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ABC news tells the truth about fluoride - CDC admits it has been overdosing the public

Fluoride Kills! - 5 Facts About Fluoride to Give Your Water District

Is your water fluoridated?

NO fluoride in Mass

Ban Fluoride

Fluoride is toxic says gov

Fluoride Q & A

Fluoride in So. Cal.

Fluoride Fraud

Fluoride damages liver & kidneys

Scientific America report

Fluoride in India 

History of Fluoride

Fluoride causes cancer

ABC says it is dangeous

Fluoride in India

Brief history of fluoride

Fluoride is toxic

D.C. says fluoride is harmful

UK to fluoridate

Rockefellers & fluoride

Fluoride detox


Fluoride from Red china

More history of fluoride 1

Fluoride is harmful to infants



More history of fluoride 2

Fluoride harms children


1945 fluoride experiment

Fluoride kills babies


Fraudulent fluoride science

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