If you believe the charisma (sign) gifts are still being given by the HOLY SPIRIT, please take this challenge. E-mail your answers to me at --  or click the answer link below.

1. Is the apostate generation of the last days (2 Thes. 2.3; 2 Tim. 3.1-5; 4.1-4) an evil generation?

2. Is a mark of an evil generation seeking after signs (Matt. 12.38,39)?

3. Is "the perfect" which is to come (I Kor. 13.10) the Second Advent of YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach or is it the completed Word of YAHWEH?

4. Is YAHSHUA the Word of YAHWEH (John 1.1,2)?

5. Is "the partial" (I Kor. 13.9,10) the gifts of prophecy, knowledge and speaking a known language which you do not know -- or is "the partial" the prophecies in the Bible, the knowledge in the Bible and speaking a known language you do not know?

6. Why were the charisma (sign) gifts given?

7. What does it mean that Paul use to speak as a child, think as a child and reason as a child?

8. Did he stop doing these things after maturing in the Lord?

9. Do you know of a single incident in which a person praised YAHWEH in a known language he did not know and it was interpreted by a person who did not know that language -- and was verified by someone who spoke that language?

10. If a person speaks a known language that he does not know and it is interpreted by a person who knows that language is that the Biblical use of those gifts?

11. Was the insertion of the word "unknown" into the King James translation (I Kor. 14.2,4,13,14,19) a serious mistake?

12. Have missionaries observed natives in Latin America and Africa speak in "tongues" during their religious ceremonies?

13. Are these natives speaking by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT or by the power of drugs or by the power of demons?

14. If the wicked can speak in "tongues" how do you know that you and others are speaking in "tongues" by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT?

15. Are there examples of so-called "believers" speaking in "tongues" who cursed YAHWEH?

16. Would the devil seek to deceive as many believers as possible by counterfeiting the gift of speaking a known language which one does not know?

17. Do you know what you are saying when you speak in "tongues" in private?

18. Have you ever recorded it and asked a linguist to try to determine what language it is and what you said?

19. Have you ever recorded anyone speaking in "tongues" and had it examined by a linguist?

20. Record anyone speaking in tongues and have a linguist interpret it.  It would be better to know for sure what is being said rather than hope it's good.  It may turn out to be blasphemous.

21. Did some of the leaders of the Azusa Street movement have questionable backgrounds?

22. Did any of them denounce the movement?

23. Were any of them involved in the occult?

24. Could that movement have been inspired by the devil?

25. Has the devil inspired men to start false religions and cults?

26. Couldn't the devil have deceived the Azusa Street leaders as he did Mohammed, the Roman Catholic Corporate CEOs, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, William Miller, Charles Taze Russel, J. Stuart Russell, Ellen G. White, Mary Baker Eddy, Herbert W. Armstrong, David Koresh, Jim Jones and thousands of others?

27. Is Matthew 7.21-23 referring to pseudo-believers of the last days?

28. Are the three things these unsaved people brag about (Matt. 7.21-23) the main things the pentematics brag about?

29. Was this warning by the Lord a prophecy that the pentematics are not born from above?

30. Is it possible you may be among those that YAHSHUA says "depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness?