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This archive is being built, article-by-article, for the benefit of everyone who seeks to know the truth about the real world that we all live in.   If you read just one article a day you will know far more than the average American sheeple.

When you read an article that you think everyone should read, e-mail it to as many people as possible.  Don't be hesitant to e-mail articles to your Congresscritters or other politicians and bureaurats.

It is the job of every Patriot to wake up as many fellow Americans as we can.  The only ones who can save this great country are WE THE PEOPLE!

Read, read, read and then pass it on!  Together we can take our country back from the criminals who took it away from us.

Scroll down for the Archive articles.

WAR IS A RACKET! by General Smedley Butler

NO feds! Wyoming sheriff tells feds to obey the law or get lost

Declaration of Independence - Constitution - Bill of Rights - Amendments

Commentary on the Declaration of Independence - 28th Amendment

Establishment of religion clause - Happiest nations

Jesse Ventura blows the lid on Big Brother's sectret documents

Michael Savage again warns of a barry soetoro false flag attack!

Michael Savage warns of a soetoro Gang false flag terrorist attack!

 Decline of the American Empire - 10 Strangest Things in the Cosmos

Knowledge = Freedom

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. - Thomas Jefferson

"To conquer the world, it is not necessary that a king command the mightiest army, but only that the world think he commands the mightiest army." Confucius

(The rottenfellers and rottenschields command large armies, but WE the PEOPLE make up a larger army. And when the time comes that they command their armies to murder WE the PEOPLE, their soldiers will rebel against them. They will be arrested, tried and convicted of their crimes.)






Freedom, Knowledge and Truth Quotations

Hitler - USA similarities

UN Korea War


New World Order

Top 20 bizmen


Patriot Tools

FM Micro Broadcasting

FCC FM Rules

Bar Code country codes

Future Tech

Future Tech

Green Machine


Patriot Technology

Wall light

Green Machine

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Patriot Quotes & more

Quotes to live by

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Jefferson quotes


Patriot Audio/Video Archive

Anthony J. Hilder

Eustace Mullins

Alex Jones

Myron C. Fagan

Meeting The Mind: Ventura on 9/11 & 2008 and Alex Jones & Jesse Ventura Live at the Backyard

Political Renegades: Gov. Ventura and Willie Nelson challenge two-party stranglehold

Town Hall Rebellion

Early Warning

Fall of the Republic 1

Fall of the Republic 2

Fall of the Republic 3

Fall of the Republic 4

Fall of the Republic all



No chips

Kill the Fed

Death Map

Fed Bill to Stop Chip Implants

N.D. bans forced RFID chipping

CA Law Bans Forced RFID Tagging

Forgotten Freedoms

Military Separation codes

America the Beautiful


America's Patriots

Alex Jones

Big Brother admits Alex Jones is right

Hit piece on Alex Jones

Another hit piece on Jones

A third hit on Jones

Jones on econ meltdown

Pike's open letter to Mr. Jones and a rebuttall

Alex Jone on banksters

Jones speaks the truth about obama

Jesse Ventura

Ventura says abolish Democrips & Rebloddlicans

Ventura speaks the truth about the criminals in DC

Ventura's "Police State" program is pulled

Ventura exposes FEMA camps

Ventura expose water poisoning scam

Braverman talks about water poisoning scam

Ventura on CNN

Ventura & Stone

Ventura on DHS

Ventura on Infowars

Ventura on DC

Ventura will NOT back down on 911

Ventura and Jones

Ventura AFP Interview

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory

Ventura calls out bill o'LIAR

Jesse & King

Jesse Ventura on 911

Ventura on the CIA

Ventura on TSA lawsuit

Jesse Ventura's website

Tom Shadyac

Tom Shadyac's I Am movie

Tom Shadyac

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson on 911

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins moves on

Other Patriots

Coast to Coast


H.L. Merncken

H.L. Merncken quotes


Past Patriots

George Washington

Gen. Patton was murdered by the NWOG

Gen. Patton Quotes

Tesla: Master of Lighting, Gatherer of Light


David Swanson

David Swanson - War Is a Lie

Ventura vids

Ventura Conspiracy Theory

America is a Christian Nation

Constitution at risk!

Martial law

Should Christians join the NWO army?

Save The Planet? How About Saving The Republic? by Chuck Baldwin

A Salute To Our U.S. Constitution by Chuck Baldwin

My Heroes Of History by Chuck Baldwin



Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic

Dr. Dennis Cuddy



Food Waste (don't)

Food waste in USA 1

Food waste in USA 2

Food waste in USA 3

Food waste in USA 4

How to donate food to the needy


Foreign Patriots

Patrick McGoohan

President Chavez

President Khaddafy

Lord Mockton 1

Lord Mockton 2

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


NWO Gangsters condemn Patriots

joe klein

splc Patriot hit list

rush bimbo & Prison Planet

Obama targets Patriots

Patriots mocked

Truth Seekers mocked

Conspiracy Film is mocked

NWO Film ridiculed by NY Times

NWOG says Patriots are terrorists




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