There are some basic things you must do to maintain good health. Below is a short list:

1. Get the proper amount of sleep. Do not cheat on sleep.

2. Get proper exercise (20 minutes a day or more).

3. Get 20 minutes of sunlight each day if possible. Do NOT tan. (The best source of Vitamin D is from sunlight.)

4. Reduce stress. (Take walks, listen to soothing music - not rock, rap, hip-hop, etc., and find a hobby or activity that relaxes you.)

5. Laugh and smile.

6. Give and accept hugs.

7. Speak in a positive and reassuring manner.

8. Do not get angry in public or private. (Anger puts extreme stress on the heart.)

9. Be kind to others.

10. Forgive others and do not hold grudges.

11. Do not take yourself too seriously. Roll with the punches.

12. Avoid psychiatrist and psychologists.

13. Drink distilled or reverse osmosis water. Do NOT drink tap water.

14. Buy a shower filter.

15. Avoid all toxic foods (see chart below).

16. Avoid toxic substances in foods - aspartame (NutraSweet), Splenda, MSG, fluoride, hydrogenated oils, and fructose corn syrup.

17. Avoid all toxic substances - alcohol, tobacco, drugs.

18. Eat healthy foods (see chart below). Eat organic foods as much as possible.

19. Do NOT eat or drink pasteurized foods.

20. Do NOT eat white, processed flour products.

21. Do NOT eat anything that says "fat free" or "sugar free" or "low carbs."

22. Avoid energy bars unless they are all organic.

23. Avoid protein and diet shakes unless they are 100% organic.

24. Buy only organic vitamins and herbs.

25. If you have a weight problem eat your last meal by 6 PM.

26. Buy mostly non-processed foods and prepare your own meals. (Avoid eating packaged meals and never eat frozen dinners.)

27. Supplement your diet with whole food supplements and natural vitamins and herbs.

28. Use only organic sea salt.

29. Eat organic raw dark chocolate.

30. Eat organic snacks.

Healthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods


Sugar (raw and in foods)

Raw cereals (no sugar/additives)







Ice cream

Legumes (beans)


Grains (rice, corn, millet, rye, bread)

Cottage cheese

Stem tubers (potatoes)


Root tubers (sweet potatoes/yams)






Allium (onions, garlic, shallots, scallions, leeks, chives)

Processed foods (Most foods in boxes, cans and packages)


Other tips

1. Do NOT cook with a microwave.

2. Do NOT cook with non-stick cookware or products like Pam, etc.

3. Do NOT put anything on your skin you cannot eat.

4. Do NOT use antiperspirants or deodorants.

5. Use natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

6. Do NOT use sun-block.

7. Avoid hot tubs and pools that are treated with chlorine.

8. Do NOT use air fresheners.

9. Do NOT use fluorescent lighting.

10. Do NOT use air conditioners.

11. Do NOT dry clean your clothing.

12. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter.

13. Reduce TV time.

14. Buy 100% cotton underwear.

15. Buy all cotton clothing ot clothes made of hemp.

16. Avoid polyesters, rayon and other synthetic materials.

17. Get out of debt.

18. Drive as little as possible. (Driving in heavy traffic is extremely stressfull.)

19. Use alarm clocks sparingly.

20. Use aromatherapy.

21. Avoid Dianetics and Scientology. (It is a Navy Intelligence mind-control operation.)

22. Be careful of religions. Before you join a church or a religion examine it carefully.

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