Below is the bio that Heretic Hendrick posts on his website.   It is obviously a false and misleading bio.  His real & true bio is posted in bold.

Hank Hanegraaff serves as president and chairman of the board of the North Carolina-based Christian Research Institute International. He also hosts the Bible Answer Man radio program, which is broadcast daily across the United States and Canada—as well as around the world through the internet at

[Heretic Hendrick became president and chairman of the CRI through lies and deception.  At the funeral of Dr. Walter Martin (founder of CRI), Heretic Hendrick lied by claiming that the week before his death he (Dr. Martin) promised him (Heretic) that he would take over when he died.  Mrs. Walter Martin has stated numerous times that her husband never told her this.  None of his children have verified Heretic Hendrick's claim.  I must also note that Dr. Robert Morey makes the same claim concerning himself.  I know Dr. Martin would NOT have made that promiseto both men.]   

Reaching millions weekly through his live call-in radio broadcast, Hank answers questions about Christianity and religion on the basis of the Bible, careful research, and sound reasoning. Additionally, Hank regularly brings to his listening audience live interviews with Evangelicalism’s most significant leaders, apologists, and thinkers.

[Heretic Hendrick reaches thousands and the major purpose of his show is to raise money.  He makes desperate pleas for money frequently and he has guests on so he can sell their books and tapes.  Heretic Hendrick answers questions about Christianity and religion based on his personal opinions and NEVER based on the Bible, careful research and sound reasoning.  Most of his guests are apostate as he is and also ecumenicalists and heretics.  He rarely has SPIRIT controlled believers on his show.] 

Hank came to faith in Jesus Christ after examining the scientific evidence for creation, the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and the cumulative case for the divine inspiration of Scripture. With an uncommon intensity he immediately embarked on a rigorous course of Scripture study and memorization, and by the Lord’s grace and calling his heart ever since has been to equip others to know God in Christ.

[By his own statement above it appears as though Heretic Hendrick thinks that "Jesus" is special, but there is no mention of what he thinks "Jesus" is -- true God, a special prophet, a great teacher, one of many "christs" or just one of three split personalities of the so-called "one god."  Memorizing Scripture is good, but it is meditation on Scripture that brings understanding and wisdom.  Heretic Hendrick may have some knowledge of Scripture, but he has virtually NO understanding of Scripture and NO and wisdom.]

With the release of his new book, The Last Disciple, a novel co-authored with Sigmund Brouwer, Hank reveals significant aspects of his highly anticipated 15-year study of the Bible’s teaching on the end times. In a spellbinding story of faith and fulfillment of prophecy, Hank and Sigmund initiate a series of novels in which they explore the lives of Christians who struggle to survive and spread the gospel during the climactic turbulence of “the last days.” Readers discover the "code" of Revelation as they begin to see it through the eyes of the persecuted believers to whom it was written.

[Heretic Hendrick's fantasy novel "The Last Disciple" shows his understanding of eschatology is non-existent.  He spent 15 years studying books and commentaries written by preterists and very little time studying Scripture.  I have challenged him concerning key aspects of his false doctrine of eschatology and he has NO answer.  He usually answers another question or says I don't know how to study Scripture for all it's worth and cuts me off.]

Hank is also the author of several award-winning best-sellers, including The Prayer of Jesus, Christianity in Crisis, and Resurrection, the latter providing a stirring and persuasive defense of the central event in Christianity. Resurrection and Christianity in Crisis both won the Gold Medallion for excellence in Christian Literature awarded by the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association. Hank’s books Counterfeit Revival and The F.A.C.E. that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution each won the Silver Medallion. The Prayer of Jesus was honored as a top 10 best-selling nonfiction book in both 2001 and 2002 by the Christian Bookseller's Association, while the small group video presentation “The Prayer of Jesus EZ Lesson Plan” taught by Hank won a Telly Award in 2003.

[Heretic Hendrick lusts after awards because he wants to be famous and extremely wealthy.  I have not read any of his books, but will in the future to expose the false doctrines in them.  He does not write the books with his name on them.   They are written for him by his staff.]

A sequel to The Prayer of Jesus, entitled The Covering, calls Christians to return to the biblical and practical model for spiritual warfare as centered in discipleship and the spiritual disciplines, away from the shallow and dangerous contemporary craze of exorcism and deliverance.

[This is good, but Heretic Hendrick is NOT qualified to write a book on holy living and he obviously does not live a holy life.  He spends most of his life fulfilling his evil desires -- the lust for money, the lust for fame, the lust for power and the lust for acceptance.  He uses people to fulfill these evil desires such as his wife and children, employees, friends and fellow religious hypocrites.]

Both Resurrection and The F.A.C.E. that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution have recently been excerpted and revised under new titles, The Third Day and Fatal Flaws, respectively. These new versions join The Prayer of Jesus and The Covering in a series of attractive, concise, and highly accessible meditations on foundational truths impacting all believers today.

[He revises his books hoping to sell more to make more money (I Tim. 6.10).]

In 1999 Hank went behind the scenes in The Millennium Bug Debugged to uncover the sloppy journalism and sensationalism that empowered the Y2K hype and other "millennial madness" hysteria.

[Heretic Hendrick exposed some nuts who hyped Y2K for money, but his research was extremely poor and dead wrong.  Y2K was a serious problem that needed tens of billions of dollars to correct.  If that money had not been spent Heretic Hendrick would be homeless today.  Heretic ignored the warnings and he could NOT broadcast a live pogrom on the first Monday after Y2K.  His computer failed and he had to call someone in to fix it.  He will never admit this, but I witnessed it live.]

In The Bible Answer Book, released in early 2004, Hank has taken his impromptu answers to the most significant questions received on the Bible Answer Man broadcast and chiseled them until only the gem emerges. This work is quintessential Hank. His prayer for The Bible Answer Book is not only that it equip believers to offer cogent answers, with gentleness and respect, to everyone who asks them to give the reason for the hope that they have in Christ (cf. 1 Peter 3:15), but that it be a treasure they share with family and friends.

[A friend of mine bought the tiny book for over $20.00 and said he was shocked at had short it was.  Heretic's answers are not impromtu.   He has several researchers give him the pat answer to each question.  When he tries to dialogue with callers such as myself he makes a fool of himself and eventually gets angry.  He cuts us off and then says we said something other than what we said.   He also calls us heretics or incapable of studying Scripture for all it's worth.   He thinks he is right about every topic and seldom is.  He is also very rude and argumentive to callers who disagree with him.  This is the opinion of a few people I know.]

The Last Disciple and Hank’s other books are also available in audio format.

[Heretic constantly begs for money.  His show is one big sales pitch to buy his junk or the junk of other heretics.]

He is a regular contributor to Christian Research Journal and Plain Truth magazine. A popular conference speaker, he addresses churches, schools, and businesses worldwide. His many media appearances include television interviews on Peter Jennings Reporting (ABC), Larry King Live (CNN), and Hannity & Colmes (FOX).

[I doubt that Heretic contributes anything to the CRI Journal or the PT Magazine.  Elliott Miller is the editor of the CRI Journal.   His appearances on TV have been shameful for Messianic Faith.  He is a complete embarrassment for all true believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH and the sooner he goes into retirement the better it will be.] 

Hank and his wife, Kathy, live in North Carolina and are the parents of nine children—Michelle, Katie, David, John Mark, Hank Jr., Christina, Paul, Faith, and baby Grace.  Christian Research Institute ~ Home of the Bible Answer Man, Hank Hanegraaff

Heretic never says that Kathy is his second wife and that he has a daughter by his first wife.  He seldom admits he has no college or seminary education.  He has never admitted that he is a notorious plagarists.  He has never admitted that he has gotten into trouble for misuse of CRI funds.  For details of Heretic Hendrick's numerous sins go to -- dov-hankpl.htm