The rush Bimbo Record

The rush "Bimbo" Limbaugh record is not a pretty sight.  It is filled with pompous, inane soliloquies that deaden the minds of Ditto Heads, and it is loaded with obvious contradictions and U-turns due to a lack of moral character (drug addict, boozer, etc.).  It is also sunken down with tons of misinformation designed to pacify the unwashed masses who prefer to drink beer and watch ballgames rather than get involved in life and do something to uphold, preserve and defend   the Constitution and the Republic.

Ditto Heads are Dead Heads who are being brain-washed into believing Bimbo will save America single-handedly.  Their blind faith in him will be rewarded with enslavement in the New World Nightmare.  Bimbo is a Pied Piper of the New World Order Gang who is leading ignorant pseudo- conservatives into the turbulent sea of the New World Nightmare that is just over the event horizon.

If you are a Ditto Dead Head, WAKE UP, before it is too late!   Read the following articles to learn the truth about rush Bimbo and his masters, the New World Order Gang.

Bimbo is headed to Costa Rica   Bimbo Calls for Riot at DNC    Where Was Rush?     Bimbo's Brain     Rush Is a CFR Member & a Con-artist

Is Rush "Part of the Power Elite"?    The Kook's "Kook List"    Rushia-Speak    Limbaugh says heart, health care system OK

It is taboo to criticize Bimbo      Bimbo is too Big for "Little Causes"     Bimbo Quotes

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