buffoon. He actually said on public radio that he wants to be the next Billy Graham. Incredible!

Chuck Smith, the founder of the Calvary Chapel Cult, pretends to be humble, but when he is confronted about one of his false doctrines he becomes extremely defensive and says he is right because he has been studying the Bible for more than 50 years as if that means anything. There are thousands of men around the world who have been studying the Bible longer than Smith and they don't believe what he does. Who is right? The number of years you study the Bible does not determine if you are right or wrong about your doctrines. Smith also refuses to dialogue with anyone concerning his false doctrines which is the mark of a proud man and also a mark of a cult leader. dov-smithcult.htm

Joyce Meyer is probably the most arrogant spiritual femakazi in America. She teaches all of the false doctrines of the faith movement heretics and does it in a rude, crude and ugly manner. She has a butch haircut and parades around the stage like the male heretics do. She obviously does believe what the Bible says about her hair (I Kor. 11.10,14,15).

Gloria Copeland teaches all of the false doctrines of the name it and claim it crowd in a most arrogant manner. She is not as arrogant as her husband, Kenny, or Joyce, but she exhibits enough pride to be repulsive enough to get this award.

Anne Graham Lotz is super arrogant! Her father, Billy Graham, and brother, Frank, are not arrogant. I do not know where she got her super pride. It is a sinful trait that will cause her to have great loss of rewards in Heaven, if she is truly born from above. It is obvious that if she is saved she is backslidden and apostate!

Honorable mention goes to Marilyn Hickey and her daughter.

I must explain that Thee Infallible Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim clearly PROHIBITS females from teaching adult males or exercising authority over them (I Timothy 2.9-15)! They are to learn in total silence in public services and ask their husbands any questions they have at home (I Kor. 14.34,35)!



Arnold Murray & Harold Camping

Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel in Gravatte, Arkansas, shares this coveted award with Harold Camping. Arnold had stiff competition, and had to share it with Camping because Harold teaches as many damnable heresies as Arnold does. For a thorough list of the BLASPHEMOUS HERESIES Arnold teaches go to -- dov-murray.htm and for those that Camping teaches go to -- dov-camping.htm

There are thousands of heretics in America and the world, but honorable mention goes to Chuck Smith, Harold Camping, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Bishop Jake, Ike, Fred Price, Rodney Brown, Hendrick Hanegraaff, Jesse Duplantis and Creflo Dollar. For more information about the myriad heretics, false teachers and false prophets that plague America go to -- dov-10danger.htm



Arnold Murray, Harold Camping, Chuck Smith, Rick Warren,

Hal Lindsey and Jack van Wimpe

Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel wins the Pharisee Award again for saying he doesn't want to hear criticism of himself. He claims he is beyond criticism and no one should ever criticize anyone. This is to be expected from a man who has an extremely distorted understanding of the Scriptures. No one is above criticism. If Keph could be publicly criticized (Gal. 2.11-21) by Paulos then Arnold Murray can be along with everyone else who claims to be born from above.

Harold Camping thinks he is right about everything. He has a very poor understanding of Scripture and he is not born from above.

Chuck Smith thinks he is always right and he gets angry when someone challenges his false doctrines.

Rick Warren thinks he knows more about pastoring than anyone on the planet. He knows very little about pastoring. He also thinks he is the only one who can help the poor and bring peace to the world. He is just another stooge of the NWO Gang.

Hal Lindsey thinks he is the leading expert on prophecy in the world and of all time, yet he can't even pass a beginner's quiz on prophecy. His knowledge and understanding of prophecy is most pitiful.

Jack van Wimpe is a super-selfrighteous blank who thinks he knows more about prophecy than anyone who has ever lived. He also thinks he knows more about the Bible than anyone else. His knowledge and understanding of the Bible and prophecy is extremely poor. He has a lot of Scripture memorized, but he doesn't understand It.



Jack van Impe

Jack has won this award the nth time for his constant proclamation that he loves everyone who claims to be a "Christian" no matter what they say or do. He only loves himself and claims he loves others so he can make more money.

Honorable mention goes to Chuck Smith for a nth time and also to Paul Crouch.



Jan Crouch

Jan wins the Jezebel Award (2 Kings 9.30) hands down for the nth year in a row because Tammy Bakker is dead.

Honorable mention goes to Rexella Impe.



Jack van Impe, Hal Lindsey & Paul Crouch

Jack van Impe says that just about every bad thing that happens is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Hal Lindsey continues to prophecy that the Rapture is just over the event horizon. He claims that the continual flair-ups in the Middle East are the beginning of the end.

Paul Crouch joins this gang by continuing to hype the secret Bible code nonsense and getting worked up over every miniscule event in the Middle East.

Unfortunately all of these men suffer from the dreaded Halunacy Syndrome. This syndrome infected Hal Lindsey in the late 1960s compelling him to write his meaningless book, "The Late Great Planet Earth." He started the 20th Century False Prophecy Movement with several major false doctrines and prophesies in that inane book, and he is rightfully known as the "Father of the 20th Century False Prophecy Movement." Thousands of brain-dead men and women followed him in making inane false prophecies with his most faithful disciple being Jack van Impe.



Hal Lindsey & John Hagee

Hal wins this award (Acts 7.54) hands down for the nth time because of his vile hatred of the Arab peoples who he condemns on every program. He is one of the leading hatemongers in the world and one of the biggest anti-Shemites in the world. The Arab peoples are descended from Shem (Gen. 10.21-31) through Abraham (Gen. 16.16).

John Hagee shares this coveted award with Arab-hating lunatic Hal Lindsey. His hate for the Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims is inmeasurable.

Honorable mention goes to Arnold Murray of the Shepherd's Chapel for his hatred of a fellow heretic Hendrick Hanegraaff and for those who refute his false doctrines and disagree with him.



Harold Camping & Jack van Wimpe

Harold Camping stole this highly prized award from Hal "Lunatic" Lindsey and Jack van Wimpe. He won because he nows predicts the Second Advent will take place in 2011. That is impossible since the Tribulation would had to have started in 2004. Since it did not start in 2004, YAHSHUA cannot return in 2011.  The Tribulation will not even begin by 2011.  The earliest date possible for the start of the Tribulation is 2020, but I think it will not start until 2029 or later. I cannot pick a year now for the start of the Tribulation, but when we get within a few years of that time I should be able to pin it down.

Jack is predicting the Rapture will take place between 2011 and 2012. He is stretching his day and hour out now. If he stretches it out long enough he may get it right, but he will not live to see the start of the Tribulation or the Rapture. He prophesied in the past that the Rapture would take place in 1981, 1994 and 2001. The Rapture cannot happen until the New World Order is established, a world wide peace treaty is put together and the wicked shout "Peace and safety!" (1 Thessalonians 5.3). The beast (antichrist) then confirms this treaty (Daniel 9.27). When he confirms the treaty he will be revealed to believers as the beast (2 Thessalonians 2.3). A war will break out between the beast and three members of a ten nation confederacy (Dan. 7. 8, 20, 24) which will expand into a world war (Revelation 6.3-4) followed by famine (Revelation 6.5-6), plague (Revelation 6.7-8) and martyrdom of believers (Revelation 6.9-11). The few believers who survive the slaughter will be raptured out of the world (1 Korinthians 15.51-53; 1 Thessalonians 4.16-17) prior to the breaking of the sixth seal which is the pouring out of the wrath of YAHWEH and the Lamb (Rev. 6.12-17). Believers cannot be on Earth when the wrath of the Lamb and YAHWEH is poured out because we are not destined for wrath (1 Thessalonians 5.9).

Honorable mention goes to Hal "Lunatic" Lindsey for his undying penchant for predicting the date of the Rapture and saying it will happen any moment and that it is very near.

Hal, of course, is the Father of the Modern-Day False Prophecy Movement. He was the first to prophesy the Rapture would take place in 1981, claiming YAHSHUA would return 40 years after the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948. He believes the false doctrine that the Rapture takes place seven years before the Second Advent leaving 1981 as the year. He made a second false prophecy when the Iran/Iraq War broke out saying the Rapture was just a few months away. He made his third public false prophecy last year when he said the Rapture would take place by the time he turns 76.



Paul Crouch

Paul Crouch, founder of the TBN (Terminal Backslidder's Network), wins this coveted award for the nth time because he has done the most to bring together people from myriad Protestant denominations and false religions such as Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, Roman Catholicism, New Ageism and Mormonism. He has myriad men and women from numerous religions on his network. dov-tbn.htm

Honorable mention also goes to Pat Robertson, Jack van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Hendrick Hanegraaff, Billy Graham and Frank Graham.



Hendrick "Hank" Hanegraaff

Hendrick once again wins this coveted award for continuing to claim he is being persecuted by nearly everyone. He claims believers persecute him for being too soft on the Roman Catholic Corporation and also for being too hard on it. He also claims the Pentematics continue to persecute him. If I didn't know better I would think Hendrick has a PERSECUTION COMPLEX that compliments his obvious INFERIORITY COMPLEX!



Jesse DuPlantis

Jesse wins this highly prized award again for being the funniest religious clown in America. A few years ago he beat out Rodney Howard Brown, who won this award four years in a row for his incredible tenacity in claiming his INANE behavior is inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.

Honorable mention goes to Kenny Copeland, who loves to dance around on stage and tell stupid jokes, and to Jack van Impe, who tells moronic jokes on his TV show.



Jack & Rexella Impe

Jack and Rexella win this award for the nth time because they have the funniest show on television. It's hard to keep from doubling over with laughter while watching them. They are the best comedy team since Abbott and Costello. dov-wimpe.htm

Honorable mention goes to Paul and Jan Crouch.



Terminal Backslidder's Network

TBN wins this award (1 Korinthians 14.20, 23) for the nth time for having the most elaborate carnival show on television. No one even comes close to their wild antics.



Hendrick "Hank" Hanegraaff

Henny wins this highly coveted award hands down once again! His manner of spit (speech) is so ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS, CONCEITED, PRETENTIOUS, SICKENING, PHARISITICAL, TIRESOME, TRITE and VOMITOUS it makes ALL SPIRIT-controlled believers want to vomit! He uses IDIOTIC mantras and sounds like a broken record every time he gives one of his MORONIC answers. His misuse of big words makes his INSIDIOUS rap sound even more HORRENDOUS! I would rather burn in Hell than listen to his VOMITOUS rap. This is just one of many tortures I endure to do the work of the Lord.



Hendrick Hanegraaff, Harold Camping, Chuck Smith & Arnold Murray

Hendrick, Camping, Chuck Smith, and Murray win this coveted award (Ibriy-Heb. 5.11-6.3) for squirting lukewarm, sour milk to their sycophants. None of these CLOWNS are qualified to do what they are doing and religious talk shows that focus on answering the questions of callers are a total waste of time and money.

Hendrick followed the absurd format of Walter Martin who did far more damage than good with the "Bible Answer Man" program. He was NOT qualified to teach because he taught myriad false doctrines. He even rejected the first 11 chapters of Genesis as being literal. He thought the universal flood was a local flood and he did not believe Adam and Chavaah (Eve) were real people! Dr. Martin was an excellent apologist, but a poor theologian.  I should note that Hendrick gained control of the "Christian Research Institute" through a HOSTILE takeover. Once he grabbed control he methodically fired or drove out virtually everyone who worked for Dr. Martin. The only Martinites he kept were the ones who succumbed to his tyranny such as Elliot Miller.

Camping apparently started this INANE practice in the late 1960s and he is still going strong. He denies many clear doctrines of Messianic Faith and teaches myriad DOCTRINES of DEMONS.

Chuck Smith grew weary of Hank's nonsense and dumped him from his Calvary Satellite Network in 1997. He decided to replace the "Bible Answer Man" program with his own show, "To Every Man An Answer," and hired Don Stewart to host it. Don left the show in 1998 so Chuck replaced him with his grandson Brad Smith and then replaced Brad in 2000 with his son-in-law and heir apparent, Brian Brodersin. Mike Kessler, a former Calvary Chapel pastor, created the Calvary Satellite Network.  Chuck brought Don McClure and Jon Curson back to big Calvary to co-host his answerman show with Brian Brodersin.  Mike Kessler was dumped as co-host.  Mike took control of the CSN which he created leaving Chuck to create his own.  Chuck calls his talk show "Pastor's Perspective." Mike was kicked out of the Calvary Chapel cult and still has his CSN and "To Every Man An Answer" show.  The Calvary CHapel Empire is falling apart with members of the Smith family filing lawsuits against each other. 

Arnold Murray only answers questions via the mail on his TV show, but he does as bad a job as these other LUKEWARM, SOUR MILK SQUIRTERS.

There is no need for these INSANE programs. Any believer who needs to have a question answered should go to the bishops (pastors) of the local assembly he attends. If they can't give him an answer it is their duty to find the answer. Believers who are not part of a local assembly need to find one and become a useful member (I Kor. 12.12).

These MORONIC radio "SHOWS" are keeping the people who listen to them in a state of spiritual infancy. These spiritual TERRORISTS do not encourage listeners to find answers on their own -- even though they claim they do.

If Hendrick, Camping, Smith, Murray and everyone else who has a religious answer program truly wanted to stimulate their listeners to grow (Ibriy-Heb. 10.24,25) they would tell them to search for answers on their own. If they did that they would have no purpose for being on the radio and they couldn't beg for more money to fatten their massive bank accounts.

Honorable mention goes to Jack van Impe who answers one question each week sent to him via snail mail.

Please print this page and give it to all of your friends and don't forget to save it and e-mail it to everyone you know.














Please print this page and give it to all of your friends and don't forget to save it and e-mail it to everyone you know.

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