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Southern Baptist Convention on the Verge of a Split

Southern Baptist Convention May Split

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Protestants Claim Teresa Is In Heaven

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Episcopalians & Lutherans Ecumenate

Leaders of the Episcopal Church and the nation's largest Lutheran denomination said that their historic alliance, which was concluded today at the Episcopalians' 73rd general convention, begins an era of ecumenical outreach that could lead them to engage other churches in similar efforts of sharing resources and personnel.

The leaders also conceded that the alliance, "Called to Common Mission," could play a significant role in helping the churches stem steady declines in membership caused by aging congregations, the appeal of new large churches and the feeling by some that their church no longer serves their needs. The falloff has been especially acute in the Episcopal Church, which in 1998, the last year for which statistics are available, had 2.3 million baptized members, about a third fewer than the 3.6 million in its peak year, 1965. Its partner in the alliance, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has suffered a milder decline, to 5.1 million in 1998 from 5.2 million in 1987, the year that three Lutheran denominations merged to form the current church.

"I wouldn't say the motivation to be enthusiastic about full communion is because of some numerical measure," said Rustin Kimsey, a retired Episcopal bishop from The Dalles, Oregon, referring to the accord. "But it will help. We're already strong because of the conversations we've had with the Lutherans. There is always strength in numbers."

The Rev. Lowell G. Almen of Chicago, secretary of the Lutheran denomination, also dismissed any suggestion that the alliance was spurred by falling membership. He said the alliance could, at the least, help stabilize membership and perhaps, help the churches grow. "The more primary question is greater effectiveness and witness to the Gospel," Mr. Almen said of the collaboration. "But it may well result in growth and care for God's people throughout our communities."

The alliance between the two churches followed approval by the Lutherans three years ago, the Episcopal House of Bishops on Friday and today's vote by the Episcopal House of Deputies, which was overwhelming, 190 to 23. It was intended as a way to improve the economies of scale for both denominations. In addition to recognizing similar theologies and liturgies, the alliance provides a way for each church to offer the other its resources in areas of need and to work together on outreach programs.

For Episcopalians, the issue of membership is crucial. David Perry of Manhattan, deputy for ecumenical relations, said one of the problems the Episcopal Church had encountered was how to retain young people as members. "There is the issue of how we have been committed to young people," Mr. Perry said. "We have not always provided a continuous environment for them after Sunday school. When they reach their 20's and 30's, they don't come to church. They may wander back later, but we have not created the atmosphere for them to stay."

A small but growing number of parishes are beginning to address the problem by tailoring services to appeal to young adults. Some are even using rock music.

Another problem has been the growing appeal of large churches, which draw thousands of people to Sunday services. These churches, which tend to attract Christians of all denominations, have played at least some role in the declining memberships of the Episcopalians and Lutherans, although not enough yet, leaders of both churches said, to be of major concern. "The whole phenomenon of megachurches, from every church leader I've dealt with, in one sense rejoices. Yet they also wonder about the long-term impact of nurturing and grounding people in the faith of the church," said Almen.

Almen and his Episcopal colleagues agreed that the alliance would be a major step toward enhancing the religious experience of church members and by the new collaboration, attracting others in their communities to join them. "We have a new energy and enthusiasm," Bishop Kimsey said of the alliance with the Lutherans. "The Episcopal Church has broken open to some new ways to look at other communions and ecumenical possibilities by this. And there is always strength in numbers." (New York Times, 7-09-2000, www) http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/070900episcopal-lutheran.html

Some of the men involved in these ecumenical machinations think they are doing something good. They are mere dupes of the devil who is bringing all the religions of the world together to create his super religion, his one world religion which will be overseen by the reigning Roman Catholic Corporation CEO. All born from above believers in YAHSHUA YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach the Son of YAHWEH will have NOTHING to do with any ecumenical activity. They will remain independent of man and dependent on YAHWEH Elohim.


Southern Baptist Convention on the Verge of a Split

A group of liberals in the largest Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, has broken ranks refusing to
accept the conservatives' insistence that the Bible be interpreted literally.

One doctrine which has led to the break is the submission of wives to their husbands and the prohibition of females to be
pastors. They have set up seminaries and a religious publishing house. They have also sent out their own missionaries and
created separate associations of congregations, like the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which by itself counts 1,800 churches
as contributors to its budget. One of those is First Baptist Church, which covers a city block in Winston-Salem, North
Carolina. Pastor David Hughes said its members have donated considerable time and money to the convention's causes during
the last century. He likens the relationship between his church and the SBC to a marriage gone sour. The two are like a couple
that "still live under one roof, but they have very little to do with each other," he said.

Paige Patterson, the president of the SBC admitted that moderates had "formed a denomination within the denomination." He
would not be surprised if 1,500 or more moderate congregations were to leave the convention in the coming years out of the
more than 40,000 total congregations. They would quickly be replaced, he said, adding that the denomination gained 1,479
new churches in 1999 and that its increasingly conservative stance had been attracting established congregations as new
members. A prime example is the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is pastored by Jerry Falwell.
"We're gaining, not losing," Paige said. [Ed. note: Falldown has been independent since he started his 501c3
corporation in the 1950s. It is NOT a Messianic Faith assembly. I do not know why he has succumbed to the
politically correct practice of joining a denomination or association. It is just one more proof he is sliding down the
slippery slope to total apostasy.]

"The bottom line is anytime you take a stand and define yourself very clearly -- and in this case, returning to the faith of our
fathers -- there are people who want to be part of that and join you," Paige said. "And there are people who don't want to part
of it, and are going to use their chute and rip cord." [Ed. note: Since the SBC and its member 501c3 corporations have
allegedly returned to the "faith of" their "fathers" when did they leave that faith? Has anyone pinned that down?
Since they are allegedly trying to return to the faith of their fathers who are their fathers? Will they separate
themselves from the state by eliminating their unequally yoked marriage with the Federal Reserve Corporation?
Will they re-examine their doctrines and allow true scholars to dialogue with them concerning some of their false

The SBC operates six seminaries, fields more than 6,000 missionaries and runs one of the world's largest church literature
publishing houses. When Southern Baptist leaders speak, politicians and the news media take notice. [Ed. note: Why would
anyone listen to what the SBC says, except to refute it? Seminaries are NOT Biblical! There is NO support for
them or for Bible colleges, church schools, etc. Every bishop is commanded to train faithful men to be bishops (2
Tim. 2.2). They are obligated to do this and if they neglect this duty they are NOT fit to be bishops! They must
resign or be removed from their position! They CANNOT ship men off to Bible college or seminary!]

"I can't emphasize enough that among this generation of college students and seminary students, conservative and liberal, their
sense of denominational identity is much smaller than previous generations," said Bill Leonard, a church historian who is dean of
Wake Forest Divinity School. They think of themselves as Christians, rather than as Baptists or Methodists or Presbyterians.
[Ed. note: That is actually Biblical.]

Southern Baptist leaders have become more conservative in years, but in May a committee of leaders proposed revising the
denomination's core statement of beliefs at the annual meeting, on June 12 in Orlando, Florida. The revisions, if adopted at the
meeting, would call on Christians to oppose abortion, homosexuality and pornography. [Ed. note: This was long overdue!]

One clause, among the most controversial, would also firmly state that the Bible does not allow women to be pastors, a largely
symbolic move in a denomination where few congregations have hired women for that office. "While both men and women are
gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture," the statment says. [Ed. note:
Long overdue!]

Southern Baptists became a separate denomination in 1845, when Baptists nationwide split along North-South lines over
slavery. Today, Baptists in the United States are divided among several denominations, with Southern Baptists being the

The cultural support of the SBC began to crumble in 1960's. "It was the breakup of the Old South -- the civil rights movement,
the immigration of Yankees in and Southerners out," said Ms. Ammerman, a sociologist. [Ed. note: I guess that is the
answer to my question -- who caused the denomination to stray. Those damn Yankees!]

In 1979, a group whose leaders included Patterson, succeeded in electing one of their own as the denomination's president,
gaining an office whose powers included appointing trustees to oversee the Southern Baptist seminaries, missionary agencies
and other boards. The conservatives have preached that the standard of Baptist belief is that the Bible is "inerrant" -- literally
true in all matters -- and have said that those who serve the denomination ought to subscribe to that. [Ed. note: Good!]

After unsuccessfully trying for a decade to wrest control of the presidency away from conservatives at the annual convention,
the moderates began founding their own seminaries and ministerial programs in the 1990's. One is the Baptist Studies Program
at Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, whose graduates include Stacey Simpson, 28.

Ms. Simpson, who was baptized in a Baptist church, attended Furman University in Greenville, S.C., when that institution took
steps to distance itself from South Carolina's Baptist organization, dominated by conservatives. At Candler, she was ordained
in a liberal-leaning congregation that was eventually expelled from the SBC's Georgia organization.

Ms. Simpson serves as pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, a five-year-old congregation in Edison, Ga., affiliated with the
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. "I call myself a Baptist," she said, "and I kind of have to add a bunch of clarifiers after that,
when people ask." (6-06-2000, www) http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/060600nc-baptist.html  

Stacey most likely is NOT born from above. If she is saved she is totally apostate and backslidden. YAHWEH
Elohim strictly forbids females from teaching men and exercising authority over them (I Tim. 2.12) as well as from
being bishops (I Tim. 3.2).

The move by thousands of 501c3 corporations to appoint females as the chief executive officer is one more proof
that we are living in the apostasy of the last days (2 Thes. 2.3; 2 Tim. 4.3,4).

Southern Baptist Convention May Split

The largest Baptist group in Texas may leave the conservative Southern Baptist Convention.

The Baptist General Convention of Texas, the largest state convention in the denomination, is openly discussing severing ties
with the national body, which two years ago called for wives to "submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband."
"We're not interested in siphoning off a lot of funds from Texas to fund a Jerry Falwell-clone church," said Clyde Glazener,
president of the BGCT.

The moderate Texas group funneled more than $45 million from Texas churches to the national body in 1999 and accounted
for 14% of its budget. The differences have raised the possibility that the state convention will create a new Baptist
denomination at its annual meeting in October.

The national convention, at its annual meeting in Orlando June 14, also alienated moderates by declaring that women should no
longer serve as pastors. The Southern Baptist Convention, based in Nashville, claims 15.8 million members at more than
40,000 churches and is the nation's largest Protestant denomination. If the 2.7 million members and 6,000 churches in the
BGCT separate from the national group, the Texas convention would become the ninth-largest denomination in the country.
(Las Vegas Sun, 6-24-2000, www) http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/text/2000/jun/24/062400645.html  

Let's hope the apostates leave the SBC -- it might motivate the SBC leadership to get right with YAHWEH and make more changes to glorify YAHWEH. The move to tell wives to submit to their husbands (2 Keph 3.1-6) and to forbid females from being bishops was long overdue (I Tim. 2.9-15; 3.2).

I must make it explicitly clear that all denominations and associations are clearly wrong! The act of creating a denomination or association is a deadly spiritual sin that divides believers rather than unite them.

All denominations and associations should be abolished yesterday! If you are attending a local assembly that is in a denomination or association you need to confront the bishops and demand they disassociate themselves from it. If you are not knowledgeable enough to do it I will be happy to explain it to them. If they do NOT pull out of their association you must leave that assembly and find one that is NOT a part of a denomination or association.

I must also make it perfectly clear that if you are attending a 501c3 corporation (church) you must demand that your bishops dissolve its corporate status. I will be overjoyed to explain it to them. If they refuse to do the right thing you must leave and find an assembly that is NOT a corporation.

Gore On Chrstians

"Refusing to accept the earth as our sacred mother, these Christians have become a dangerous threat to the survival of
humanity. They are a blight on the environment and to believe in Bible prophecy is unforgivable." -- Al Gore, in his book Earth
in Balance, p. 342 (GM Newsletter, June 2000, www -- Pastor Bob Hallstrom, P.O. BOX 9411, BOISE, IDAHO 83707 --

Does this mean Al Bore is saying he is NOT a Christian? I think so! Al Bore is NOT born from above! He is a hypocritical phony just as Sick Willie Judas Klintoon is. Every so-called "believer" in YAHSHUA YAHWEH who votes for or supports Al Bore is apostate and or backslidden! There are NO exceptions!!!

Every so-called "believer" who voted for or supported Sicko Willie and Hitlery is also apostate and or backslidden! There can be NO exceptions!!!

If you voted for or supported Sicko Willie and Hitlery you are part of the problem and you will be held accountable for your crimes/sins by YAHSHUA YAHWEH at His judgement seat! Come up with a clever excuse or repent of your crimes/sins and make restitution!!! Do it now or be prepared to pay the price!!!

Rick Warren, Mr. Apostate

Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Community Church, wants all churches to follow his example.

He wrote a book about his church structure and style of worship. The key points of a
service are that it must be non-threatening, contemporary rather than traditional, dress
must be casual, the message must be positive and evangelistic. Rick does not believe a
service should be used to teach believers doctrine. That is to be done in small sub-groups.

An expose of Saddleback Church can be obtain from the Fundamental Baptist Church. Ask
for their "Foundation" magazine dealing with it. (Box 6278, Los Osos, CA 93412) (Plains
Baptist Challenger, August 1998, p. 4 -- http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Rick Warren is clearly backslidden and most likely apostate. He believes a bishop must
gear his service for the wicked in order to win them to YAHSHUA. Worship services or any
service is supposed to be for believers only. The only service that is for the wicked is an
evangelistic service. If that is what his Sunday services are then he should preach the
gospel without sugar coating. He needs to explain the Gospel clearly and also make it
explicitly clear that those who fail to trust YAHSHUA will spend all eternity being
tormented in hell (Lk. 16.19-31) and then the Lake of Fire (Apok. 14.9-11; 20.11-15; 21.8).
To share the Gospel without explaining the punishment that awaits those who reject
YAHSHUA is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with holding evangelistic services on a regular basis, but they
should not take priority over teaching services. Bishops are to concentrate on discipling the
flock (I Keph 5.2,3) so they will be able to share the Gospel (I Keph 3.15). A local assembly
will have a far greater impact on their community if the bishops train the flock to share the
Gospel and train faithful men to be bishops (2 Tim. 2.2) rather hold evangelistic services. A
handful of bishops can train a hundred or more men every year to be able to share the
Gospel and be effective witnesses. If they spend five years training faithful men to be
bishops and send them out to found other assemblies their work will be multiplied a

Rick Warren and others like him may think they are doing a good work, but they are
hindering the work of the Lord. Building mega-assemblies does far more damage than
good. Most believers in mega-assemblies are not taught the Scriptures nor are they trained
to share the Gospel and be able to teach others. They think their sole job is to invite the
wicked to "church" so the bishops can save them. I have attended some mega-assemblies
and most members feel this way.


More Baptist Apostasy

Another Baptist church has called a female to be its senior pastor.

Calvary Baptist Church of Waco, Texas called Julie Pennington-Russell to be their senior
pastor. According to the Baptist Standard more "than 1,000 women have been ordained as
ministers since 1964" in Southern Baptist churches which CBC is (8-24-1994, p. 4). (Plains
Baptist Challenger, June 1998, p. 4 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Most bishops of Baptist assemblies, especially SBC assemblies, are backslidden and many
are apostate. This is true of independent and fundamental Baptist assemblies. Even though
few independent and fundamental Baptist assemblies understand the clear teaching of the
Scriptures that females cannot be bishops (I Tim. 3.2; Tit. 1.6) or even teach men (I Kor.
14.34,35; I Tim. 2.11,12), the bishops don't know what their primary duty is (2 Tim. 2.2) and
waste most of their time preparing and delivering boring and meaningless sermons.

All bishops throughout the world need to stop preaching sermons and start teaching their
flock (I Tim. 4.13,16; 5.17). Bishops are to preach the gospel to the lost and teach the
Scriptures to believers. They are not to preach to believers.

If your bishop(s) preach and rarely teach and do not disciple faithful men to be bishops--
you need to find another assembly where the bishops know what their duty is and do it.


Bill Bright Rescues Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers laid off all of its paid employees earlier this year, but hired them back
when they received $4 million in donations with $500,000 coming from Bill Bright and

Bright sent out letters to pastors and laymen urging them to send money to PK. Family Life
Ministry in Little Rock, Arkansas raised $50,000 to bail out PK. Would Bright or FLM
raise money for a Baptist pastor in need? (Plains Baptist Challenger, June 1998, p. 4 -

Bright is an apostate ecumenicalist just as the people at FLM and Bill McCartney of
Promise Keepers are. All of the big name radio-televangelists are apostate, backslidden or
not born from above. they are being used by the devil to put together his One World
religion which will be headed by the Roman Catholic Church and Babylonian Talmudic
Judaism which are the modern day manifestation of the ancient Babylonian religion founded by Nimrod and Semiramis. They are "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" (Apok. 17.5).


Protestants Claim Teresa Is In Heaven

Many Protestant leaders have publicly stated they believe Teresa was saved.

James Dobson and Jack Impe were two of the most outspoken supporters of Teresa.
Dobson said "she manifested the fruit of the Spirit in her life" and Jack boldly declared
that the "sweet 90-pound lady" could not possibly be lost.

"While I have no desire to judge an individual's salvation, from her own lips come
statements that indicate a darkness [as to] the state of her soul," wrote Bill Jackson
(C.E.C. Journal, 2-98). "She prayed for a soul to leave Purgatory every time she was
photographed; she said she could not have Jesus were it not for the priest's blessing on the
wafer; she openly urged the pope to name Mary `Co-Redeemer, Co-Mediatrix and
Advocate of Christians.'" (Plains Baptist Challenger, March 1998, p. 3 -http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Dobson, Impe, Lindsey, Crouch and every Protestant who claims Teresa was saved and is
in Heaven doesn't know the Scriptures or the Roman Catholic doctrine of soteriology. Any
Catholic who believes the official Catholic doctrine of salvation is not and cannot be born
from above. The Catholic gospel is another gospel that saves no one.

If Teresa was trusting in the Catholic doctrine of salvation for her salvation, as she showed
by her statements, then she is burning in hell at this time. She will continue to burn with the
rest of the Catholic popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen who died trusting in the
Roman Catholic doctrine of soteriology. They will burn in hell until they are judged and then they will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Apok. 20.11-15) where they will be tormented with burning sulfur through all eternity (Apok. 14.9-11; 20.10).


Elmer Towns Gets Inspiration From A Pentecostal

Elmer Towns, who co-founded Liberty Bible College with Jerry Falwell, said he was
inspired by David "Paul" Yonggi Cho, a pentecostal preacher in Korea.

Elmer is impressed with Cho's success and asked him, "How would you advise me to
become a more godly man and to get power with God?" Cho told him that he begins each
day by reciting the Lord's Prayer several times and then prays for two hours.

"Perhaps American pastors would have a church growing like this church if they spent the
time in prayer like he does," Elmer said.

Herman Otten, editor of "Christian News," says Cho is "a charismatic and occultist who
rejects historic Christianity." Metropolitan Tabernacle Pastor Peter Masters agrees that
Cho is an occultist. (Plains Baptist Challenger, March 1998, p. 2 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Elmer has lost it just as his buddy Faldown has lost it. Both men are backslidden and close
to being apostate. It is only a matter of time before they join the apostasy of the last days. I
attended LBC for one semester and left because it was a joke college. It has gotten much
worse since then.

Elmer's desire to have a big church shows he is walking in the flesh. YAHWEH didn't call
any man to build a mega-assembly. Instead He commands all bishops to duplicate
themselves by training faithful men.

The pentecostal movement was started by the devil and virtually all pentecostals are not
born from above. No SPIRIT controlled believer in YAHSHUA of Nazareth can fellowship
with pentecostals or charismatics. We are to share the gospel with them and pray they trust
in YAHSHUA to save them without evidence of redemption through speaking in gibberish.
If you think they are born from above ask them to share their testimony. Most won't be
able to give you a concise testimony and the few who can will most certainly say they know
they are saved because they speak in tongues. Speaking is not an evidence one is born
from above--it is a proof one is demon possessed or has been deceived.


Clark Pinnock Denies Eternal Punishment

Pinnock teaches annihilationism denying the clear doctrine that the wicked are punished in
the Lake of Fire through all eternity.

According to Pinnock the doctrine of eternal punishment "makes God into a bloodthirsty
monster who maintains an everlasting Auschwitz for victims whom he does not even allow to die." He is convinced that such a God "is more nearly like Satan than like God." (Plains
Baptist Challenger, March 1998, 3 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

The doctrine of eternal punishment is explicitly clear and no SPIRIT controlled believer can deny it. Some plain and clear passages are Leviy-Matt. 25.41,46 and Apok-Rev. 14.9-11; 20.10. To believe a passage that says the righteous have eternal life and the wicked go away into eternal punishment means the wicked are not punished forever, but the righteous live forever is absurd. Eternal is either eternal for both or it isn't for either. You can't say eternal means eternal for the righteous and annihilation for the wicked. It is ludicrous.

Instead of asking why YAHWEH would punish the wicked for all eternity we should ask
why He bothered to save anyone. To reject eternal life so one can fulfill his petty lusts is
insulting to YAHWEH. Eternal damnation is a just punishment for people who are so
self-centered and full of hate that they refuse the free gift of eternal life. If you can't
understand this you are backslidden, apostate or not born from above. You need to examine your faith to see if you are saved (2 Kor. 13.5).


Calvary Chapel

In 1965 Chuck Smith took over a congregation of 25 people, located at Greenville Street
and Sunflower Avenue, which had contemplated disbanding before he arrived.

Today, that "little country church on the edge of town" has become a 20-acre campus at
3800 S. Fairview Road, on the southern edge of Santa Ana. More than 35,000 people
attend its weekly services, Bible classes, home ministries, fellowship groups in various
languages, and other activities. It also operates Maranatha Music, a grammar school and a
high school.

Smith has sent out about 650 men to start other Calvary Chapels in the United States and
another 134 worldwide. The annual Harvest Crusade revivals were bankrolled by Calvary
Chapel until it became a nonprofit ministry. It has drawn more than 1.2 million seekers
since 1990.

"When you look at the miraculous transformation, it can only be the work of Christ, our
lord and savior," said Robert Haag, missions pastor at Calvary. He spoke on behalf of
Smith, who was traveling in Israel at the time. "God has empowered us to spread the
biblical gospel that Jesus is the only way to salvation. No ifs or buts about it." [Ed. note:
Success doesn't prove YAHWEH is behind a ministry or assembly. If Haag is correct it
means the Roman Catholic Church, Watchtower Society, Mormon Church, Moonies, Hara
Krishnas, Hindoos, Buddhists, Muslims, Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, etc. are of
YAHWEH. That is utter nonsense. You can determine whether or not YAHWEH is behind a ministry or assembly is if it operates according to His word.]

Such unabashed exclusivity has helped fuel modern evangelicalism's meteoric rise in the
United States. Evangelicals and Mormons make up the fastest-growing segments of
Christianity in the world. While accurate numbers are hard to come by, much of
evangelicalism's success during the past half-century has come at the expense of Roman
Catholicism and mainline Protestantism.

The prosperity of evangelicals has come at a cost. There is a good deal of infighting over
who's an evangelical and who isn't. The turmoil has led some to wonder if evangelicals can
survive their own success.

"It's a dilemma," said Robert Johnston, professor of theology and contemporary culture at
Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. Fuller, the world's largest nondenominational seminary, was
established in 1947 as the beacon of evangelical scholarship.

"There's an umbrella set of beliefs that unites evangelicals," said Johnston, who co-wrote
"The Varieties of American Evangelicalism." "But when the term includes certain
Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, Adventists, fundamentalists, Anabaptists,
pentecostals and even charismatic Catholics ... When you lump all those groups and more
into one category, there's great room for conflict."

Part of the debate stems from evangelicalism's rebellious spirit. The movement is leery of
anything institutional. Its decentralized structure explains the proliferation of independent
entities in Orange County such as Calvary Chapel, Eastside Christian Church, Vineyard
Christian Fellowship, Saddleback Community Church and Mariner's South Coast.

The independence of evangelical churches tends to generate friction. "It's like a family with dozens of siblings. They're bound to quarrel," Johnston explained. "You have one group accusing another of heresy. You have charges of some leader distorting biblical

Johnston noted that all evangelicals hold to three fundamental beliefs:

Personal conversion to Christianity: The term "born-again Christian" describes people who
have consciously accepted Jesus as their personal lord and savior. In addition, Holy Spirit
movements, including pentecostals and charismatics, emphasize an intense experience of
God. Their churches practice speaking in tongues and faith healing.

Biblical authority: Scriptures are the inspired word of Christ. The Bible is the first and final
source of authority on all matters of faith and daily living. Biblical interpretation among
evangelicals runs the gamut, from literal translations to paraphrased versions.

Evangelizing: The word "evangelical" comes from the Greek "euangelion," which means
"good news." Evangelicals believe it's their God-given mission to convert non-Christians
and save them from damnation in the afterlife. Their "good news" is that Jesus and only
Jesus is the way to the Father.

Fundamental doctrines include humanity's inherent sinfulness; the virgin birth of Jesus, His
atoning death on the cross, and bodily resurrection; God's trinitarian nature--Father, Son
and the Holy Spirit; and a strong conviction that a world near its end will bring Christ's
triumphant return to "judge the living and the dead."

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa has built a down-to-earth worship style on evangelicalism's
three-fold foundation. Its sanctuary features no icons except a dove at the altar and on
Sunday, few of the 7,500 worshipers who regularly fill the pews during its three services
wear coats and ties.

Worshipers sing praise songs with some raising their hands and then they listen to a
sermon. "Chuck teaches that Jesus speaks to us through the Bible," Haag said. "Nothing
should distract us from God's message. ... It's a message that not even time has been able
to change." (OC Register, 3-07-98, www)

Evangelicalism was started with the goal of saving the world, but it helped usher in the
apostasy that we are living in. The supposed success of big named evangelical preachers
like Billy Sunday, Dwight Moody, R.A. Torrey, Charles Fuller, and Billy Graham sucked
thousands of bishops into their movement. They saw some success and thought their efforts
would bring world wide revival. This revival movement has been a major cause of the
apostasy we are living in.

Their limited success led them to believe nothing could stop them. They rejected the clear
teaching of the Scriptures that just prior to the Second Advent of YAHSHUA there would
be the apostasy (2 Thes. 2.3; 2 Tim. 4.3,4). They propagated the idea that there would be a
world wide revival prior to the Lord's return and ignored everything except evangelism.
Their arrogance ushered in a time of great ignorance of the Scriptures among believers.

The bishops (pastors) that joined the revival crusade neglected discipleship and left the
people they saved in a permanent state of infancy. Few bishops taught anything more than
the basic doctrines and they preached mostly salvation messages. The only ones who grew
in knowledge and faith were men who sought to be bishops.

This situation has not changed since the first days of the revival movement and it never
will. It is too easy for bishops to preach boring sermons and do little else. It is much easier
to do that than to personally teach the Scriptures to every member of their flock (I Tim.
4:6,11,13-16; 5:17; 6:17-19), exhort them (2 Tim. 4:2; Titos 1:9; 2:15), watch over them
(Ibriy-Heb. 13.17; I Keph 5.1), enable them to exercise their gifts for the common good
(Rom. 12:6; I Kor. 12:7), train them to be able to "be prepared to give an answer to
everyone who asks" them "to give the reason for the hope that" they "have" (I Keph
3:15), teach them to obey civil authorities, do good deeds and not slander anyone or be
contentious (Tit. 3:1,2,14), train young men to be bishops (2 Tim. 2:2; 3:16,17), and to
refute and correct those who contradict their teaching (2 Tim. 2:25; 3:16,17; 4:2; Tit.
1:9,13; 2:15) or continue in sin (I Tim. 5:20).

The founders of the pentecostal/charismatic movement also thought they would save the
world through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and they rejected the clear teaching that
there would be a great apostasy among true believers in the last days. They perverted the
Gospel teaching people that unless they had a supernatural experience they were not born
from above or were second class believers.

Virtually everyone in that movement is convinced that their experiences prove they have
been born from above. They focus on experience and neglect the study of the Scriptures
which is vital to spiritual growth (Acts 17.11). Their primary goal is to get high on the
"supernatural" and tell others they can have the same experience.

In some of the most corrupt branches of the pentecostal/ charismatic movement, salvation
through "Jesus Christ" is secondary. The churches embracing the latest charismatic
fads--laughing, barking, growling, shaking--spend most of their time putting on carnival
style shows and neglect Bible teaching altogether.

Chuck Smith saw the aberrations emanating out of the charismatic movement and backed
away from the practice of exercising the sign gifts in public services. He no longer allows
any sign gift to be used in a worship/teaching service and he put an end to the use of them
in all church services.

I applaud him for this, but he has a long way to go. He needs to concentrate on teaching
small groups and back away from preaching to large audiences. He knows this, but if he
were to do this he would lose most of his flock and his financial support. I don't think he or
any bishop of a mega-church has the courage to do what is right and forget about being
famous and wealthy.

Had he concentrated on discipleship rather than evangelism he would have started a true
world wide revival and his disciples would have led millions to the Lord. Instead he went the
way of the revivalists and raised up hundreds of disciples who have led millions to believe
they are saved when they are not.

Unfortunately, the love of fame and money motivates bishops of most assemblies no matter
the size. They think bigger is better and do not realize their top priority should be the
spiritual welfare of their flock.

Most of the Reformed assemblies have stayed with teaching the Scriptures and have not
been swept away with the revival movement, yet some Reformed bishops have fallen prey
to revivalism and the mega-church syndrome.

The charismatic/pentecostal movement is another major cause of the apostasy we are living
in. The revivalists of all persuasions are the primary cause of the apostasy of the last days
and few of the people in those movements are truly born from above. I do not say this
lightly. It is based on my experience in both groups. I have met only a handful of men and
women among the thousands I have known that had any desire to study the Scriptures and
fewer still who actually knew more than the elementary teachings of the faith. Only a
handful have been able to share a testimony that showed that understood salvation and had
trusted YAHSHUA of Nazareth to save them.

There is no way to reverse the apostasy, but every believer who is aware of this has the
duty to warn others and encourage them to study the Scriptures. Since few bishops will take
the time to teach the flock it is up to those who know the Word to disciple people
one-on-one and the few who are qualified should start local assemblies.


Carter Doesn't Like Some OT Passages

Jimmy Carter said that he and his wife don't care for some passages in the Old Testament.

"There are some elements of harshness and massive destruction where every person in a
village is killed, all the cattle are killed, carrying out the orders of God," he said. "They
cause us concern." (Plains Baptist Challenger, February 1998, p. 4 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Jimmy is a typical baby believer who has no idea who YAHWEH is and what justice is all
about. Few bishops (pastors) bother to teach the Old Testament and the handful who do
teach the basics with no depth.

When the Ibriy went into the land that YAHWEH chose to give them (Yahshua-Josh. 1.3-6)
he commanded them to wipe out all the inhabitants (Yah. 6.21; 8.26; 10.37,40; 11.11-14,21)
so the indigenous peoples would not corrupt them with their false religions and immoral
behavior (Yah. 23.4-13). The Ibriy failed to drive them all out (Judges 1.19-21) and they
eventually adopted their religions and customs, even to the point of sacrificing their
children to false deities (2 Kings 17.17; 21.6; 23.10; Ps. 106.37,38; Yirmeyah-Jer. 7.31;
19.532.35) and having male and female prostitutes openly ply their trade (I Kings 15.12;
22.46; 2 Kings 17.9-12). They also fell into witchcraft (2 Kings 21.6).

Had the Ibriy genocided every inhabitant of the promised land their history would have
been far different. There are times when groups of people go too far and it is best for the
peoples of the world for them to be genocided to keep them from corrupting more people. A
perfect example are the peoples who were destroyed by fire at Cedom (Sodom) and
Amorah (Gomorrah) (Genesis 18-19).


McCartney Has Lost It

Bill McCartney, the founder of Promise Keepers, has demanded that racism in churches be
abolished along with denominational barriers by January 1, 2000.

McCartney is calling on all pastors to gather on their state capitol steps and verify by roll
call that they have eliminated all racism in their churches and do not speak against other
denominations. (Plains Baptist Challenger, February 1998, p. 2 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

McCartney has gone over the edge. He thinks he is the Protestant pope and wants to unite
all denominations, associations and churches together under his authority. This inane
behavior is typical of a megalomaniac and he needs to be hospitalized.

If poor Bill knew the Scriptures he would kill his PK business and be trained to be a bishop
(pastor). He would start a local assembly and train other men to be bishops as YAHWEH
commands (2 Tim. 2.2).

That is too much hard work and he doesn't have the courage or the desire to do what's
right. Instead he wants to run around the world preaching love and getting believers to
fellowship with the wicked (Jews, Catholics, Mormons, etc.).

McCartney is most likely not born from above and is a tool of the devil (2 Kor. 11.15). It is
not surprising he came out of the pentecostal/charismatic movement which was founded by
the devil through his servants.


McCartney Leaves Out Important Details

Bill McCartney wrote an autobiography and forgot to mention he had an adulterous affair
and that his daughter became pregnant twice by two different boys on his football team.

Bill didn't forget to mention that his wife was suicidal and bulimic. Fortunately, he admitted
he was an alcoholic. He said some people don't like Promise Keepers because he preaches
racial reconciliation. (Plains Baptist Challenger, February 1998, p. 3 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

All SPIRIT controlled believers in YAHSHUA of Nazareth oppose Promise Keepers
because it is an ecumenical corporation. All ecumenical corporations are tools of the devil
that he is using to bring together all the religions, cults, denominations, associations and
churches of the world. Bill's message of racial reconciliation does not bother true believers.
It is his ecumenical activity that must be opposed.

If Bill truly wants to serve YAHWEH he would become a bishop (pastor) and train faithful
men to be bishops (2 Tim. 2.2)--he would not be trying to unite all the Protestant
denominations with the Roman Catholic Church and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism.


Hanegraaf Makes Up with Kilpatrick

At the bequest of Salem Communications, Hank Hanegraaff met with John Kilpatrick,
Steve Hill and Michael Brown.

Hank had ridiculed them for the things they were doing at the Brownsville Assembly of God
in Pensacola, Florida. He said their revival was a counterfeit revival and frequently used
"inflammatory rhetoric" in condemning them on his radio show.

Kilpatrick countered by prophesying that Hank's business would fold if he didn't stop
attacking him. [Ed. note: Hank claims Kilpatrick predicted God would judge him with
death.] Kilpatrick finally apologized for his prophecy.

When Hank met with the men he was surprised at their "warm and genuine" behavior. "I
didn't feel any hostility from them," he commented. "To his credit and my surprise,
Michael Brown apologized to me. We embraced publicly and prayed together."

Hank did not change his mind that the practice of shaking, jerking and "falling in the
Spirit" are not Biblical. He faxed a letter to his supporters faulting the Brownsville pastors
for placing too much emphasis on spiritual experiences and not enough on Biblical faith.
Hank said he wants to speak with the pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
which he criticized in his book.

Brown appears to hold no animosity toward Hank. "We are both passionate for the
fundamentals of the faith," he said. "We have much ground in common. We recognize
Hank as a sincere brother." (Charisma, February 1998, p. 17)

That's a lovely article, but it is nothing but Bovine Scatology. Hank hates the Brownsville
clowns and just about everyone who doesn't shine his shoes. Hank is an extremely
vindictive, mean spirited man who shows no evidence of being born from above. If you think
my discernment of him is inaccurate talk to someone who has work at CRI.

Hank has fired more than 100 people since taking over CRI by trickery. He fooled Walter
Martin into thinking he was a spiritual giant and grabbed control of it before Walter died.
Once Walter was out of his way he took total tyrannical control. He started firing people for
no just reason at a dizzying pace. He eased Paul Cardin and Ron Rhoads out and has kept
Elliot Miller on to put out the magazine. Elliot told me that he does most of the work at
home and visits the office just two days a week.

Hank started a fund raising campaign to buy a campus for CRI, but the deal fell through.
He took a large amount for himself, but when donors filed a lawsuit he was forced to give
back about much of it. He finally settled the lawsuit and paid off Brad Sparks who
represented the plaintiffs. When I asked Brad why he took the payoff he said the suit was
destroying his life. Hank had mustered a gang of high priced lawyers to fight the suit and
Brad's marriage was in jeopardy.

I doubt that Hank is accountable to anyone. His board is a mere rubber stamp. If it has the
power to discipline or fire him they are either afraid to or blind to Hank's actions. He is not
accountable to any bishop (pastor) and is not under the authority any local assembly. Any
so-called "ministry" which is not supported by a local assembly and not under the authority
of the bishops is not of YAHWEH. It is business which is doing the work of the devil.

YAHWEH always works through local assemblies and never raises up a man or a ministry
to do His work apart from a local assembly. Hank, Jack van Impe, Billy Graham, Hal
Lindsey, and everyone who operates outside the authority of a local assembly are working
for the devil. This is to be expected since we are living in the apostasy of the last days.

Hank also is a heretic. He denies the literal indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT claiming the
passages that clearly state He dwells in all believers are symbolic of a relationship. He
uses convoluted arguments to defend his false doctrine proving he is "untaught and
unstable" (2 Keph-Peter 3.16).

Hank also denies other fundamental doctrines such as literal hell fire, the Roman Catholic
Church is Babylon the Great, the literal understanding of Scripture and the cessation of
sign gifts (I Kor. 12.1-11). Hank is one of thousands of men that Paulos prophesied of (2
Tim. 4.3,4) and should be avoided at all costs.

Kilpatrick, Hill and Brown most likely are not born from above either. Very few
charismatics and pentecostals are born from above. They teach so many false doctrines and practice so many absurd rituals that only a handful of them are saved and the few who are born again are backslidden or apostate. No SPIRIT controlled believer can be part of the Azusa Street movement.

The Azusa Street movement was started by occultists and it uses occult rituals such as
speaking gibberish, wild dancing, shaking the body and rolling about the floor. No one can
be born from above by believing its doctrine of soteriology. Some people are saved at
charismatic services, but the few people who are born again are saved because they hear
the gospel preached and are not taught the whole charismatic/pentecostal doctrine of
soteriology. They eventually come out of that satanic movement.


Tim George Urges Catholic-Protestant Cooperation

Tim George, the dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University which is supported
by the SBC, says Protestants and Catholics are in a common struggle against the devil.

"All who believe in Jesus, Catholics and evangelicals alike, are comrades in a common
struggle, not a struggle against one another, but against the Prince of Evil... In a culture of
death, we bear witness together to the Lord of life..."

Tim added that, "Bible-believing evangelicals stand much closer to Cardinal Joseph
Ratzinger than to Bishop John Spong!" (Christianity Today, 12-08-97, cited by the Plains
Baptist Challenger, 1-98, p. 8 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

It's obvious Timmy is apostate if he is born from above, which is highly unlikely. All true
believers in YAHSHUA are in a struggle against the devil and his minions (Eph. 6.11,12),
including the Roman Catholic Church. The RCC is the modern day manifestation of the
ancient Babylonian religion founded by Nimrod and Semiramis. This ancient religion has
ruled the world since it was created (Apok. 17.18) and it currently rules the world through
the RCC and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism, the other half of Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes (Apok. 17.5).

True believers who are aware of the doctrines of the RCC know it is a false religion and
they have nothing to do with it or with Catholics. Since virtually all Catholics are not saved
and headed straight to hell we cannot fellowship with them or work with them in any way (2
Kor. 6.14-16).

Instead of working with Catholics we should be sharing the gospel with them and explaining
to them that they are not born anew. If they refuse to trust in YAHSHUA alone to save
them and come out of the RCC we must shake the dust off of our feet and go on to the next
lost soul.

There may be a handful of priests in the RCC who are born again, but the fact that they
remain in that satanic church means they are apostate. It is impossible for any RCC priest
to be walking in the SPIRIT, including Randy Terry's buddy, Pat Mahoney. It should be
noted that Terry and Mahoney are apostate and doing the work of the devil. This is true of
every person who claims the RCC is a true Messianic Faith church, including Hankie
Hannegraaf, Jack Impe, Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Hal Lindsey, Bobby Schuller and
Billy Graham.


Schuller Has Never Sinned!?

Incredible as it sounds, self-esteem guru Robert Schuller claims he has never sinned.

In the wake of the scandal in which Schuller attacked a flight attendant he made a bold
statement which few men dare to make. "I am very proud of who I am... I have never
broken a single one of the ten commandments," he said. "I have not broken any of the
teachings of Jesus christ, and so I'm proud of my faith and my message."

"If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us." (I John
1.8). (Plains Baptist Challenger, 1-98 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Bobby Schuller is not born from above. No one who is truly saved could ever make such a
inane statement. According to the Holy Word of YAHWEH, the self-righteous Bobby
Schuller is not born anew.

"If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us" (I
Yochanan 1.10).

Anyone who believes this moron, is so gullible I'm amazed they can make it through a
single day. Bobby is a boozer who was most likely drunk when he attacked the attendant.
He should have been arrested and tried for assault, but the FBI let him off with probation.

Bobby's gospel is a false gospel and virtually everything he teaches is not Biblical. Stay as
far away from this false teacher (2 Keph 2.1) as you can and warn others about him.


GARBC Boss Slams Truth Tellers

The current boss of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, John Greening,
blasted editors who tell the truth about the apostasy we are living in.

He called periodicals that tell the truth "tabloids" and compared them to the paparazzi who
he blames for Diana's death. It was a blatant smear job of the brave men who warn
believers of those who have compromised their faith. He failed to mention anyone by name.

If so-called respectable periodicals like the GARBC's Baptist Bulletin were warning
believers the little guys wouldn't have to. Why hasn't Greening and other GARBC pastors
warned their people about the dangers of Promise Keepers and ecumenical preachers?
Some GARBC pastors have shared pulpits with ecumenical preachers.

It's sad when alleged spiritual men are afraid of the light and truth. (Plains Baptist
Challenger, 1-98, p. 2 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Greening probably isn't born from above and if he is, he is extremely backslidden and
possibly apostate. Too many GARBC bishops are backslidden and some are apostate. The
GARBC, SBC, and all Baptist associations are spiritually bankrupt just as all other
Protestant associations and denominations are.

I know the GARBC bishops are out to lunch because I sat under a GARBC bishop for two
years. He claimed to be the most spiritual and knowledgeable GARBC bishop in the world.
He may have been, but he was backslidden and knew just enough to get by. He has no idea
what the duties of a bishop are and when I tried to explain them to him he blew me off.

When I urged him to at least disciple his deacons he claimed he did it for six months and
that was good enough. I spoke with those deacons and all of them a spiritual babes. I went
out with some of them to share the gospel and they couldn't even make a clear

I dare to claim that no bishop in America of any denomination or association truly knows his duties. If anyone out there thinks they know of a bishop who knows his duties have them contact me or send me their name and number.

If you would like to know the qualifications and duties of a bishop go to


Adrian Rogers Supports Promise Keepers

Adrian Rogers is supporting Promise Keepers by allowing his sheep to attend PK meetings.

About 1,800 sheep from Adrian Rogers church attended the Memphis '96 rally. By allowing
his sheep to attend PK rallies he is working to tear down the walls that separate the Roman
Catholic Church, charismatics and conservative believers. (Plains Baptist Challenger, 1-98,
p. 2 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Adrian has been backslidden most of his born again life. He has bowed to the
ecumenicalists to keep his empire alive. Money, fame and power is more important to him
than obeying YAHSHUA. He should tell his sheep that PK is an ecumenical organization
that is being used by the devil to unite Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Mormons, JWs, and
evryone who attends their meetings.

Adrian should also explain that Bill McCartney, who is a charismatic, probably is not born
from above and started his PK group in a backslidden condition. For details about this
puppet of the devil go to http://home.inreach.com/dov/pk.htm  

NAE Sinks Deeper Into the Ecumenical Abyss

The National Association of Evangelicals have voted to accept Herbert Armstrong's
Worldwide Church of God.

NAE boss Don Argue not only pushed the acceptance of the WCG, he spoke with a Muslim
leader at a National Council of Churches meeting. He has also dragged the NAE into a
"Christian Roundtable II" meeting with 37 religious leaders. (Plains Baptist Challenger,
1-98, p. 2 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

It's obvious the NAE is an apostate association and Argue is most likely not born again. If
he is saved, he is extremely backslidden and possibly apostate. No leader of any
association should have anything to do with the NCC. That group is made up of satan
worshippers (I Kor. 10.20). Everyone who is associated with the NCC is apostate and or

Men like Argue and Falldown (Falwell) who speak with known apostates and unsaved men
have compromised their faith and should be dismissed by the Assembly. It is men like these
who are leading others down the path to apostasy.

It should be noted that Armstrong's false religion has not been converted as Hankie
Hannegraaf claims. The current boss, Joe Tkach Jr., is saying all the right things and has
changed some doctrines to be accepted by blind guides like Hankie. He actually takes
credit for converting the WCG! How blind can one be?

Tkach is playing a game with Hankie and other blind guides to get his false religion
accepted by them. Virtually no member of that false church is born anew and the few who
are, are apostate. There is no evidence Tkach is born again and there is a great deal of
evidence that he is not saved. He says he was saved a long time ago while in the false
religion. If he made a so-called decision for YAHSHUA while accepting the false doctrines
of Armstrong he is not saved. Armstrong taught grace plus works for salvation.

Had Tkach said he realized he was not born again and then made a true decision to trust
YAHSHUA I would say he probably is saved. He has not done that and he probably never
will. I doubt that any of the members of his false church have truly been converted since the
changes have been made.

This is a terrible tragedy and Hankie Hannegraaf is partly responsible for it. His actions
will cause thousands of men, women and children to believe that are saved when they are
not. He has the blood of thousands on his filthy hands and he will give an account for this
abominable sin at the Great White Throne Judgment!

If Hankie Hannegraaf were born again, and there is no evidence that he is, he would
explain to Tkach and the WCG faithful that unless they have trusted YAHSHUA to save
them after the doctrinal changes in the WCG were made, they are dead in their sins and
headed straight to hell. He will never do this just as he will never tell Roman Catholics that
they are headed straight to hell either. Every Catholic who believes the Roman Catholic
doctrine of salvation is headed straight to hell. Hankie doesn't believe this and he actually
claims the RCC is a true Messianic Faith church with a few doctrinal problems. He praises
the Roman Catholic Church for money. Catholics donate a considerable amount to him.

The Roman Catholic Church is the modern day manifestation of the ancient Babylon
religion founded by Nimrod and Semiramis. The RCC and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism
have worked together for more than 1,600 years to rule the world (Apok-Rev. 17.18).
Before the Jews created the RCC to do their dirty work they ruled the world with the
Babylonian priests from the time they joined their team around 587 B.C. Prior to that the
Babylonian priests ruled the world for their master, the devil.

This is not a wild hypothesis. This is what history teaches and what YAHWEH has declared. For more details about the RCC connection with the ancient Babylonian religion read, "Two Babylons," by Alexander Hyslop. It should be noted that Hannegraaf denounces this book. I wonder why. It's available from Emissary Publications (503) 824-2050 - http://www.midnight-emissary.com


Campolo Expects Visitors From Space?

Tony Campolo made an odd statement in which he suggested aliens from space may be sent to Earth to straighten out the mess here. He said he can envision a time when God will grow weary of mankind and send aliens to teach them to love one another. (Plains Baptist
Challenger, 1-98, p. 7 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Does Campolo know something? Fallen angels and humans disguised as aliens will stage a
mock invasion claiming they have come in peace to solve mankind's problems. They will
work with the beast and the false prophet to enforce the New World Nightmare. Maybe
Camplo has inside information or someone has told him this. 


Hill & Kilpatrick Fleece the Flock

Pastor John Kilpatrick and evangelist Steven Hill of the Brownsville Assembly of God in
Pensacola, Florida, have been charged by the Pensacola News Journal of lying, misusing
funds, breaking tax laws and fleecing church members to build expensive mansions.

The PNJ also named two other pastors of Pensacola who helped fleece the flock. Mike
Brown and Lindell Cooley helped Hill and Kilpatrick make astronimcal profits from the sale
of merchandise. It claims that the church gives a mere 2 percent of its $6.6 million dollar
budget to missions and the pastors keep its records secret. Reporters have also dug up
evidence that the so-called revival was not spontaneous, but a strategy cooked up by
Kilpatrick to become rich and famous.

Hill claims he was a drug addict and a convict with 13 arrest before he was saved, but
reporters can only find a record of four arrests. The only evidence they could find of his
abuse of drugs was a claim by his mother andsister that he took drugs in his teens. David
Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge, claims Hill is a recovered drug addicted of Teen
Challenge. He enrolled in 1976.

Charisma magazine investigated the charges and learned that the church records are
secret, but that Kilpatrick gets only $73,600 a year in salary and is limited to another
$100,000 in book and video royalties. It also found that in 1996 the church gave 18% to
missions, including Steve Hill's Together in the Harvest Ministry.

Assemblies of God officials have vouched for Kilpatrick and Hill saying they are men of
integrity and "that they have their financial house in order." (Charisma, January 1998, pp.

I cannot be certain but it is my best guess the newspaper reports are accurate and
Kilpatrick and Hill are crooks. I am certain that if they are saved, which I seriously doubt,
they are apostate as all pentecostals and charismatics are.

There will be no revival prior to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. The Bible makes it clear that
there will be a great apostasy instead (2 Thes. 2.3; 2 Tim. 4.3,4).


Aglow International

Women's Aglow, the female counterpoint to the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, is
going international.

It recently changed its name to Aglow International to reach all the feminists of Earth.
"Aglow members were influenced powerfully by feminism, which little by little convinced
them they did not always have to submit to their husbands..." (Dallas Morning News,
11-22-97). In 1995 Aglow boss said there should be "mutual submission" in a marriage.

Aglow has been an ecumenical business since it was founded. "It has been our joy to walk
hand in hand with our Catholic sisters around the world," said Aglow boss (Charisma,
11-85). [Plains Baptist Challenger, 1-98, p. 7 - http://www.llano.net/baptist]

Aglow International is a business that was started by the devil to unite the women of the
world just as the FGBMF, Promise Keepers, and myriad other ecumenical business were
created by him to help usher in his New World Nightmare.

Females have no Biblical basis to start a religious business. They are to be in submission to
their husbands at all times (Eph. 5.22) and stay at home taking care of their family. If they
want to serve the Lord they can do their job at home and whatever their bishops ask them
to do in the local assembly as long as it is Scriptural.

This abominable business and all other businesses of so-called "sisters" in the Lord are a
symptom of the apostasy of the last days. The ecumenical movement and
charismatic/pentecostal movement, which encourage women to rebel, is a grievous wound in
the Assembly that is killing it.


Amy Grant Cuts the Spiritual Cords

Amy Grant, who started her career singing gospel songs, no longer sings them.

The abandonment of Christian music bewilders Billboard magazine. "It's hard to explain to
someone that all of a sudden this artist that has been on Christian charts for years now
doesn't belong..."

Amy has even put out an alert to radio stations concerning her music. "As far as the lyrical
content is concerned, there's no evangelical bent, no mention of God. If the music you play
has to have either of those two elements, you might not want to play it." (Plains Baptist
Challenger, 1-98, p. 6 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Amy most likely is not born from above. If, by a slim chance she is saved, she is apostate.
Someone please show me where the Scriptures say women are to have a ministry singing
gospel songs. A sister in the Lord is to remain at home until she marries and then she is to
stay at home and care for her husband and children. She is not to have a career singing
gospel songs or anything else. Sisters who are saved while single and living on their own
should either move back with their parents, if possible, or live with a family from the local
assembly they are part of until they get married.

The idea that single or married sisters in the Lord can have a ministry of any kind outside
of the local assembly is absurd and a symptom of the apostasy of the last days. It is a
feminist doctrine that has destroyed millions of lives, homes and assemblies.

If a sister thinks she must sing let her sing for her family or in the local assembly she
attends. She must never hit the road to sing for the Lord and she must never cut a record or
an album. Even though there is nothing wrong with a house wife, who stays at home, cutting
a record--it inevitably will lead to sin. Money and fame will corrupt anyone and Amy is a
perfect example.


Robertson Says Believers Must Unite

In his last message to the 600 people who attended the Bill Bright Fasting and Prayer
Conference in November, Pat Robertson said God will not heal the land until the church
became united in one goal.

Pat emphasized the need for believers to stop ripping apart other's doctrines. Others
featured at the event were Adrian Rogers, Tony Evans, and Kay Arthur. (Plains Baptist
Challenger, Dec. 1997, p. 8 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Bright, Rogers, Evans and Arthur are apostate ecumenicalists who are leading
pseudo-believers into the arms of the beast and the false prophet. It's hard to know if they
are born from above.


Lyons Won't Step Down

Henry Lyons, the head of the National Baptist Convention USA, apologized today but
refused to step down amid escalating accusations of financial and personal wrongdoing.

"I am a preacher who made some very serious mistakes in judgment," said Lyons at a
news conference at his Bethel Metropolitan Church. "If I have violated any federal or state laws, it was not my intent. It was also not my intent to do any act or any financial harm to anyone."

The president of the nation's largest black religious group has been dogged by allegations
that church money was spent on expensive jewelry, a Mercedes-Benz and a $700,000 home
bought with his mistress. Lyons is also accused of diverting money intended for the
restoration of Southern churches damaged by arson to other church expenses and to
accepting $350,000 in secret payments from Nigeria's military ruler.

"I am no monster. I am no devil," he declared. "I am a man, and despite whatever you may
write I am still a child of God."

He denied misusing any convention or church money, he said he had voluntarily amended
his federal income tax returns to reflect "a substantial increase in income or financial gifts"
since 1995.

"I have never, even up to this day, reached into the offering plate and taken money that
parishioners gave to this church every single Sunday," he said.

"Nothing that was said today is an admission of any criminal wrongdoing," said his chief
mouthpiece, attorney Grady Irving.

Lyons is a target of state and federal investigations to determine whether tax-exempt
church funds were improperly used. He said he doesn't expect any criminal charges to be
filed against him.

His life began to unravel in July when his wife, Deborah, was charged with arson for setting
small fires inside a $700,000 waterfront home in Tierra Verde. He bought the house with
Bernice Edwards, a convicted embezzler he hired as the church's corporate relations
director. The convention tightened its financial controls in response to criticism of Lyons'
use of church funds, but ended an internal investigation.

Among the latest allegations is that Lyons acted as an unregistered lobbyist for the
government of Nigerian Gen. Sani Abacha, who is seeking better treatment from the United
States. Abacha, who seized power in 1993, is accused of crushing pro-democracy groups
and imprisoning and assassinating political rivals.

Lyons also accepted $225,000 from the Anti-Defamation League and the National Urban
League for the repair of burned churches after a national rash of church fires, but most of
the money was never distributed to the affected congregations. (Las Vegas Sun, 12-03-97,

Lyons is a crook, an adulterer, a bribe taker and a lot more. I find it difficult to believe he
could be born from above. If he is saved, he is extremely backslidden. He should step down
and never pastor an assembly again. The NBC USA is an apostate organization. It should
have sacked Lyons a long time ago. Keeping him as president of the convention proves its
leadership is apostate.


United Church of Canada Denies the Divinity of Jesus

The general council of the United Church of Canada, which was formed in 1925 by
Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches, supported the statements of Bill
Phipps that Jesus Christ is not God, that he was not bodily resurrected and there are many
ways to God.

Phipps explained that Jesus was "as much of the nature of God as we can see in a human
being" and that he was resurrected spiritually in the hearts of people, not bodily.

"I thought (his comments were) kind og ho-hum, well within the bans of not only United
Church beliefs, but the debate over Jesus and God, and Jesus being divine and his being
human, that have come echoing down the years," said Roger Hutchinson, principal of
Emmanuel College, the UCC's largest seminary. (OC Register, 11-26-97, p. 22)

This is typical of most assemblies today. Few believe YAHSHUA is the Second Person of
the Trinity, equal to YAHWEH the Father in all aspects. Most church-goers have sought
out men and females who tickle their ears (2 Tim. 4.3,4) with doctrines of demons (I Tim.
4.1). Don't look for revival for we are living in the apostasy just prior to the Pre-Tribulation
Rapture (2 Thes. 2.3).


Apostate Revels In His Blasphemy

A son of an Anglican bishop has written a 20th-century version of the medieval mystery
plays in which Jesus is a homeless beggar, Peter is a foul-mouthed mugger, Mary
Magdalene is a prostitute and Matthew is a commodities broker who lives in Kensington.

Edward Kemp, 32, son of the Bishop of Chichester, Dr. Eric Kemp, has deleted the Devil
from The Mysteries, to be performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican.
He has also taken out all anti-Jewish comments made by characters as they enact the trial
and crucifixion of Jesus, making it instead a work about conflicts between believers and

Kemp, who describes himself as a "devout atheist," has warned his father, a leading
traditionalist who opposes the ordination of women priests, that his five-hour production is
shot through with sex, violence and swearing. "I pointed out to him that sex and violence is
in the Bible anyway, and explained why the swearing is in, and he seemed to understand."

Dr. Kemp said he was aware of the play, but refused to comment. His son, the youngest of
five children, has been working on The Mysteries for two years. After a successful run
earlier this year with the RSC at Stratford, it was decided to rewrite the production, making
the character of Jesus less "prissy." The setting was also changed from the Middle East to
modern London.

"We have cut the Devil," Kemp said. "And there is no nonsense about fallen angels and
people dressing up as snakes with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden."

He changes the characters turning them into immoral people that few would care about. In
one scene, titled "The King's Sin," King David initiates a relationship with Bathsheba that
is depicted as rape. Peter is a fisherman who is down on his luck. He swears constantly and
meets Jesus when he tries to mug him to pay for medical treatment for his wife.

Matthew, the tax collector, becomes a wealthy commodities broker from Kensington who
goes on to write a false account of the life of Jesus. Kemp makes Jesus a homeless man
who meets Matthew when he sleeps on his doorstep. He meets Mary Magdalene in a bar
late at night, while she is entertaining a client.

"Jesus lives without money, without a house, without a change of suit," Kemp explains. "In
the play he will look like someone who lives on the money he can get from people.

"The message is simple: that we are all responsible for each other. We are trying to put the
audience in a place where, when they leave the theater, they will not know whether the next
person who comes up to them - whether that person is an usher, beggar or waiter - is

He told the Jewish Chronicle that he had removed anti-Jewish references because they had
seemed "awfully insulting." He described the play as "grim, dark and nasty," but
profoundly optimistic at the end.

He no longer describes himself as Christian, but said he is fascinated by faith. "I am very
happy for other people to believe in God," he said. "He just isn't any use to me." (London
Times, 12-31-97, www)

Kemp has no use for the Creator of the universe now, but he will beg Him to show mercy on
him when he stands before Him at the Great White Throne Judgment. Fortunately, it will be
a bit too late for Kemp to repent of his blasphemy. He will be found guilty and cast into the
Lake of Fire (Revelation 20.11-15) where all morons like him belong. Kemp and about 50
billion other brain-dead idiots who have died and will die in their sins will be tormented
through all eternity with burning sulfur (Rev. 14.9-11; 20.10). They will beg for mercy
through all eternity, but none will be shown to them. Amen!

Jerks like Eddie Kemp, Robert Anton Wilson, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Joseph
Campbell, Bert Russell, Orson Wells, H.G. Wells, Aleister Crowley, the Huxleys,
Schikelgrubber, Stalin, Lenin, Bronstein, Sergey Nechayev, Sigmund Freud, Helena
Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Albert Pike, Mazzini, Darwin, Neitsche, Stuart Mills, Weishaupt,
and Voltaire, come and go like flies. They are a nuisance, but they quickly die and go to
their eternal punishment.

It's sad that Dr. Eric Kemp has not disowned his son and cut off all relations with him. It's
obvious Dr. Kemp is either not saved or extremely backslidden. If I had a son who pulled a
stunt like that I would beat him with the rod (Prov. 13.24) and then disown him ordering him
to stay clear of me for his own safety. If the blasphemer were to repent I would take him

Most children are rebellious because fathers have failed to discipline them according to the
Scriptures (Prov. 19.18; 22.15; 23.13,14). This dreadful situation is the fulfillment of Bible
prophecy (2 Tim. 3.1-5).











"It is most difficult to free slaves from the chains they worship." DOV