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Preterism, the belief that ALL Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, teaches that YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach returned in 70 A.D. and established the Eternal Kingdom (Rev. 21.1-22.5) at that time.  That kingdom is a spiritual kingdom -- NOT a physical kingdom.  Preterists also teach that there will never be a physical kingdom, the Millennial Kingdom lasted a mere 37 years (from 33 A.D. to 70 A.D.), believers are NEVER resurrected (I Kor. 15.42-58; I Thes. 4.16), but live in spirit form throughout eternity!  If this isn't enough to make you realize Preterism is nonsense read on.

Preterism, biblical or heresy?

Irrefutable Refutation of Preterism!

Refutation of a Defense of Preterism

Preterist Challenge


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"It is most difficult to free slaves from the chains they worship." DOV

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