November 20, 2001

Hey Dov,

On your false teachers list you forget to list: Jesus Christ, the 12 apostles, all the biblical prophets, Moses, the disciples of Jesus, and me.

You points of view are confusing and do not make sense. Sounds like you are going down the road of Jim Jones or the Morman Church.



If you believe YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach, who created the Cosmos in less than a nanosecond, the 11 apostles, all prophets and Mosheh are false teachers you obviously belong to a cult. I doubt you are a teacher, but if you were to ever teach I most likely would classify you as a false teacher.

It's rather arrogant to classify yourself with YAHSHUA, the Apostles, prophets and Mosheh. The only ones who do that are founders of cults like James Johnson (a.k.a. Jim Jones), Joey Smith, Herbert W. Armstrong, Mary Eddy, Ellen White, Charles Taze Russell, Amy Simpleminded McPherson and Vernon Howell.

Are the "12 apostles" and "disciples of Jesus" different groups of men? When you mention the 12 apostles who is the twelth?

Please share your testimony with me so I have a better idea if you are born from above or dead in your sins. At this time my discernment is the latter.

Please cite a couple points of view that are "confusing" and "do not make sense."

How old are you? Your spelling is not very good.

If you desire to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom ask me sincere questions -- do not ridicule me. No one grows in grace by ridiculing others.

In the Everlasting LOVE of YAHSHUA,



November 19, 2001

Hi There,

Just a quick comment and question. I've stumbled onto your website and was reading through some of your information. The only problem is that I can see what you *don't* agree with but can't really find any place which states positively what you *do* believe. Is there some doctrinal statement which provides insight into what your general beliefs are? Its possible I've not spent enough time to determine the answer to my own question.

I appreciate your patience and response.

God Bless,




You missed my Statement of Fact -- http://www.domaintrader2000.com/dov-sof.htm



November 18, 2001

Dear DOV,

While reading over just a bit of your rhetoric on the subject of "Knowing the Day or Hour" of Jesus' return, I couple of points jump out as "double talk" in your statements.

1) You say "A false doctrine which most fundamental prophecy teachers propagate is that no one knows the day or the hour of the rapture". Do you know someone at this moment that does? I didn't think so. Will a group of Believers know in the future? Maybe or maybe not. But as of now, this is not a "false doctrine".

2) You say "During this period (Tribulation, but prior to rapture) ...one fourth of the world's population is wiped out and Believers Are Slaughtered By The Millions. It is...before...the WRATH of God is poured out that the FEW Believers remaining alive are raptured. We must be raptured prior to the outpouring of the wrath of God because we are not appointed to wrath". Sir, if millions of Believers are tortured and slaughtered by the antichrist and his forces, and only as you say a FEW are raptured, what "Wrath of God" would be worse than the torture and death suffered of the Believers prior to this rapture? What do you consider to be Wrath from God if it is not the death of millions? Death is death, do you believe men and women can suffer any worse of a death than millions have already suffered in the world today? As you said, this "wrath" is not an after life punishment like the lake of fire. So what do you say this "wrath" is?

3) You say "YAHWEH will never subject His children to His wrath. He disciplines us, but does not pour out His wrath on us". But then you say in the next sentence "The argument that He protects us from His wrath is not Biblical". Which is it? Isn't "never subjecting Believers to His wrath and protecting Believers from His wrath one in the same? If this is not Biblical, please tell us where you learned your first quote in this paragraph.

4) Please tell me what the abbreviation Apok. means. If it is the apocrypha, I need no other explanation for your misdirection on this subject.

God Bless! steve


I am dumbfounded by your lack of understanding. I must know the name of the 501c3 religious corporation you are a stockholder of and the CEO(s). It is obvious they have not encouraged you to think.

Did YAHSHUA commanded you to ridicule me? Why call the exposition of Him "rhetoric?"

Most prophecy teachers claim NO one can know the day and hour of the Rapture at any time up to it. They insist NO one will be able to figure it out even during the few days prior to it. That is a false doctrine because Thee Infallible Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim does NOT teach what they teach. The passages they use Leviy 24.36 and Markos 13.32 do NOT teach that false doctrine! The context is talking about YAHSHUA'S Second Advent NOT the Rapture! Please re-read my exposition on this. I thought my explaination was very clear. How did you miss it?


Do you really believe that every time a believer is martyred for his faith that YAHWEH Elohim are pouring out Their wrath on them? Do you truly think that YAHWEH Elohim have been pouring out Their wrath on believers for the last 1,969 years? When the devil and his minions (the wicked) murder, rape, harm and persecute believers that is NOT the wrath of YAHWEH Elohim!!! That is the wrath of the devil! WOW!!! I thought I also made this FACT perfectly clear! INCREDIBLE!!!

I made it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the wrath of YAHWEH Elohim is the judgments described in chapters 6-18 of Revelation -- starting with verse 12 of chapter six! Everything before that is the wrath of the devil and the wicked on the wicked and believers. I thought I made that PERFECTLY CLEAR!

You have a knack of twisting what I write as you most likely do the Scriptures. The context, context, context of YAHWEH Elohim NOT pouring out Their wrath on true believers and NOT protecting believers from Their wrath -- has to do with Their wrath during the Tribulation. Some so-called "believers" claim true believers will go through the entire Tribulation, but they will be supernaturally protected from Their wrath. That is NOT taught in the Bible! That is an assumption they make. Only the 144,000 male virgins of Yisrael will receive divine protection. Their converts might receive protection from the wrath of YAHWEH Elohim, but they might not. We do NOT know for certain. We know millions do NOT receive protection from the wrath of the beast for they are beheaded by his minions (Rev. 20.4). Do you understand, NOW!

Apok. is short for the Yavan word "apokalupsis" which we call apocalypse or revelation. I no longer use it because Yochanan did NOT write the Revelation of YAHWEH in Yavan. He wrote it in Aramaic.

Did YAHSHUA inspire you to say I misdirected you on this subject? Are you CERTAIN what I teach is NOT Biblical? It is one thing to say my teaching is NOT Biblical -- it is quite another thing to show it isn't by doing your own exegetical study and explaining why. Until you do that -- your opinion is totally WORTHLESS and I suggest you keep it to yourself! By the way you -- will be forced to apologize to me by YAHSHUA Himself at the Bema Seat Judgment or at the Great White Throne Judgment depending on whether or not you are truly born from above.


Why would you ask your "god" to bless me after you slandered and ridiculed me. The only "god" that would prompt a person to do that is the devil. Is the devil your "god?"  I can't imagine that YAHWEH Elohim could be your Gods.




Dear Friend,

Serious with Jesus, already there. Serious with you, not likely. It's been, interesting. Because of the Cross,



If you are so serious why waste your time mocking servants of YAHWEH who are serving Him faithfully. Is that what your god told you to do. Believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH are commanded to stimulate each other to good deeds (Ibriy-Heb. 10.24,25) and love each other (Yochanan-John 13.34; Eph. 4.32; Phil. 2.2,3).




November 03, 2001

Dear DDT,

Oh um, now I remember. God help all those who love and serve Jesus. Of course that name won't seem too important to a "Messianis" such as your self. What a pitty I don't believe it quite like you. Boo, hoo, I wonder do I have to learn Hebrew to be saved so I can pronounce "Yehweh" correctly. Ta for now,

Jim (not the occultist buffoon Jim Jones).


When you want to get serious drop me an email.




From: dt2000 <dt2000@inreach.com>

To: Damir Kramaric <damir_tennis@hotmail.com>

Subject: Re: a question


October 29, 2001 12:40 AM


I remember you.

I can't guarantee a site is fundamental.

You can check my Hot Links page http://www.domaintrader2000.com/hotlink5.htm

Scroll down to Religion

If you want any help on studying or teaching the Bible let me know.

I have written my own commentaries on several books of the Bible. I could email one or more if you are interested.

Below is chapter one of I John.

Chapter 1


(1.1-4) What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we beheld and our hands touched, concerning the Word of life, and the life was manifested, and we have seen and bear witness, and announce to you the eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us. What we have seen and we have heard, we announce to you in order that you may also have fellowship with us. Indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son YAHSHUA Mashiyach. These things we write in order that our joy may be fulfilled.

(1.1) What was from the beginning is YAHSHUA. He was in the beginning with YAHWEH and He is YAHWEH, the second person of the Holy Trinity (Yoch 1.1). The entire universe was created through Him (Yoch 1.3; Col 1.16) by YAHWEH and the HOLY SPIRIT. They worked together to create the universe and Earth (Gen 1.1,2).

The disciples testified that they heard and saw YAHSHUA (Acts 4.13,20) and that He is the Son of YAHWEH, the Mashiyach. There is nothing better than an eye witness account and that is what Yochanan is emphasizing. The books of the New Testament which were written by eye witnesses of YAHSHUA are: the Gospels according to Leviy, Markos and Yochanan; the letters of Yaaqob, Keph, Yahudah and Yochanan; and the Revelation of YAHSHUA. These books have more weight to the unsaved than those written by Dr. Loukas and Paulos who wrote second hand accounts. To believers every book in the Bible is of equal weight because we understand they were written by YAHWEH through men inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT (2 Keph 1.21).

YAHSHUA is the Word of Life--the living Word of YAHWEH (Yoch 1.1,4,14). Everything He spoke came from the Father (Yoch 7.16; 8.28; 12.49,50; 14.10,24) and everything He did was of His Father's will (Yoch 5.19,30; 14.21).

(1.2) The Word of Life, YAHSHUA of Nazareth, was manifested (revealed) to mankind and the Apostles saw Him and bear witness that He is the eternal life (Yoch 10.28; 17.2; I Yoch 5.11,12,20) who came from the Father, YAHWEH, (Yoch 8.42; 13.3; 16.27,28,30; 17.8).

YAHSHUA is the only person to ever claim to be the Son of YAHWEH who came from the Father, the creator of the universe. He is the only one to ever claim to be the Eternal Father Himself (2 Yahshua 9.6; Yoch 10.30) and the only one who can give eternal life to man (Yoch 10.28; 11.25,26; 17.2).

(1.3) The Apostles declared that YAHSHUA, who they lived with for three and a half years, is the Son of YAHWEH, the expected Mashiyach who died for the sins of the elect (Yoch 3.16) so other believers would have fellowship with them, YAHSHUA and His Father (Yoch 17.21).

(1.4) The disciples wrote their letters and biographies of YAHSHUA because they were moved by the HOLY SPIRIT (2 Keph 1.21), but also so their joy may be complete. Any preacher or teacher of the Scriptures knows how much joy it brings them when people are encouraged, edified and strengthened by their teaching, preaching and their writings. Most preachers, teachers and theologians receive their greatest reward and joy from knowing they are helping others grow in the Lord.

Some do it for the fame and fortune, but the rest do their work for their love of the Lord and the brethren. They appreciate it when those they feed thank them. If you haven't thanked your bishop(s) and teachers do it. They need the encouragement.


(1.5-10) And this is the message which we have heard from Him and announce to you: YAHWEH is light and in Him there is no darkness. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and we walk in the darkness we lie and are not doing the truth. But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with each other and the blood of YAHSHUA His Son cleanses us from all sin.

If we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned we make Him a liar and His Word is not in us.

(1.5) The message that the Apostles gave to the world as commissioned by YAHSHUA was that YAHWEH is light (Yochanan 1.4-8; 3.19; 8.12; 9.5; 12.35,46; Apok 21.23) and there is no darkness in Him. Light is symbolic of purity and an absence of sin while darkness is symbolic of sin.

YAHWEH/YAHSHUA is light, the Father of lights (Yaaqob 1.17), and the creator of light (Gen 1.3), who dwells in light that is so pure that it is unapproachable (I Tim 6.16). He will be the light of the Eternal Kingdom (Apok 21.23; 22.5). The light that proceeds from Him will be so great the Earth will have no need for light from the sun. We don't know if there will be a local sun, but there apparently will be stars in the new universe (Apok 21.1). It is possible that the mortal residents of the Millennial Kingdom may travel the heavens during that kingdom and establish colonies on other planets made specifically by YAHWEH for colonization, but we can't be certain.

If YAHWEH has prepared other planets for colonization during the Millennial Kingdom it is possible the mortals of the Millennial Kingdom will continue to live there in immortal bodies and visit Earth and the New Yerushalom periodically. Travel will be instantaneous so people living billions of light years away from Earth would be able to travel back and forth on a daily basis. This is all speculation and should not be used to create some bizarre doctrine or a cult.

(1.6) Any believer who claims to be in fellowship with YAHSHUA, but does not walk in the light (obey Him - do His will) is lying. If someone truly believes he can be in fellowship with YAHSHUA and not do His will He has deceived himself.

It is impossible to be in fellowship with YAHSHUA and not practice the truth. You can only serve YAHWEH or Mammon. You cannot serve two masters (Leviy 7.24).

(1.7) The only way to have fellowship with the brethren is to have fellowship with YAHSHUA, to do His will. When you walk in the light--keep YAHWEH'S commandments--just as YAHSHUA did you will abide in the love of the Father as He did (Yoch 15.10). It is impossible to have true fellowship with the brethren if you do not keep the YAHWEH'S commandments.

The reason virtually no local assembly in America has true fellowship is that very few believers are walking in the light, fellowshipping with YAHSHUA, keeping YAHWEH'S commandments. The vast majority of believers are in a backslidden condition. Only a handful of local assemblies in America have a positive impact on the country and are actively serving YAHWEH. Most local assemblies are in a worse condition than the assembly at Laodikeia (Apok 3.14-22).

This is to be expected since it was prophesied about more than 1,900 years ago. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths" (2 Timothy 4.4,5).

(1.8) All believers sin every day of our lives until we die. We sin so often we are not aware of most of our sins and we are so accustomed to sinning we accept much of it as normal behavior. Remember what YAHSHUA said about sin in His sermon on the mount as recorded by Leviy. Lusting in your heart is a sin (5.28) along with being angry with a brother (5.22) and divorce (5.32). It is also a sin to make a vow (5.34) and to take vengence (5.38-42). Not loving your enemies is a sin (5.43-47) and not being perfect in everything you do is a sin (5.48).

It is impossible for any believer to live a sinless life and those who teach that they can are contradicting the Scriptures. This passage makes it perfectly clear that anyone who says they "have no sin" is not saved. Yes, they are not saved. The phrase "the truth is not in us" means you are not saved. YAHSHUA is the truth who lives in us (Yoch 14.6; 23). He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of YAHWEH does not have the life (5.12).

(1.9) When we confess our sins to YAHSHUA we can be assured that He will always forgive them and to cleanse us from them. This is not the forgiveness and cleansing of the atonement. This refers to forgiveness and cleansing for fellowship.

When we trust YAHSHUA of Nazareth to save us He cleanses us and forgives us of all sin, past, present and future. We are redeemed, baptized by the HOLY SPIRIT into YAHSHUA Mashiyach (Rom 6.3) and sealed by the HOLY SPIRIT (Eph 1.13; 4.30). We cannot lose our salvation even when we sin, no matter how horrendous it is. And every sin we commit after we are saved has already been forgiven and cleansed. Our sins were cleansed in 33 A.D. when YAHSHUA took them upon Himself becoming sin for us (2 Cor 5.21).

Since all of our sins have already been cleansed by the precious blood of YAHSHUA (I Keph 1.19; Apok 1.5) it is impossible for us to lose our salvation.

The cleansing here is not positional, but experiential. YAHSHUA cleanses our minds of our desire to sin through His Word (Eph 5.26). This is why we must hear, read, study, memorize and meditate on His Word every day. The more time we spend in His Word the less time we have to sin and the more our minds are cleansed.

YAHSHUA does not wave a magic wand to cleanse us of our sins. He uses His Word and if we do not spend time in it He cannot cleanse us. This is a promise which is conditional. It is based on our action of confessing and being in His Word.

(1.10) The fact that all men, women and children on Earth are sinners is emphasized for a second time in a short space. Anyone, whether they are born anew or not is a sinner and sins every day of their life. No one can say they are without sin (Rom 3.10) and those who do are calling YAHWEH a liar. They are blaspheming the Creator of the universe which is a serious mistake.

YAHWEH, the Father, YAHSHUA, the Son, and the HOLY SPIRIT, the three persons of the Trinity, cannot lie. It is impossible for Him to lie (Ibriy 6.18) or commit any kind of sin (Ibriy 4.15; I Keph 2.22; I Yochanan 3.5). It is against the divine nature of YAHWEH to sin. He couldn't sin even if He wanted to and He will never want to because it is foreign to His nature.

When YAHSHUA lived in a flesh body He could not sin even though He was tempted just as we are. He couldn't sin because He still retained 100 percent of His divine nature. He was 100 percent YAHWEH and 100 percent man. He was the Son of YAHWEH and the Son of Man.


 October 24, 2001

Hello DOV.

I am writting from Croatia.This is my second time to write to you.

Would you be so kind to point me to some real good fundamental web pages on  the net.

I've been a member of Calvary Chapel for a number of years, but I'm stepping  out of it because I'm tired of hipocrisy. God is calling me to start something new. Something humble and simple. I want to go back to basics.

Just to teach the word the way it is written.I want the Lord to be in our focus as a church, not man or man made programs.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




I remember you.

I can't guarantee a site is fundamental.

You can check my Hot Links page http://www.domaintrader2000.com/hotlink5.htm

Scroll down to Religion

If you want any help on studying or teaching the Bible let me know.

I have written my own commentaries on several books of the Bible. I could email one or more if you are interested.



October 11, 2001

dov...first off no one said you had to respond to everything. that is a decision you made by your self. you dont have to have the last word. again, i am no edomite. (i am mostly german tho, mixed with just about everything else. so i guess that makes me just a plain old american!) you seem to me to come off as an elitist who places his significance and value in worthless things such as racial stock, or in your case, fringe and dubiously questionable religious beliefs. you most certainly think you are superior to everyone else. one of my professors said people like you have extreme insecurities. it must be a functional penis thing, or nonfunctional penis thing in your case. you certainly are a know it all. we could have been friends. to think i actually apologized to you, sincerely! ... now, i could have called you an uncircumcised philistine, i didn't. i could have called you an incestuous moabite and ammonite. i didn't. i could have even placed you within the ranks of one from sodom and gommorah, god forbid! i didn't, and we all know what scripture says about the decendents of ismael don't we? you are a true ass of a man aren't you? (i hesitate to call you a man) i didn't say it, scripture did! you don't have many friends and i can certainly see why. PLEASE don't respond, as i will immediately trash any message from you without even wasting my time to read it. tsk tsk tsk, you are a schmuck!


I did NOT NOT NOT call you an Edomite to slander you or use it as a racial slur. I simply identified your ancestry. If you have any Sephardim blood in you you are an Edomite. If you have any Ashkenazi blood in you then you are an Ashkenazi Khazar Russian. This is called a FACT.

Please, STOP calling me names because you will be held accountable for it by YAHWEH Elohim! I do NOT want you to suffer loss of reward, if you are born from above, or harsher judgment if you are not saved.

If you have any constructive criticism I would be overjoyed to hear it.

If you can't control your temper eliminate my email from your comp.



October 09, 2001

an edomite!? isn't that name calling? ??? what another insult! first i'm a woman, now i'm an edomite. at the onset i was stupid and didn't know anything about the sacred word of YHWH Elohim.... hmmm, sounds like name calling to me. oh well, i engaged in it as well. i apologize, please forgive me. (i am passionate tho.) i am part irish - scottish - english - german - dutch - jewish (ancestral, hebrew, original jewish; so it's in my blood!) yeah, so by the grace of god, i'm a trail mix. (ha ha ha ) i have an iq of 130 -140, so i'm a smart one, by gods grace too. oh yeah, lemme correct something..... a "schmuck" is about 94% jerk and 6% doofus. a "putz" is about 97% doofus and 3% jerk! ( just a little correction there.) oh yeah, and a chazyir is 100% pig...

look dov...nobody has perfect theology/doctrine or eschatology. when we make those things salvific in their constructs, we add to the cross of yeshua, or jesus as i prefer to call him. i'm a pan - millennialist. i believe it will all pan out in the end. (ha ha ha ) i agree with you on your assessment of this "new world order" nonsense. if it ever comes to the taking up of arms to defend our blessed constitutional rights as intended by the founding fathers and inspired by god, i will do so! !!! feminism is of the devil and full of the spirit of antichrist, quite literally! so i'm no fembot! your insights on the feasts and festivals is interesting. it's not the first time i've heard of it. worth serious consideration. i disagree with you on the pentecostal - charismatic movement. i do believe that it was from god originally, but somehow, most of it got sidetracted tho. i met jesus, thru the holy spirit in a fundamental pentecostal church. (i'll be honest, i'm not where i should be in the LORD, i'm such a sinner!) bla...bla...bla.... are you Ismaelitish in origin? just curious............. not that there is anything wrong with that, so don't take offence. oh yeah, martin luther had some real interesting theological concepts regarding the depravity of human will in the reception phase of initial salvation. ever read "bondage of the will"? eye opening to say the least!


I do NOT have time to respond to everything. If you are a Sephardim Jew you are an Edomite. For documentation read the article at -- http://www.domaintrader2000.com/dov-jews.htm


October 08, 2001


PUTZ! da - bib is a jewish slang for david. oh yeah i'm part jewish, so what? (my wife's name is debbie, and she is innocent of any of this crap you and i are involved in, so you'll leave her out if your any kind of a real man!) what an insult! YOU CALLED ME A WOMAN!!? boy, thats rich...you can't even tell a man from a woman. 'round here, thems fightin' words!....... Now, go back and read your own swill. you comdemn more folks to hell than mcdonalds's got french fries. you do! you would include me in your shit list too !!! you are no reporter! you just got an axe to grind! lose your patience with me ???? what you gonna do birdbrain ? smite me? you gotta be from california, land of the fruit and nuts! schmuck is what we call a "dooffus", that is, 2 shakes above a moron, and a chazyir is just a plain ol' hog. look, this is a free country. believe what you want. hell, i probably even agree with you on some things. make a deal with you. i won't insult you if you don't insult me. you wanna dialogue?, i'll listen to what you got to say, but you gotta listen to me as well. i'm no dummy so don't patronize or belittle me, or else..... deal? i won't cuss you no more either, ok?


I should have figured you were an Edomite from your hysterical behavior.

If you have a specific criticism stick with it. Try not to slander me. I have NOT and NEVER will call you or anyone a name. I didn't know your sex and by your level of hysterical writing I assumed you were a fembot.

In the blessed LOVE of YAHSHUA,


October 08, 2001

dov... you wouldn't know true love if it bit you in the butt! (by the way, it's YESHUA; yahshua is incorrect and YAHWEH should be left as YHWH, since the vowel additives are at best a theory and only that...) your emptyheadedness is glaringly obvious in your unintelligent conclusion that i don't know the Word of God. at best your web site is nothing more than some souped up cottage industry that no one but you and your own support, or are interested in. you are behaving like a SCHMUCK. you may know theology, you may know sacred scripture, you may even know religion, but YHWH YESHUA you don't know. YESHUA would not condemn these men you disagree with. I don't agree with many of them either, but i'm not arrogant enough to consign them to damnation. you are. only YESHUA has that right. (and you are no apostle either, so do not try to sell that one on me...) you do not have be such a CHAZIYR! i suppose you will, no doubt, e-mail me again as you seem to me to be a last word freak. do so, then our correspodence is finished. DA-BIB OUT! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


From your tone it appears you are a woman. Therefore I will not bother to correct you concerning the spelling of the name of YHSH and YHWH. You are wrong in your spelling.

You claim I damn the men to Hell on my web site. Please show me where I do that.

Try to show some love when you reply. Only a minion of the devil would slander, ridicule, mock and condemn someone she has never met or knows zip about.

Remember, I do NOT condemn the men and women on my web site. I expose their false teachings and false prophecies. A few have been caught in immoral and unspiritual behavior. All I do is report it. According to you every reporter in the world who reported something negative about someone is guilty of damning them. That's heavy!

If you do NOT desire to dialogue in a loving manner don't! My patience with you is growing weak.

What do the words schmuck and chazyir mean? I have a Jewish slang book. I just want to know if you know.

In the Everlasting LOVE of YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach


October 07, 2001

well dov... i'm not the one who spent page after page condemning leader after leader as heretics and/or apostates. YOU damn yourself with your mouth. YOU don't know these people, yet YOU condemn them. YOU make Christ out to be the great Cosmic Horror and consign everyone to the eternal tortures of hell for not swallowing your doctrinal/ theological swill. nope, YOU are the one who isn't too bright. YOU are the one with the proverbial axe to grind. clean up your backyard first asshole!



It's apparent you are NOT born from above and know virtually NOTHING about Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim!

If you desire to condemn yourself continue to slander me and YAHWEH Elohim.

If you desire to be saved and know the TRUTH, which can set you free (Yochanan 8.32), contact a real Messianic Faith bishop (Pastor) and ask him to teach the Bible to you. It is obvious you are incapable of studying the Scriptures on your own.

In the Eternal LOVE of YAHSHUA,


October 04, 2001

Pray for 'em dov! Looks like its you, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God! Ain't no room in heaven for anyone else! Looks like we're all shit out of luck! Rats! Luv, Tungo... See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thanks for judging and damning me! It looks like you believe you are the ultimate authority and it will only be you and the Trinity in Heaven.

Not too bright are you?

Next time make a specific criticism so I can be edified.

In the total LOVE of YAHSHUA,



JULY 2001

July 26, 2001

Dear Friend,

According to your teaching, I'm not Born Again. Wow. What a let down. What ever it is that has taken place in my life certainly has raught a change in my life, however. Maybe it's not salvation by Grace through Faith after all. Well whatever case seeing as I'm saved I can't call you brother, so goodbye.



Why bother to write if you do not want a response. Did you intend to make me feel badly?

Please explain what I wrote that makes you think you are not born from above in my eyes.

Also share why you believe you are saved.

Thank you for your concern,






26 February 2001

I want to apologize for nature of the e-mail I sent you. I stumbled onto your web site and in the heat of the moment I decide to tell you a thing or two. I have never heard any body call Mr. Harold Camping a false prophet before and my first reaction was to defended that which I believed in. Since the first e-mail I sent you, I have searched the internet for web pages concerning Harold Camping. To my displeasing I found many sites about Mr. Camping, the majority of them had negative things to say about him. One in which the writer wrote "Harold Camping's listeners call in and ask

questions receive an answer and take that as gospel without researching the scriptures. I have found my self doing this. Instead of looking up an answer to a question in the Bible, I listen to Mr. Camping and wait for a caller to ask the question I had in mind and when he or she receives an answer I would take that as Gospel without putting it to the test against the Bible.

I can see from what you have done with your web site and with your reply to my e-mail, that you are much better acquainted with what the scriptures say than I am. It would be foolish of me to try to refute what you have written. I want to apologize for slandering you with my comment "I guess Satan always has a scheme to try to stop that from happening" lest I find my self fighting against God.

Maybe stumbling on your site was not an accident. Maybe the Lord through his spirit lead me to it, this I don't know. But what I do know is that the Lord has shown me that his ultimate authority is his word not Mr. Camping's or yours or any bible teacher or someone who claims to know the truth, but the Bible. You have motivated me to search the scriptures for what the Bible teaches. The fact is that I don't know where to find half of the scriptures references you gave me, Iv never heard of (2 keph) or (I Yochanan) you must be using a different language of the scriptures.

I hope that you will accept my apology and that this whole thing has not been a big waste of time for you.

Thank you for your precious time.


I heartily accept your apology and I must praise you for your great desire to search out the Truth. You are the first person I have dialogued with via the Net that truly wants to know the Truth.

I also applaud your honesty concerning your knowledge of the Scriptures. Most people think they know it all. When I was 18 I thought I knew it all and told people. I was a bit foolish. Now I know better. I know a lot, but I have a great, great deal more to learn as does everyone. I feel sorry for these famous preachers who think they know it all and will not examine any of their doctrines or teachings.

I believed the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine from childhood because that is what the local assembly I was reared in taught. It was not until I was 40 that the HOLY SPIRIT prompted me to write my own commentaries on all of the major prophetic passages in the New Testament that He opened my eyes. It wasn't until I got to 2 Thes. 2 that my eyes were opened. My eyes remaind shut even after completing the books of Revelation and I Thessalonians and the Olivet Discourse. The HOLY SPIRIT opens your eyes concerning His Truth when He chooses. I am glad He finally opened my eyes concerning that damnable doctrine. To know what I now believe concerning the Rapture go to -- http://www.domaintrader2000.com/dov-eschat.htm

I must apologize for not explaining that I use the Ibriy (Hebrew) and Yavan (Greek) words for proper names. I usually put the English transliteration in parenthesis as so I Keph (Peter) and Yochanan (John). I will try to remember to do this as I correspond with you and all others. I need to put a page on my site that gives the Ibriy/Yavan/English proper names. Others have had the same problem. I am so short of time I keep putting it off.

I am interested in knowing the URLs of the web sites you found concerning Mr. Camping. Please forward them if you still have them. If you don't I will plug his name into a search engine.

Don't worry about making personal attacks on people -- I have doen the same and still do on occasion when I get good and angry.

If you think my refutation of Mr. Camping is not Biblical feel free to say so and explain as best you can. This is how we learn.

I'm glad you see the folly of taking Bible teachers at their word without checking with the Word of YAHWEH Elohim. Virtually everyone I know does this. I have a close friend who changes his position on doctrines every time he hears someone teach something different. It's incredible! It's as if the last person he hears is always right. It is also very sad for he is like a wave that is tossed to and frow by every false doctrine (Yaaqob-James 1.6).

I am certain the Lord had you stumble across my web sites to motivate you to study the Scriptures more (Acts 17.11) and to question what everyone says and writes -- that includes me.

Continue to search the Scriptures as often as possible to see if these things I teach are true (Acts 17.11) and to prove yourself to be a "workman who does NOT need to be ashamed, handling accurately the Word of Truth" (2 Tim. 2.15).


(Psalm 119.97-99)

(2 Keph-Peter 3.18)


23 February 2001 -- Harold Camping


Darian Medeiros.

I read through your page on Harold Camping.  I really think that you are misunderstanding what he meant when he wrote 1994?.  Notice the question mark after the date.  He new full well what he was doing and purposely put that question mark on the title, indicating that he is human and might not be right.  Harold Camping did a very though investigation of the scriptures when he wrote that book.  I don't know if he really said that no one could be saved after that date, all I have is your word on
that.  But if 1994 were the last year he would have been right.  He wrote a book called "When is the Rapture" I think it would do you well to grab your bible and investigate that book. You might actually learn something instead of just pointing fingers at people who don't agree with your misunderstandings of scripture.  Harold Camping has proven time and time again that the bible does have 3 interpolations, the spiritual meaning where the gospel is shown, the moral meaning and
historical fact.  You should tune into family radio total listener supported ministry trying to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.  I guess Satan always has a scheme to try to stop that from

I will pray to the Lord that you may learn to humble your self.


I understand your deep desire to be loyal to a man you believe teaches the Scriptures more accurately than anyone else in the world, but misplaced loyalties often lead to heartache, violence, death and wars.  Look at the myriad examples throughout history of what happened when people remaind loyal to genocidal maniacs like Nimrod, Atilla the Hun, Herod, the Caesars, the Roman Catholic Corporation bosses, Ghengis Khan, Napoleon, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Churchill, Frank Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, R. Wilson Reagan, George "Poppy" Bush and Bill Clinton.  I am not saying that Mr. Camping is in the league as these genocidal maniacs, but if he is
preaching a false gospel and teaching heresy he is leading people straight into Hell!

If you think my refutation of Mr. Camping's teachings are NOT Scriptural please refute my refutation.  Prove to me from the Scriptures that I am wrong.  Just saying Mr. Camping is right and I am wrong is a waste of time. I cannot respect you if all you can do is say I don't understand Scripture and you slander me by inferring that the devil is using me to stop the work of Mr. Camping.

Please study the myriad works I have posted on my web site and refute them. If you cannot refute them it proves you are NOT a "workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the Word of Truth" (2 Tim. 2.15).


You may want to examine the pages I have posted in which I refute other false teachers.









I know that I could show Mr. Camping from the Scriptures that he misunderstands numerous passages and doctrines if I could sit down with him. He will not sit down with me because he thinks he is right.  Any man who refuses to dialogue with anyone and everyone who thinks he is teaching false doctrines is NOT walking in the SPIRIT (Gal. 5.16,25)!   There are NO exceptions!  All true believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach are commanded to "make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account of the hope that is in you" (2 Keph 23.15).  We are NOT commanded to make a defense to those who call in to our radio show or those we want to.   We are commanded to dialogue with EVERYONE who wants to!

I answer everyone who e-mails me and I continue to respond until they quit. Every so-called "big shot" preacher and Bible teacher in the world is obligated to do the same.  If they are overloaded with requests they can send out pre-written answers to specific questions.  It isn't that

From what I have seen and heard from Mr. Camping I know he is NOT walking in the SPIRIT and he is NOT being taught by the HOLY SPIRIT (I Yochanan 2.20,27).

I will continue to refute Mr. Camping and other false teachers for I have been commanded to do just that (2 Tim. 4.2; Tit. 1.13; 2.15;).



26 February 2001


Thanks for the reminder. I will try to expedite this. I appreciate your persistence and interest to have me consider your views. In one way I consider that desire to be a matter which may presume your belief in my honest appraisal and open-minded assessment of what I find to be accurate, and I appreciate that trust which you've invested. That is a trait which I guard jealously and I shall do my best to give all your points a fair hearing. Also I thank you for your patience. I know that as we each have committed ourselves to the will of God, even so we may not have every detail in the best of light and need each other to point out areas which may need attention. As I open myself up to perhaps painful and objectionable inferences, I ask you also to honestly reassess your perspectives and 're-prove' to yourself that which you hold as true understandings of the Word of God.

To begin, I don't want to mislead you to believe that I take the stand that the KJAV, 1611 or other, to be an absolute and infallible representation of what we have been given from the originating written sources which have come from our God. The KJAV is a translation, and while I hold it as a remarkable one, and that it is the best one for the English language, I also accommodate the realization that its dated language, even from the 1800's updates, is still not in step with current usage and that there are words used which fall entirely out of our common usage of them. 'Fear' is one good example. 'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom' does not mean that we should be afraid of God, but that we should respect Him. I am certain that you know this and perhaps many other such examples, so I will leave this here.

Another problem is one of words which had wider usage than now. There are places which identify a candle or lampstand which might not have literally been. Easton's Bible Dictionary says of Job 18:6 "The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, and his candle shall be put out with him."

"Heb. ner, Job 18:6; 29:3; Ps. 18:28; Prov. 24:20, in all which places the Revised Version and margin of Authorized Version have "lamp," by which the word is elsewhere frequently rendered. The Hebrew word denotes properly any kind of candle or lamp or torch. It is used as a figure of conscience (Prov. 20:27), of a Christian example (Matt. 5:14, 15), and of prosperity (Job 21:17; Prov. 13:9)."

Clearly, the KJAV does not any longer represent that distinction fairly to us. Other areas are as in the separate Greek words used for 'love', which are combined into but one word for us. This is just one such example of this situation and such problems are indeed weaknesses which should be dealt with to improve the text. Contrarily, and in accord with Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and other scholars, I would say that there are no doctrinal errors evident in the KJAV and that there is never any reason to depend on the presumptuous attitude of a student of Greek or Hebrew in order to come to a 'better' understanding of the central doctrines of Christianity. Such redactory efforts are prone to error themselves and are wholly unnecessary.



1. Is the 1611 King James translation Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: No, as above.

2. Are all editions of the King James translation Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: No, as above.

3. Is there a single difference in any edition?

Answer: Yes there are differences of language adaptation. 1611 is not any longer in common use.

4. If there is a difference can they all be infallible?

Answer: No

5. Which edition is infallible?

Answer: None

6. Is the Textus Receptus Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: Probably not entirely perfect. It is a copy and it may contain some error, but I believe there is none doctrinally pertinent.  Why do you say 'Thee' and not 'The'?

7. Is the Masoretic text Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: Probably not entirely perfect. It is a copy and it may contain some error, but I believe there is none doctrinally pertinent.

8. Is the Luther translation Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: I would say no, but I am not very familiar with it.

9. Are there any variations among these four works?

Answer: Quite likely, but I will not be dogmatic due to previous reasons in #6, 7, &8.

10. If there are any differences which Bible is Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: We do not have the originals. No one has them. They no longer exist. The best we have are copies and translations of the originals.  It is through a plethora of agreeable copies and translations that we have a Bible which combines the best sources. Please note that I do not necessarily credit the oldest manuscripts as the best. If they don't agree with the massive majority then they are likely redacted and biased copies.

11. If the KJ translation and the Textus Receptus are Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim why did They wait so long to give the world Their Infallible Word?

Answer: I'm not certain who 'they' are. The KJAV scholars had no influence over the copying, development, or distribution of the Textus Receptus. They only had control over the translation of it into 1611 English. See introductory comments on infallibility question.

12. How could believers be certain of their doctrines prior to 1611?

Answer: Other Bibles of note following the same formula were of Calvinistic and Lutherian origins, but none of these had the resources to amass so much of the source manuscripts to enable the kind of comparisons which were necessary to arrive at the conclusive results gained by the 1611 Scholars. The 'Bibles' of Catholics were tainted by such like Origen, Jerome, and the Papacy, and were often not even available to the common person of most societies, being maintained in Latin or some other non-local language.

13. What translation could they use?

Answer: To varying degrees over Catholic sources, Geneva Bible, Bishop, Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc.

14. Since YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach said Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim abides forever where did it abide and in what form before 1516 or 1611?

Answer: Previous to these, the majority of it was in manuscript copies and translations in various languages. It abides forever, whether we preserve the record as he gave it or not, but he does promise to represent himself 'to all generations'.

15. Was the inclusion of the Apocrypha in the 1611 edition of the King James translation a sin of adding to Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim (Revelation 22.18)?

Answer: I am unaware of Apocrypha in any KJAV translation. The decision to leave them out was due to a consensus that these spiritual and uplifting stories would overburden the purpose to provide a central canon to the common man and would make it unwieldy and much less portable. The addition and deletion warnings were to the text itself, and the 'inspired' works were identified by their specifications by Christ and others he had entrusted. I do believe the books chosen were selected for the best reasons and using the best methods in order to limit the size of the collection to that which would be most reasonable to expect the common man to use.

16. Was the substitution of "the LORD" for the Holy, Precious name of YHWH divinely directed?

Answer: Reference please. Of 5911 occurrences, from Gen. 2:4, Easton's remarks in part, "(1.) Heb. Jehovah, has been rendered in the English Bible LORD, printed in small capitals. This is the proper name of the God of the Hebrews. The form "Jehovah" is retained only in Ex. 6:3; Ps. 83:18; Isa. 12:2; 26:4, both in the Authorized and the Revised Version."

17. Was the substitution of "the LORD" for the Holy, Precious name of YHWH a sin of taking away from Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: I believe not, given the identical meaning.

18. Was the substitution of "God" (the singular title of the Trinity) for "Elohim" (the plural title of the Trinity) divinely inspired?

Answer: Easton's in part has this to say; " (A.S. and Dutch God; Dan. Gud; Ger. Gott), the name of the Divine Being. It is the rendering (1) of the Hebrew 'El, from a word meaning to be strong; (2) of 'Eloah, plural 'Elohim. The singular form, Eloah, is used only in poetry. The plural form is more commonly used in all parts of the Bible, The Hebrew word Jehovah (q.v.), the only other word generally employed to denote the Supreme Being, is uniformly rendered in the Authorized Version by "LORD," printed in small capitals...." i.e. I think there is no difficulty here as we are talking about an equivalent effect of translation. It is divinely inspired because there has been no change in meaning. The primary meaning and translation are harmonious.

19. Was the substitution of "God" (the singular title of the Trinity) for "Elohim" (the plural title of the Trinity) a sin of adding to and taking away from Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: As used, 'God' does appear to include the plural characteristic. No sin is evident as no modification is evident.

20. Is the Textus Receptus correct in Acts 12.4 or is the KJ translation correct?

Answer: The context of the question is not clear, but I will assume the concern is on the use of 'Easter' vs. 'Passover'. Easton's notes; " originally a Saxon word (Eostre), denoting a goddess of the Saxons, in honour of whom sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover. Hence the name came to be given to the festival of the Resurrection of Christ, which occurred at the time of the Passover. In the early English versions this word was frequently used as the translation of the Greek pascha (the Passover). When the Authorized Version (1611) was formed, the word "passover" was used in all passages in which this word pascha occurred, except in Act 12:4. In the Revised Version the proper word, "passover," is always used." Clearly there was no Christian 'Easter' at the time of the event and it does seem that the translators should have followed their near-universal habit in this place also.

21. Was Deuteronomy 6.4 translated correctly by the KJ translators?

Answer: Context unknown. Please specify.

22. Did the KJ translators alter the meaning of certain passages by adding words (in italics) that are not found in the Textus Receptus?

Answer: Yes. The italicized words do clarify, and in some cases alter the meaning of given passages. I recommend reading without them and if necessary putting them in only after failing to arrive at a logical and reasonable understanding.

23. Did the KJ translators add to Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim by adding words to the text that are not necessary to make the text read smoothly?

Answer: Other than the italicized words, I am unaware of any.

24. Was the addition of "unknown" in I Korinthians chapter 14 a serious error that led to a false doctrine concerning the charisma gifts of speaking a known language which one does not know. Did it help create a cult movement (pentecostal/charismatic movement)?

Answer: Only for those who wish to find what they want and ignore that which is contrary. The italicized word is only part of the problem. Ref. 1 Corinthians 14:19 "Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an [unknown] tongue."

25. Are the KJ translators responsible for the eternal torture of millions of people in the Lake of Fire who were confused and deceived by a faulty translation and who believed the false Gospel of the pentimatics?

Answer: I am not aware of the term 'pentimatics'. A couple internet searches turned up nothing on it.

26. Did the King James translators claim their translation is infallible?

Answer: I have no reference to the claims of the translators.

27. If they did not how can you or any man make a claim for them?

Answer: Such would seem to be odd, and yet Paul himself claimed no honor in speaking for God, but only being a tool. He was certainly divinely inspired. I will reserve my response for better information.

28. Are those who claim the King James translation is Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim speaking for YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: The problems in KJAV are the least of the English works available, and certainly hold Christ Jesus in the highest regard which can be reasonably founded upon dependable manuscripts. Claims of 'perfection' and 'Infallibility' are foolish since the texts involved are likely based upon the abilities of fallible and uninspired mankind, but this text is the one which is the most faithful to that which is most critical. 1 Timothy 1:4 "Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do." 2 Timothy 2:23 "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes." Titus 3:9 "But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain."

29. Are these men inspired to make this claim?

Answer: Clearly not. Godly men perhaps, but not divinely inspired, as were the disciples.

30. Can any born from above believer in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth Thee Mashiyach, who is walking in the HOLY SPIRIT (Gal. 5.16,25) and being taught by the HOLY SPIRIT (I Yochanan 2.20,27), defend the KJ translation as Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer: Obviously not.

31. Do you still believe the King James translation is Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim?

Answer. Never did. Only the best available.


The KJV Challenge is designed for the cultists who believe the KJV is Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim. No one else need take it.

Thanks for taking it because you helped me see that I need to make things clearer.

I am surprised that you did not know the Apocrypha was included in the 1611 edition and was considered Scripture by the translators.

The translators did NOT claim their work was infallible as the KJV cultists do today.

It is absurd and laughable that the KJV cultists fight to the death for the idea that the KJV is infallible. One group refused to let me run an ad in their newsletter because I did not believe the KJV is infallible. That group and many others will not fellowship with people unless they believe the KJV is infallible.

I am also surprised that you do not understand the gravity of substituting "the LORD" for YHWH. That is a sin far worse than murder, rape, stealing, lying etc. The KJ translators stole the Holy, Precious Name of the Creators of the Cosmos from the English people. By substituting "Jehovah" for "YHWH" in the four places they decided not to use "the LORD" they still did a grave disservice to the English people. "Jehovah" is NOT the Ibriy name of the Creators -- Father, Son, HOLY SPIRIT! It is a transliteration of Their Name. There is NO "J" in the Ibriy language!

"God" is not plural in any situation. Everyone understands "God" to be singular and "Gods" to be plural. Elohim MUST be translated "Gods" every time. If you don't understand this have anyone you know translate a passage with "the Lord" and "God" in it and see if they translate it as YHWH and "Gods." No one will unless they are an Ibriy scholar and most of them won't get it right.

You need to ask yourself why the KJ translators stuck "Easter" in the text when they had NO reason to do so. I know why they did and it isn't pretty. Meditate on it and see if you can find the answer.

Do a translation of Deut. 6.4 using the proper name for "the Lord" and the plural "Gods" for Elohim and you will realize that it says something different than the traditional mantra of "One God revealed in three persons." It is a real eye opener.

The NASB is far more accurate than the KJV, but it has the same problem of expunging Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim which is unacceptable!

There are some Bibles that put YAHWEH back in the text. As of today the most accurate translation is the DOV translation. It is a work in progress and will not be completed for many years.

Inserting italicized words to make a translation read easier is necessary in a few places, but the KJ translators inserted far too many and changed the meaning of hundreds of passages. I hope to catalog every passage they changed and show how they added to Thee Infallible, Holy Word of YAHWEH Elohim in violation to the strict warning not to do this (Rev. 22.18)!

The insertion of "unknown" in I Korinthians 14 is the only reason the Pentecostal/charismatic movement was able to survive. That satanic movement would have died soon after it was given birth by the devil had it not been for the KJ translators crime of inserting "unknown" into the text. The Pentimatics (Pentecostals/charismatics) defend their nonsense primarily with the KJV and "unknown." When you can get one of them to listen to reason they eventually admit "unknown" is NOT Scripture and the charisma gift of speaking a known language which one does NOT know and interpreting a known language which one does NOT know is rarely used. Instead they claim there is a gift of speaking an unknown language in prayer (I Kor. 14.2,14,15,18) and defend their practice in this way. They fail to understand that the charisma gifts were given as a proof that the Apostles had believed in the correct Mashiyach and those gifts were NOT given once the Assembly was established.

The KJ translators did NOT claim their work was infallible and anyone who dares to do this is speaking for them and for YAHWEH Elohim! These brave men must believe they are divinely inspired to do so. Making this claim is equivalent to claiming to be under divine inspiration as the Old Testament prophets were.

Thanks for taking the challenge even though it is not meant for you. I suggest you study the Bible using a NASB, interlinear, Strong's and a word study book. Don't rely solely on the KJV.



February 19, 2001

While I agree with much of the content of your web site, I could not find much about what you stand for what you believe.  Do you have a statement of faith posted? 


Yes I do.  There is a link to it on the front page of DOV Ministries.


Feed back is appreciated.



February 12, 2001 -- Subject: pastor


What do you think about the office of a pastor?

Are men fulfilling this role properly today?




I know of NO man in America or the world who knows what his duties are much less is fulfilling them.

For a detailed study of the requirements and duties of a bishop (pastor, elder, overseer) go to


Even though there is NOT a single man who is a true bishop in America or the world it does NOT mean women are to step in and become bishops! That is trying to do what is right by doing two wrong things.

The way to get these impostures (501c3 CEOs) to actually know what their duties are and to carry them out is for the sheep to tell them to do an indepth study as I have done and then do what YAHWEH Elohim has commanded them to do. If the sheep don't speak out the shepherds won't act!

If you know of a man who knows what his duties are and is fulfilling some of them please let me know who he is. I want to talk to him.

I Tim. 2.9-15



February 5, 2001

Are you too lazy to do your own exegesis?  I'm far too busy to be bothered with some stranger sending some silly orders to me.  Get a life!!

Dear Jackie:

You must be very busy because you e-mailed me first.  You sent a story you wrote to me about TBN and the Ark of God.

X-From_: jalnor@bellatlantic.net Thu Jan 11 13:05:19 2001

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:55:03 -0500

From: Jackie Alnor <jalnor@bellatlantic.net>



By Jackie Alnor

-----Original Message-----
From: Jackie Alnor <jalnor@bellatlantic.net>
To: dt2000 <dt2000@inreach.com>
Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001 7:21 PM
Subject: Re: I Tim 2.9-15

I responded by asking you if you have done a study on I Tim. 2.9-15 because the Bible says women are not to teach men.


Please do a complete exegetical study of I Timothy 2.9-15 and send it to me. I am interested in knowing what you think about it.


You resonded by saying you love that passage.

Oh yeah, I love those verses.  They're some of my favorites!!


I responded by asking if you have done the study.

Have you done the study?

If so please send it along.



You recently sent this amazing e-mail

Are you too lazy to do your own exegesis?  I'm far too busy to be bothered with some stranger sending some silly orders to me.  Get a life!!


Dear Jackie:

Apparently you are into sending spam to total strangers and then engaging in e-mail correspondence with them until you get angry.  If you are too busy to study the Bible I suggest you stop sending out spam and don't start e-mail correspondence with total strangers.

Is the response you sent me the response that someone who is walking in the HOLY SPIRIT would send?

Is your response one of pride and arrogance designed to ridicule me?

Do you treated everyone you e-mail in this fashion?

If you have not done an exegetical study on I Tim. 2.9-15 I urge you to do one.   It may convince you that what you are doing is not pleasing to YAHWEH Elohim.



Dear Jackie:

You also sent this e-mail to me on July 2, 2000

You might try identifying yourself if you want to be taken seriously.  Are there any ministries you approve of?  Or, are you the only one with a line on truth?


I responded

Please let me know if you are single or married.  I do NOT dialogue with married women.



You did not respond to it.

As you can see it is you who contacted me for the purpose of ridiculing me.   Please have your husband, William, respond from now on.  It is obvious you are not in control of your emotions.



February 03, 2001 -- Subject: The Rapture

The rapture seems to have a lot of hype lately. Today's Sabbath sermon here at Bowling Green, KY's Seventh Day Adventist church, was a warning about the book and subsequent movie, "Left Behind" and it's possible impact on conservative Christians.

After sundown, I decided to search for information on Pres. Reagan's assassination, in light of his birthday and all when I stumbled across your conspiracy site on Yahoo's search engine. I usually follow up any information I can find on Conspiracies, Secret Societies, ect. because I have always been patriotic and keen to the obvious internal sabotage of our nation. But I think more importantly, I was led to your ministry and rapture theory.

I found your grasp on the gospel straight-forward and in truth. But I had some problems following the study. First of all, I'm not familiar with the proper transliteration of the names of the books, I only know the standard English translation, which made it difficult to follow along with your scriptural support. Also, sometimes you would give a verse # that didn't correspond with the previous book and/or chapter given.

I was taught and have to comply from my own study that the rapture and the second advent of Yashua are describing the same event. As the parable in Matt. 25:10-13 shows there's only one chance to go to the wedding, also the parallel to Sodom and Gomorrah in Lk. 17:18-30, a one shot deal. A rapture, then the second advent would suggest a second chance at salvation. I don't see any evidence of this occurring in prophecy. Unless, the rapture is indeed the last chance to accept salvation and everyone else is doomed at that point. But where do the people go that are raptured? In a spaceship/chariot for several years, that's not scripturally supported. The scriptures doesn't afford for them to meet Yashua according to 1Th 4:15-17, the dead are first. I definitely want to study more on this subject, especially your theory on the Jewish feasts corresponding to Yashua's fulfillment of prophecy. That is a very interesting view I've never heard of.


Please send me the URL of the page you had some problems with. If my references are not right I would like to correct them.

I think I need to post a page with the proper names of people and places and the English equivalent.

Have you taken the Rapture Challenge? I designed it to make serious students of the Bible reconsider their position on the Rapture. http://www.domaintrader2000.com/dov-raptc.htm

I'm surprised you haven't heard of the feast/Rapture idea. If the first four feasts were fulfilled in a literal manner on the very day of the feasts why won't the last three be fulfilled on the exact days? The three future events I see that have yet to be fulfilled are the Rapture, Second Advent and establishment of the Millennial Kingdom. Remember they could be fulfilled in the same year.

Keep studying relying on the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you (I Yoch-John 2.20,27).



February 02, 2001 -- Subject: Rapture


Regarding this page, I have a few questions. I'm going to be teaching a Bible Study on the End-Times, and Rapture is of course one of the topics of discussion. What is the point of these questions? What do you believe?





The purpose of the challenge is to have you and others answer all of the questions and e-mail them to me. If you answer the questions it should open your eyes and cause you to reconsider your position concerning the Rapture.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and I will respond with constructive criticism. If you are teaching eschatology you should be able to answer these questions easily.

You may wish to take my eschatology 101 correspondence class. Go to this URL -


Waiting for your answers,







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