If you believe the Earth and the Universe is 6,000 or even 10,000 years young, please take this challenge and e-mail your answers to me --

1. Please explain What Elohim created in Genesis 1.1.

2. If Elohim created the earth as a formless blob of dirt explain when the event in Jeremiah 4.23-26 took place or will take place, and what caused it or will cause it.

3. Please explain why Isaiah 14.17 and Jeremiah 4.26 are not referring to the same event.

4. Please explain when the devil made the world like a wilderness (Isaiah 14.17).

5. Please explain why there is not an apparent contradiction between Genesis 1.2 and Isaiah 45.18 (Elohim did not create the Earth a waste place, but in Genesis 1.2 it was a waste place).

6. On what day did Elohim create the planet Earth?

7. What was the source of light in Genesis 1.3-5 if the Sun was created on day four?

8. Did Elohim put seeds in the dry land on day three (Genesis 1.11) or were the seeds already there and Elohim commanded that they "sprout"?

9. Did plants and fruit trees appear fuilly developed or does the Bible say "And the Earth bore tender sprouts, the herb seeding seed after its kind" and the "fruit tree producing fruit after its kind" (Genesis 1.12).

10. Did Elohim create the sun, moon and the galaxies on the fourth day or before that day?

11. When it says that Elohim made the "Two great luminaries" and the "stars" (Genesis 1.16) does it mean they were created on day four or is it referring back to Genesis 1.1, and they became visible on day four?

12. Explain why galaxies are not truly billions of light years away from Earth or if they are explain how the speed of light has slowed down to make the universe appear to be about 14 billion years old.

13. Explain why some stars that are only 10,000 years old explode (go nova or supernova) while the vast majority do not. Give a scientific model for this. (Remember, there are trillions of stars of the same magnitude that are allegedly the "same age" which do not go nova or supernova.)

14. Explain where comets, asteroids and meteors came from. Were they created or were they the result of collisions between planets?

15. Explain why Mars appears to have suffered a massive catastrophe that depleted most of its atmosphere and left it wasted. Was it created that way and if so why?

16. Please present proof that the creatures mentioned in Job (40.15-24; 41.1, 14-34) are dinosaurs and not just non-dinosaur creatures that went extinct.

17. People who think the universe is about 10,000 years old MUST believe that the dinosaurs were created on the sixth day. Please explain how Noah managed to fit all the dinosaur "kinds" on the ark. List how many "kinds" that would be.

18. Explain how Noah squeezed a pair of Apatosaurus on the ark. Each Apatosaurus was about 85 feet in length and weighed between 24-32 tons. (If you say they were juveniles you will be opening a can of worms you cannot close.)

19. Please explain what mechanism led to the demise of the dinosaurs.

20. Please explain what caused the acquatic dinosaurs to go extinct.

21. Please explain whether or not the creatures described in Revelation 9.2-11; 16-19 are symbolic or real creatures. Also explain when they were created and if YAHWEH created them.

22. Was there death of any kind among animals before Adam sinned?

23. Please explain when the 40 asteroids that made the huge craters throughout the world, from 12 to 180 miles in diameter, struck the Earth, and why there is no mention of them in the Bible or any historical record or legend.

24. Please explain how these 40 super impacts and the hundreds of lesser asteroid and meteor impacts did not destroy all life on Earth. Meteor Crater in Arizona is only .737 miles in diameter. Most of the hundreds of lesser impact craters are larger than Meteor Crater.

25. Please produce a scientific model showing how the hundreds of asteroid, comet and meteor impacts could take place in just 6,000 years without destroying mankind, most animals and not disrupt civilization on Earth. (Do not try to fit them into the Antideluvian Age; that will doom you.)

26. Please explain how scientists who date these impacts as taking place millions of years ago could be so wrong in their dating method.

27. Please show where it says in the Bible that faith and salvation come by believing the universe is about 10,000 years old.

28. Please show in the Bible where it says the hypothesis that the universe is about 10,000 years old is part of the gospel.

29. Is it mandatory for the unsaved to believe the universe is 6,000-10,000 years young to be saved?

30. Is it mandatory for Christians to believe the universe is very young to grow in grace and mature to spiritual adulthood?

31. Does making the argument that the Bible says the Earth is only 6,000 years old cause unity or division among the Brethren?

32. Is it not true that the cults also claim the Bible says certain things that it does not say?

33. Why is it that young earthers are 100% correct in all that they teach on creation and everyone else is wrong?

34. Could young earthers be considered cult-like?

35. Should Christians be allowed to hold differing opinions on secondary doctrines?

36. Do you see the light now?

If you want to share the Gospel with an atheist in a biblical manner do NOT argue that the Earth and the universe is just 6,000 years young. The evolutionist will mock you and so will YAHWEH. It is not biblical! Click here to see how to share the Gospel with an atheist.

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